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Fixed value variable attenuators currently have fixed values that happen to be described around decibels. Its uses involve telecommunication networks, optical fiber test facility, Local Area Network(LAN) and CATV systems. Such as, your -3dB variable attenuator wi
Hello Every body; Hope you will be fine and enjoying the colors of the life. I am doing MS telecommunication and want to research on Adhoc Wireless Network Security (Methods to secure the adhoc Wireless networks). Foe this purpose I need some of the latest research papers. REgards, Adil
But what is the problem? I prefer "Signaling in telecommunication networks" of John Bosse. However I have both of them.
Hi, Can any one provide me the solution for the book telecommunication switching systems and networks by T. Viswanathan. Pls reply as soon as possible. Thanks HAK
Hi, Iam in urgent need of e book on telecommunication switching systems and networks by Thiagarajan Viswanathan.Kindly send me the link or upload the e book to my mail Regards
Hi I want to know more details regarding the ADSL. It is related with telecommunication and networking.
pretty much true and for your information in telecommunication mobile networks they normally use channelized E1s
i dont exactly understand the meaning of layer 2 and layer3 Switching..CAn someone help me ? what's the difference between 'em..? Generally Speaking of switching in telecommunication networks, which Layer switching is actually ment..? regards
Hi to all I am passing a course on " Neural networks". in this course i should choose a field of Neural Nets applications in telecommunication. please guide me to fields that NNs are applied in telecommunication and the field is up to date. cheers
Hi MAJC (Microprocessor Architecture for Java Computing) is a radically new microprocessor architecture from the innovators at Sun Microsystems. The MAJC architecture is designed to meet the need for wire speed processing power demanded by on-line multimedia applications, wideband telecommunication networks, e-commerce, (...)