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Hi, I am trying to simulate a coax connector in HFSS and trying to correlate simulation results with theoretical formulae. Currently, I have modeled a coax connector with a GOLD inner conductor and PTFE dielectric(epsilon = 2.1). I have setup ports at both ends of the coax with port impedances 50 and 80 ohms respectively. As per theoretical
Hello All, I am new to Electromagnetic simulation; I want to simulate a Differential Microstrip transmission line to know if there is any impedance discontinuity and have some Questions: 1- I am using waveguide ports, is there anyway to add a differential waveguide port? 2- is there a way to cross probe between tdr plot and the transmission li
Hi everyone, I made a tdr simulation in AWR with short time pulses and also an tdr experiment in laboratory. The measured time delays were similar,however the magnitudes of reflected pulses were highly different. As a incident signal i used a pulse with 8ns pulse width, 1V voltage and at 1Mhz frequency. In simulation the (...)
Hello CMD, I think that the tdr with COAXP2 is the correct one as it uses your exact physical dimensions(Do, Di) to calculate the characteristic impedance.... (Di, Do. Inner and outer diameters and dielectric constant K are used to evaluate characteristic impedance Zo as Zo = 138/sqrt(K)*log(Do/Di)). Where as the COAXI2 which you used the idea
Hi all! I want to model an microstrip discontinuity say w=100um to w=5um and study the tdr respons for this. By using the tdr respons I want to be able to build an equivalent L, C, R network describing the tdr resppons. Does any one have an CST project which I could use and have as an start? I have tried with HFSS but since it is (...)
Actually in ADS example directory, they do have an example on how to set up such a tdr simulation. It bascially is a transient simulation.
Hi,all friend Have anyone used Ansoft schematic capture to do tdr simulation? I export full wave solution from HFss to schematic capture,but when do transit analysis,sometimes software cant finished simulation,and only give a simple log"maxwell spice not finished".If adjust time step or output stop time,simulation can (...)