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The following video shows an electronic circuit which can decode two types of remote controls the first one uses Philips RC5 protocol ans the second uses a protocol used in some LG televisions. As shown on the attached circuit schematic diagram there is a push button, this button allows us to chose the protocol which we are going to decode. The m
Hello, Over 80% of the worlds manufactured televisions , are made by Japanese companies. -they only use PWM Control IC's made in Japan in the TV power supplies. -so why do semiconductor companies that are not Japanese bother making PWM control IC's customised for use in TV power supplies? ...none of the Japanese companies will ever use
Hello, I have heard that the latest method of saving power in LED-Back-lit, LCD televisions is to dim the LEDs behind certain parts of the screen image that are dark. Do you know if this is true? -The thing is, Television pictures are moving constantly, and from frame to frame, different parts of the screen are constantly varying in li
I need a Solenoid to provide a linear force in my project.Can someone give me an idea to get solenoid.Someone said me its used in old televisions.
take a look at for daewoo televisions