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Just a guess, but suppose the OP is referring to some kind of tdm
I mean multiplexing FBG sensor using CDMA technique rather than the common FDM, tdm and WDM. I am actually researching on it as a Masters Student but I dont know if anyone has already worked on it so as for me to have the idea and the its limitations. I couldnt get any recent Paper on it. Thanks for your concern.
I read that we have a multiplexer in FDM. But I couldn't find the reason why we should have a multiplexer. It's seems to be reasonable to have a commutator in FDM but not a multiplexer right? Only in tdm it is reasonable to have a multiplexer, right? Thanks in advance.
Given a tdm system with 4 channels, say 4 signals (bandlimited) to fm1, fm2, fm3, fm4 are muxed and transmitted, using a sampling duration of 1/fs (i.e., within each Ts, samples of all the 4 signals are transmitted). What is the sampling rate for each signal?? Will it be fs*4???
Hi guys, Im designing an OFDM system and then upconverted at 1 GHz. Now I have an idea of implementing tdm for this 1 GHz signal. Is it possible, please explain from theoretical point of view and if possible, please help from matlab perspective. Thank you very much,
Nobody else can help with this without full and accurate information on the data each node must transmit and the total amount of time that takes(worst case). By compiling the data you need to get help - you will have done the job yourself. tdm is exactly what it sounds like. Ontime and offtime per node. The complications arise from ha
I would have thought that the bandwidth is more limited by the equipment you are using to do the multiplexing of the channels, and the style of multiplexing .... time division mult. tdm, freq division mult, FDM etc etc. you want 20 - 30 channels ? a fibre of hair thickness can easily support ~ 2000 channels. fibre size isnt the (...)
Hi, Iam in need of practical circuits for implementing experiments on Pulse code modulation and Time division multiplexing that can be implemented in lab for undergraduate students.Kindly help. Thanx in advance Regards Bhanumurthy.
Hi,can anybody tell me the difference between tdm and tdmA Thanks
hi frds wat is the difference b/w tdm & tdmA? cheers puneet bansal
HI i need to know how can i generate two channel time division multiplexing (tdm) of pulse amplitude modulated (PAM) signal and detect the same tdm PAM signal using a synchronizer in MATLAB. please help. it's urgent. thanks