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Although the post looks a bit like a spammed advertisement, I believe that you are searching for help with the development of your product. Unfortunately the attachments with technical details aren't present in your post.
We are a manufacturer in Shenzhen for 10 years,Our product warrenty is 1 year, and we provide life time technical support for all of our products. In March this year, we went to Las Vegas for security exhibition. and exhibition in Dubai ,Many customers like it. This is our hot sale product. Here you can buy varieties (...)
IF you haven't already join Other Support TI E2E Community Contact technical Support Note the above device is preferred with PLL and improved features.
Hello, I have developed a product using CC3000 Wifi chip and Arduino. In this, user or buyer have to know its WiFi router's SSID and Password to use this device through WiFi. But as a consumer product, it is not good that a non technical person use this device. then enter the SSID and password of their WiFi routers and them reprogram (...)
I am a product verification engineer in EDA company for over 6 years in China , I want to find a job in American, Australian or Eourope . Any choice ? Please contact with me , if any opportunity. ================================== technical, Skill 1. Be familiar with IC back-end design flow and familiar with DRC check, Lef/Def, metalfill
is back in business offering real solutions for high quality PCB library creation. Download the new free "PCB Footprint Expert". No registration or login required. Free auto-updates, free technical support, free product webinar training here -
Hi one and all.... I have Doubt about "Red Light Polarized " in the Through beam photoelectric sensor specification...... please refer the attachment.... 71177 but from my knowledge, polarized filter is only used for the retro-reflective sensors... but this is through beam sensor...... please any one give more technical id
4) What's node setup & hence node setup error ? The objective of this technical Note is to demonstrate how to set up a network with 2 or more nodes over either Mechatrolink or DeviceNet. YASKAWA technical NOTE MOTION product AND ENGINEERING GROUP Subject: MP940 Network Setup via MotionWorks
Hi Mahesh, Please visit TI website. all technical documents aree available. here is the link- MSP430?16-bit Ultra-Low Power MCUs - 5 Series - MSP430F5510 - If any documents are corrupted, you can directly contact TI e2e community. Best Regards Shashi
Dear friends, which type UPS is best in all technical aspect, e.g energy efficient, less heat, low mean time between failures, cost effective, durability, comparing Iron core sine wave ups or ferrite cored sine wave ups? advance thanks.:-? UPS from market without load in standby ! :wink: Read manufacturer d
Relocate to sunny Australia (Sydney based role) Hip / Fun / Dynamic / Very technical Environment | You'll love it! Push the envelope in high speed analog IC design An excellent IC Design opportunity has just arisen within an Australian organisation which has recently had a mandate to expand their product range. The r
Your switching speed is quite high, is there a specific need for such a high frequency? You can check IR2110 I assume that you will drive it with a microcontroller Alex
Enjoy: Search for technical documents: RF Transistors - Infineon Technologies for some of the transistor, the MWO model is available Mazz
I don't recommend this product, I bought it and never run on my computer, technical support never fixed my issue and I was not able to get a refund. Then they send me an email telling me to renew my subscription, so you will have to pay every year to be able to use it.
I'm trying to understand why the RF remote control system of a major consumer product performs poorly, and how to improve it. The receiver antenna design is unlike anything I have ever seen, and defies my understanding. If you have a strong technical background including antenna theory and enjoy a challenge, contact me by PM for details of the pr
Greetings! We have positions with product based Digital Domain company. We are looking for candidates with good academic record who are interested in core technical work and willing to work on their own. The details are as mentioned below: Years of Experience: 2+ yrs Job location : Viman Nagar,Pune About our clie
If you want to compete in the M2M market, you need to do a lot more work on your web site. Your product pages give no technical specifications, and when I try to download your PDF's your server hangs. If you want to claim to be "high quality and low cost" you need to show that on your web site.
My magazine, Electronic product Design (EPD), is looking for a technical Editor - but what I am interested in is someone with the technical background rather than an editorial one. EPD is a monthly magazine that is published from our offices in Tonbridge, UK. We also have a web site ( ) and weekly newsletter that would also be p
Hello! I would like to get help about changing a processor in a design. My task would be to redesign a product with another dsp. The current setup uses a TMS320VC5507PGE processor, my question is that what technical modifications should be made if i have to change it to a TMS320VC5509PGE? I'm concerned about pin assignment, voltage levels and inter
Hi, for a schoolassignment we have to make a fictive product and we've chosen an electronic bike lock. It should work the same way as an electronic car lock, with a key where you can push a button to open your lock etc. But now we have a giant problem with the batteries. None of us has a technical background so we don't have a clue which ba

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