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Hello all, I am new to usb and am requesting your assistance. Got a communication problem I've been working on now for some time. I am building a RC Robot (a car) with temperature sensor (ntc at dc/dc motor) and the motor speed itself. The main idea is: send the data from the STM32F407 to my pc (status of temp and speed of motor). For th
Hello, How to build ntc temperature read it in micro controller i have used lm35 10mV/*Celsius?
Hi, You could use special Battery Charger ICs which i think is more safe. For Example : Check LTC4079 IC from Linear Technology. Only needs a few resistors (and a ntc - temperature Protection) and works up to 60V input. (250ma Maximum Output current)
Hi, all in my circuit, there are: 1. one CC2541, a SOC for BLE. it runs with a 32M and a 32.768K crystal oscillator; 2. one EEPROM(400K speed); 3. one OPA379; 4. one ntc (temperature Sensor) i use OPA to amplify the voltage signal associate with ntc, then use CC2541 to convert that voltage signal to digital ,save the data in (...)
Hi, "over room temperature" is difficult, because it depends on room temperature. Absolute temperature, lets say 50°C is easier, there are thermo switches. *** you could also use PTC or ntc devices in the transistor dirving circuit to protect against overheat. *** The most "advanced" way is to measure room (...)
What should be AC fuse rating & ntc (-ve temperature coefficient) rating for single phase 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 KW AC drive (Max input current is 10 A)??
Hello , please can anyone tell me what is the temperature sensor used in this digital thermometer , it have 2 pins :: 125792 125793
hi everyone, i wanted make an circuit with an pic 18f2550 for read of temperature and drive some loads. until today i used for this purpose always the temperature sensor lm35dz, but now i need of to use an ntc sensor . comparated to lm35dz , the ntc is not have linear values . haven't the data sheet of the (...)
AMWEI Thermistor, professional manufacturer of PTC & ntc thermistors (THERMally sensitive resistors) and thermistor temperature sensors probe. PTC thermistors application cover over-current & overload protection, telecom, lighting switching, motor starting, temperature sensing & protection, self-regulation heating, linear PTC thermistor, (...)
ntc current limiting works by keeping the thermistor at a relative high temperature. This will cause additional losses in any case, despite of possible problems to find a suitable device. By nature, relative losses will be particularly high for low power loads. This suggests an active electronic current limiter or soft starter (e.g. MOSFET + RC
Although ferrite, ceramics and copper have definite positive TempCo's but when rising pulsed DC current causes self-heating due to partial saturation , eddy current losses and copper PTC's, when load currents increase the result is a reduction in inductance which can cause a rise in current and losses that implies a large ntc. Thus operating poin
Diodes in addition to 1-way switches for current are also thermometers with a small negative temperature coefficient (ntc) on forward voltage and can be used to sense battery completion of charge by a temperature rise which can then drop the control voltage to a safe float voltage or cutout entirely. This is most useful in multi-cell (...)
R2 and R3 should be (usually are) PTC (positive temperature coefficient) resitors in order to effectively achieve thermal stability. Regards Z
temperature and humidity sensors are available for hum use hih4004 and for temp u have to tell me range of temperature but ntc sensors are not bad. for rain ,tell me you want to detect rain or it,s speed ?
I have no idea what you are asking. You are showing a connector with a resistor connected to it; maybe it has a negative tempco, I don't know. And you are asking why your temperature is decreasing? Maybe you are dead and your body is naturally starting to cool off. Maybe it's time to restate your question with some more details...
Dear Experts, I need a temperature sensor with a response time of less than 0.5 seconds. Unfortunately the ntc thermistor is too slow for a steady reading on this time scale. Moving on to the non-contact alternatives, I found the MLX90614 which offers two modes of operation: Outputing the temperature as 1. a data stream SMbus or (...)
103 means that you have a 10,000 ohm or 10K PTC follow this link and have a table of correspondence between temperature and ohmic value expected for this ntc
Have you got the datasheet for the ntc. Could be easier to just work out temp from resistance. I did something similar with a look up table of the ntc values at various temperatures. ntc in voltage divider. You can calculate the voltage across ntc and hence the ntc value. Lookup table then (...)
I have a NJ28 ntc thermistor with these characteristics: Accuracy ?1% Length 2.8mm Maximum Operating temperature +150°C Minimum Operating temperature -55°C Resistance @ 25 °C 10000Ω temperature Coefficient Type ntc Thermal Coefficient -4.6%/°C Thermal Time Constant 8s Tolerance (...)
Hi i have problem witn my adc reading,iam using 4 channel ntc thermistor,iam getting input from thermistors,but when i reduce the resistance the temperature is not increasing,its going down.could anyone help me .
Unfortunatly, the output from the thermister is not linear. Assuming your reading in volts is R, then you could calculate the temperature with this function. const double ntcA = 0.00110653; const double ntcB = 0.00025454; const double ntcC = 0.00000016; const double AbsZero = 273.15; double (...)
