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128483 The circuit uses a 1.LM35 temperature sensor 2.AT89C51 microcontroller 3. 2 CD4511 BCD to HEX 4. 2 7 SEG disp 5. a relay connected to a lamp 6.ADC0804 The LM35 is connected to the ADC. I want to set a temperature say 40 degrees celcius The microcontroller will read the temperature from lm 35 and displ
I want to develop a 8051 based PID temperature controller. If anyone has the full code please share it as soon as possible. i shall e highly obliged Thanks in advance
Check th voltage on Vref/2 pin ,you should make it 1.28V to get exact temperature. Or you can apply correction on software side according to your reference.
Are you using Keil ? What MCU are you using and which ADC device are you using ? In gsm_send() function you have to increase delays to atleast 500 ms between AT commands. Please zip and port the complete Keil project files. If you can use mikroC PRO 8051 Compiler (demo version) then I will write a code for you to read temperature using ADC and send
i am working on a project which objective is to measure the temperature of surroundings..using AT89s52 micro-controller and ADC0804 for A to D conversion.. the temperature meant to be shown on LCD.. after doing some research i managed to read ADC values coming from the LM35 and displaying it on LCD.. now... finally the tricky thing which i fail
Please give me with the formula to interface pressure sensor to ADC0804. I have code for temperature sensor(LM35). How can i modify it for pressure. The code is given below: #define temp P0 sbit r= P3^3; // Write pin. sbit d= P3^2; // Read pin. void tempr() // Function for temperature measurement { while(1) { d=1; r=
i am using following code to see output in lcd of temperature , i dont understand why output is wrong on lcd on proteus i m giving vref = 2.56V #include sfr adcdata = 0x90; //assigning adc data to port 1 sfr ldata = 0x80 ; //assigning lcd data to port 0 sbit rs=P2^7; // assining control pins
HELLO!!!! I am doing a project on diabetes, heart rate and temperature monitoring system for my semester project using 8051 micro-controller .get the data from micro-controller then send it wireless to doctor using Bluetooth... If anyone could give me some advice on how to begin this project. What other important hardware that i should be using?
Hi I'm a second year electrical engineering undergraduate and I am hoping to demonstrate PID controlling (motor or temperature control)using a micro controller. Still im not quite familiar with close loop controlling. I am hoping to use a 8051 uC for this. Would I be able to do this? Is the project within my limits? Thank you for your answers.
8000 degree for using in clay furnace.. unit in Celsius. Good joke. Most ceramic materials are vaporizing around 3000 C. All ultra high temperature ceramics are melting below 4000 C.
HI I am stuck.I'm developing a 8051 based temeperature controller.i'm using IC temperture sensor LM35DZ and ,ADC0804.Can anyone help me with a C source code to display temperature on a computer.
i need a project to display on an lcd a temperature which is read from a sensor, and with a keypad to modify the temperature that we want in the environment. please help me :-|:-|
I am using a temperature sensor TMP141 from Texas Instruments. I would like to know which controller would be good enough to interface it using I2C protocol. The controller should be operate-able in low-power mode. Could any one help me out.!
hi wondering if anyone can help me out with this, ive got the lcd displaying information, but i want it to display the temperature using the lm35 and adc0804 as well, using asm code. Basically i need to get the current reading from the lm35 and convert them in the adc0804 and then display that reading in degrees on the lcd display. I have found so
Hi, I have to make the temperature of an object to be sensed and then for it to be cooled or heated according to the preset value in the microcontroller (has to be 8051). How can I accomplish this? I am using the attached circuit for the temperature sensor. Is it okay?85111 PART 2 Now, I need to the heating eleme
hi pradeep, you can use the pwm(pulse width modulation) to control dc motor. i have made such a project before some time. i have made temperature controlled fan using atmega16 and pwm. best luck.. -prafful sorani
how to interface buzzer with 8051 uc for temperature controller?? the buzzer should be on when temperature goes above 100C
Dear I have in my possession several atmel at87c58x2, according to the manual is compatible with 8051, but eh not been programmed with those there on this topic, and use it as MPPT thought and design previously used in temperature controllers ... ............ some simple programmer that end, thanks in advance
Hi all... Please help me with a code for interfacing LM 35 with microcontroller P89V51RD2BN. I need to build a Celsius scale digital thermometer using ADC 0804. The temperature should be displayed on LCD connected to the controller. I am facing problem while writing the code in keil microvision 4. Please help me out. thanks in advance Tuhina
This is a temperature clock display module made during holidays: 79812 79813 This is a 16*16 matrx display module: 79815 My table: 79816 79817 System core: 8051 MCU(STC, nice for begginers, not for indust