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This design assumes a certain conductor resistance per km length to use Ohm's Law to measure distance. It ignores EMI induced into long transmission lines, ignores inductance and requires that no transformers be connected when the fault is detected which would cause measurement error. Most line fault detectors use a pulse with tdr method to loc
Not silly, just unclear. What do you mean with "apply a DC voltage pulse"? Disconnect the AC power source before? Superimpose the pulse to the AC voltage? Or something different? By the way, a tdr pulse isn't a "DC voltage".
Hi, I'm trying to find a circuit topology for generating fast impulses for a tdr application. The requirement is to generate pulses with about 3.5 V peak amplitude onto a 50 Ω line with pulse widths in the order of 350 ps. I would be very much grateful if you could shed some light into some circuit topologies I may look into. Also (...)
I would like to design a tdr that has multi variable output to match the transmission line of copper cable with circuit. E.g. The tdr actually consist of 50, 75, 100, 150, and 300 Ω outputs. What circuit may I choose or any chip that existed? The circuit also can be used to select input pulse width. (...)
ive been trying to search for simple circuits and they seem to be more complex Yes, I suppose so. A tdr system would at least consist of a pulse generator, a time resolved receiver, e.g. a sampling circuit, and a processing respectively display unit. The two first, which are high speed circuits, mainly define the instrument (...)
I think, a tdr would do...
Hi, Anyone has ideas on how to extract equivalent circuit model(lumped or distributed) of a transmission line from tdr/TDT measurements. I can't use IConnect software because my hardware key is not working. Thanks in advance.
I want to try some tdr whitch must be very simple mcu + analog section. Is it possible with PIC ? I find one nice design in cir.cellar. 26 november 1992 do you have it ? The Design Of A Time Domain Reflectometer, by Brian Kenner & John Wettroth, 22. Thanks :roll: