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Hello experts, I am working with pi3, 3.2 inch touch LCD and temperature sensor. I got output for temp sensor, touch LCD. Now i have displayed my sensor reading to the touch display in terminal . But i need to display the temperature reading in GUI like graphical thermometer or analog speedo meter. I need a (...)
According to user manual, the temperature probe is connected to V and COM jacks. It's said there are range switch C and F positions. Type K is definitely the right guess.
The current measured this way is meaningless because these lamps are more likely electronic equipment rather than a typical incandescent lamp which acts like a pure resistive load at a steady temperature. Perhaps a portable power meter would give you a more accurate result.
I've just fried my Extech EX730 clamp meter while developing something that used a 230V-12V transformer in reverse, and 18V on its secondary. Given that the meter is rated to 600V, I figured there would be no problem! Now I have a meter on which only the temperature and frequency functions work - everything to do with (...)
I agree with FvM and also point out that less than 1% difference could be due to temperature or even humidty differences both in the resistors and the test meter. You need to ensure the measurment conditions are identical before worrying about minor changes. The quoted tolerance is in initial value not variation because of the environment. It is q
Good day to all, Please i need your support on how i can scale an analog current Signal with a range of 4mA to 20mA into temperature range of 50°C to 400°C. The 4mA corresponds to 50°C while 20mA correspond to 400°C. I tried to do the scaling with the formular below, while the 4mA result(50°C ) was okay,the subsequent values of the analog current
In my power meter dedign,the accurancy of timing in the circumstance of high(70℃) or low(-40℃)temperature is not very good, especially in low temperature(with the margin of error 9 ppm). except for software compensation. What can I do to improve the performance? Thank you for any help.
Excellent. Are you going to expand on this by putting a temperature sensor in it as well? That way the fan can go faster when the temp is hotter and slow down to be nice and quite when the temperature is not so hot. Anyway, good job. Keep having fun.
...I thought of going to an alternative which measures the energy consumption of a conventional energy meter using an IR sensor... IR sensors may be used to indirectly measure temperature of a theoretical black body, and thus I presume it is not a good approach to reach the task. There are other ICs nice to this tas
Hello for our guys, this topic i'm have make a pH meter circuit and i want to using pic 16F877a to read the value of pH using of LCD display 16*2... i have complete my pH circuit, but, for the PIC, i dont know how to program the analog signal convert to the digital..hope some one can help me please, i very2 need this program code, program to
Presented here design is a frequency meter based on kit AVT 2269 with minor changes: the device uses a more accurate quartz resonator ? DS32KHZ (quartz oscillator with temperature compensation TCXO that
Use a sensor chip that outputs a voltage that represents the temperature, so that the output voltage to the PIC changes with temperature. Adjust the voltmeter code to read the sensor. Eg. If you use LM35, the output is 10mV per degree Celsius. So, if you have 74'C, the output is 0.74V. Adjust your code so that when the input is 0.74V, the (...)
A HeNe laser operating on a single TEM00 node has a meter long cavity based on aluminum. Estimate the frequency drift resulting from 0.5 C change in ambient temperature. Take the thermal expansion coefficienct of aliminum to be 2.5x10^-5 K^-1. Please help to solve this problem ??
$2 chip The ADE77531 features proprietary ADCs and DSP for high accuracy over large variations in environmental conditions and time. The ADE7753 incorporates two second-order 16-bit Σ-Δ ADCs, a digital integrator (on CH1), reference circuitry, temperature sensor, and all the signal processing required to perform active, reactive, and app
temperature itself is not a reliable indicator, unless you can calibrate it against an accurate flow meter. You also need to factor in the ambient room temperature. How about attaching a thermo-sensor, cooling it to a given temperature, then measuring the time it heats up to a target temperature? The faster (...)
Give us more detail specifications like pressure, temperature, pipe diameter, flow range, required measurement accuracy, electronic interface, pipe material ......
Hi everybody I want to produce heat around 50 or 60 Centigrade with galvanized square wire mesh. I've been found the resistance by LCR meter but it is very small about 0.2 ohm(it wasn't related to dimension!!). by using 220 voltage, how can i find exact temperature and change it? I would appreciate to hear any advice you have. thanks
It is a home made temperature meter, which can be useful when you solder some
hello my friend I'm work on DS18b20 temperature 1wire sensor , I test it with 2 m cable it is ok and working but another sensor is connected with 18 meter cable and don't work. why? I use 3.3 KΩ pull up resistor on PCB now I have 2 question : 1- maximum length of DS18B20 ? 2- where we must connect pull up resistor? on PCB far of se
Hi sajjad khan, As you said you will just attach your Thermister probe with meter probe, thats a good idea just to compare. Then quality of your measuring device will be dependent to the quality of your meter. The specs also say in the temperature measuring tag : " l Included is a K-Type (nickel chromium ~ nickel silicon) point contact tempera
Me (and some of my customers) are using the below inexpensive 4-channel handhelp temperature logger for thermocouple measurements. As a minor restriction, there's no gavalnic isolation between channels. ? Buy Voltcraft K2
To determine an unknown ENR with a not well known receiver/power meter/spectrum analyzer is difficult. The best way is to use another noise source with a known ENR, and compare the indicated power. In microwave radiometers, a calibration noise source is used which inject a known noise temperature to the instrument. It is typically (...)
I was just Googling and came across this page. Digital Volt and Amp meter with temperature Control I was wondering which software was used to create the schematics on the board? I thought at least someone here must have used that software, so someone would be able to let me know abo
hi, here twographs : esr vs frequency, it doesn not change lot with frequency... and esr vs temperature, a little change
Look! I had a platinum heater which look small in size like a chip, the size of it is 15mm x 13 mm, thickness not more than 1 micro meter, the temperature range is more than 300 degree celsius.. does any one know how to connect the heater with wire to make a close system! Note. Using clip to hold the heater doesnt seem work, because the heater w
Hello, I am interested in researching existing pulsed RADAR units for the interrogation of a sensor. Specifically, this sensor is a temperature sensitive, passive dielectric resonator. The RADAR unit can operate at any frequency, and should have a range of approximately 1/2 meter (at around 10 GHz), but for now frequency and range characteris
made this project just for curious, what can I do with Attiny13? Answer is “a lot”. In this case, it can measure voltage, current, temperature, calculate data, and show results in simple way at alphanumerical display ( type HD44780). That’s not all, software ha
using pic18f4520 to display voltage, current, power and temperature for my car in lcd 16x2 screen. ive googled it and it doesnt help me that much. do u have any links? thnx
Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of a circuit designed to measure coulor temperature. I came across this in my search: In general, color temperature meters available on the market today are comprised of three silicon photodiodes filtered for red, green, and blue sensitivities appropriate for color film. These devices measure the rela
The is a Dallas Semiconductor 1-wire temperature sensor. For the 1 meter distance, just about any type of wire is suitable. The following web site lists 30 meters over standard modular phone cable. It also links to a detailed document from Dallas Semiconductor on this subject.
Hi Can anybody recommend some methods to measure the antenna temperature? Thank you
You didn't tell either frequency or power range. If you don't have a RF power meter (it's exactly, what the name says), you should have at least a suitable dummy load. Then you can measure the power from dummy load temperature rise, calibrate it with a DC power supply.
You will have to use pressure sensor possibly with some pressure reductor before it. If you want %fuel indication, you will probably need tank temperature as well. Ordinary pressure gauges are mechanical. Unless you want to convert mechanical motion of pressure indicator to electrical value, you can't use them.
temperature : LM35 Humidity : HIH4000 both available with Newark Alternate : Senserion : SHT15
You can make a weather sensor like a rain meter or a temperature measurement system. Or make a small robot-like vehicle which can sense objects and take necessary decisions. The options are endless.. It all depends on what you want to do in the first place and your resources.
1. Use 2 thermistors. One is maintained at a constant temperature (constt R) and the other measures the water temperature. The power needed to maintain the TH1 at a constant temperature depends on flow and water T. Use lookup tables to compute flow. 2. Use paddle float with a spring that deflects the paddle in proportion to the flow. (...)
How large is it? Show us a photograph, including any labels or logos. Maybe someone here will recognize it. Does it work? Apply 12V and see what happens. If it's an OCXO, it will probably consume several watts for several minutes, and then decrease power as the temperature stabilizes. An OCXO will usually be a few hundred hertz low until it warm
How can I calibrate a temperature sensor ? It's a tool for sensor calibration? The calibration can be done using a oil bath ? The calibration can be made only by comparing the results with a "ideal" sensor ? How is that sensor calibrated ? Maybe you have some links, tutorials, manufacturiers... Any informations/comments are welcomed. Reg
MSP430 internal temperature sensor, vithout calibration have very large error ( up to 7 C ) ...... more esy is adding external DS75 or LM75.
Please help me: Is there any body have the Schematic of LED Clock & temperature meter Bass on PIC Microcontroller Regards, Sheeraz Khan
I want to make weather temperatur thermometer that can show the temperature of the room, if any one can help me out in this term.