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Ignoring Linux and pic and speaking in terms of generics, using an OS lets you focus on the application tasks/processes instead of you also having to perform task management. Just a simple example: You are making a circuit that has a small LCD display that shows time and temperature. Additionally you're connecting to some serial peripheral (...)
The following video shows the interfacing of pic16F877A microcontroller with 1602 lcd display and DS1307 real time clock and dht11 digital humidity and temperature sensor. The ds1307 uses I2C protocol to communicate with the microcontroller and the dht11 uses One-Wire protocol. The results are displayed on the lcd (...)
I am planning to using a RS232 to supply voltage to my circuit. In this circuit the LCD will read out the temperature sense by LM35 and display it. The pic also will send the temperature to pc and store it. My problem is, initially my LCD give out some reading then after a few second it then give out zero only. Is it not (...)
Hello I have a project as follows: real-time clock using ds1307 pic 16f877a and displayed temperature by IC LM335 display on led 7-segment help people with language CCS Mplab complier
Hello for our guys, this topic i'm have make a pH meter circuit and i want to using pic 16F877a to read the value of pH using of LCD display 16*2... i have complete my pH circuit, but, for the pic, i dont know how to program the analog signal convert to the digital..hope some one can help me please, i very2 need this (...)
I'm using pic-18f452 to serial transmit temperature value through the serial port . I need to display special character degree symbol to get at the Hyperterminal.. the display must be temp = 30 degree(in symbol) Celsius. please help this is my code.. int tem=30; char str; sprintf(str, " Ch1 Temp = %5d ", tem); (...)
Folks - I would really appreciate some help with this topic. I am using the MikroElektronika Easypic 6 with a pic16F877 and MikroBasic Pro for pic. I have the HTTP demo working perfectly. I also have the OW - DS18b20 to LCD working perfectly. I now wish to read the temperature from a DS18B20 and (...)
I want to display the temperature by 2 to Seven Segment using same decoder with one port i need the software
I am using pic18F4550 and Graphical LCD in Proteus, i have to show the microchip logo as soon as my Graphical LCD gets turned on and after that display the temperature values on graphical lcd.. I have done the temperature showing part on Graphical LCD but don't know how to show image on Graphical LCD. //Microchip (...)
See this LM35 example. Video and source code.
hello, I've been working in electronic project with pic 184550 ,LCD and usb and i run simulation on ISIS and it work, now i need a application to send the cpu temperature to usb i check my bios and i know that i can get the cpu temperature the problem is that a cannot found the code that can get the cpu temperature :-( am (...)
hi, This source code will help you receiving temperature from lm35 and display value to computer terminal #include<16f877.h> #device ADC=10 #fuses HS.NOWDT #use delay(clock=10000000) #use rs232( baud=9600, parity=N,xmit=PIN_C6, rcv=PIN_C7, stream=RS232, bits=8) #include int16 value, value1; void main() { setup_adc( ADC_CLOCK_INTER
Hi I have a problem, I don't know how to set correctly timers and delays for this simple thermometr, when I set correct multiplex DS18b20 wouldn't read correctly temperature, when DS18b20 work good multiplexing is very bad :/ #include <16f84a.h> #USE DELAY( CLOCK=4000000 ) /* Using a 4 Mhz clock */ #FUSES XT,NOWDT,NOPROTECT,NOPUT /*
Kripton2035 is offline sht11 pic I have done it now for ccs compiler for both temp and humidity. if anybody wants it please msg me and I will post it. Hello, I want to read temperature and humidity by SHT10 and pic16F877 and display them on LCD(2*16).I wrote some codes but couldn't get good results. (...)
hello can anyone guide to me write the code in c for measuring of temperature i got a code and i need to change according to it #include <pic.h> /* cADC - display the pickit Pot Input Value on the built in LEDs This program samples the voltage on RA0 using the ADC and displays the value (...)
HI, I am busy with a project using a nokia 3310 lcd and 16f628 pic. I am having some problems with the contrast. Help needed? Pieter ' ' Graphic temperature display ' ' pic 16F628 ' ' r.2 16/05/08 ' DEFINE OSC 4 'internal oscillator ' DEFINE INTHAND Myint 'define (...)
Hi everyone, i would like to find some help here.i m doing temperature control system by using LM35, and i do copy the coding from Cyctron company and the product code is PR11. But the pic they using is 16f876, and the coding is to control two temperature sensor. My project just need one temperature sensor and (...)
i wanna to make temperature sensor and display using pic. i m not sure about tis plz help me in compilation.which software is to be used?frm where i can get this? Include "MODEDEFS.BAS" 'Define the display latches latch_msd var PortA.0 'MS digit latch latch_middle var PortA.1 'Middle latch latch_lsd var (...)
Hello Im using pic18F4220, 20MHz ceramic, C18 compiler. I have a running project where im taking temperature readings after every 300ms intervals and display on 16x2 LCD. Im using thermistor MCP9701A. I have 8bit ADC enabled on my pic and im only reading the high byte ADRESH. My V+ref == Vdd and V-ref == Vss. (...)
Hi guys, i'm doing a project using pic 18f4520. I'm using this pic 18 to program and monitor temperature, air pressure , voltage , current and fan control speed. After doing so, i need to use labview v7.1 to display all the readings onto PC. I need the drawing in schematic form ( in labview file ) or samples and is using (...)