I want to measure temperature (ntc 10k) with 10bit ADC and min. resolution 0.1C and range cca 35 to 40 Celsius! I think wheatson bridge and some dif. amplifier will be solution! But have anybody practical (real) solution here? Maybe Microchip MCP601 is good selection of op.amp.? p.s. solution must be low current p.s.2 I will use MCU to c
As you have already mentioned the thermistor is located near the power transistors so maybe that?s ntc type. As temperature increases, the resistance of the thermistor decreases. Commonly used in audio amplifiers to prevent thermal runaway (33-100 ohms). Removing the thermistor can result in a total burnout of the output or power supply stage.
temperature stability can be improved by proper use of PTC or ntc resistors. Power supply must be stabilized. Use decoupling interstage between oscillator and output to minimize influence of load variations on frequency.
Hi, I have just about completed my greenhouse controller based on my old Aquarium controller - some pictures below. I've used various sensors for accurate temperature such as the humble ntc or the more fancy DS18B20 digital sensor. ( have bought steel encased DS18B20 sensors from Sure Electronics ) The very accurate SHT11 sensors from Se
Hi sajjad khan, As you said you will just attach your Thermister probe with Meter probe, thats a good idea just to compare. Then quality of your measuring device will be dependent to the quality of your meter. The specs also say in the temperature measuring tag : " l Included is a K-Type (nickel chromium ~ nickel silicon) point contact tempera
The temperature accuracy mainly depends on how much you are willing to afford for a tightly tolerated ntc. Maximum LMC6035 offset voltage of about 5 mV will slightly contribute to overall error. Or you have to perform an individual zero adjustment which is most likely inpracticable for a product.
Can You explain a little bit more about your work, like what physical parameter are you monitoring and then what is the sensitivity required for your system etc. For Pressure transducers Becton Dickenson PT's would be a good choice. To monitor temperature you can use thermistors (ntc's will be good) in 2 lever or 4 lever bridge configuration.
Hello, As a school project i am supposed to desing a circuit that has three leds, one will light when it is lower than 20*c, one between 20 and 30 , and one when higher than 30*c. I can use the device AD22100. it has an output voltage equation like : VOUT = (V+ / 5 V) × where v+ is typically 5v and ta is the tempe
Why not just use the "sensor ntc 10K0" terminals for your thermistor. The trimmer is used to set the operating range. As its set up, at your wanted temperature your thermistor must be in the range of (120/176) X 10K ohms and (220/56) X 10 K ohms. (6K-> 40K). If your thermistor's resistance at your operating temperature falls outside of this (...)
i m working on a project, for which i need to interface temperature sensor (ntc thermistor) with DSKC6713,the thermistor is implemented in voltage divider circuit and the voltage across it is to be given to this kit (as an input) so can any one plz tell me,how can a temp sensor be interfaced with this kit ??
they recommend using current sources Surely, it's a current source application note. I have a different approach. Considering you are using an ADC with VCC as reference, implementing the sensor circuit as a simple voltage divider forms a ratiometric circuit, that has resistor accuracy (and ADC imperfection) as only error terms. A
Hello, Please could you help me in making a noise-free (as far as possible) connection to a ntc Thermistor? We are continuously detecting temperature by using the ADC of a microcontroller to read the voltage across a divider ??one resistor of which is the ntc Thermistor. -before reading the voltage with the ADC , we use an (...)
i hav an interview in next week so plz provide a program in assembly which give calculation of adresl & adresh to calculate temperature
1) Please let me know about Over-temperature protection circuit examples for power supply unit. 2) ntc thermistor SMT would be used, which place on pcb is to be used sensor contacts? Thanking you SunSUng
Hello, I have a temperature sensor involving a potential divider with an i wish to read the Voltage, -Using a Microchip PIC's ADC, and then output the voltage , continuously, to an LCD display. (along with some words) i wish to use a PIC with an I2C serial data transfer facility in it, and will code it in C. Please, does any
i am using an ntc thermistor and MSP430 to measure temperature between 0 to 50deg C. ADC10 in msp is programmed to take 32 readings. each time adc10 finishes takings its reading. the first 1-2 readings are quite away from the rest of readings. eventually the readings are stable with a couple of counts different. has anybody faced same issu
well thank u but v need sensor to detect the temperature Dear gaya_pink, You ask for diagram, that what you get!! If you look (maybe with magnifies glass) you can see ntc or PTC (Negative Tempe
ntc, is negtive temparature component. The resistance is inverse to the temperature . When the temperature is low enough the first transistor will conduct and trigger the second conductor to power the speaker. At the same time , the capacitor between speaker and first transistor will be charged to negative polarity. Then the transistor will (...)
Use a combination of a resistor and a pot to simulate the values. A thermistor is nothing but a variable resistor that changes with temperature.
what is the main reason of temperature drift of a cmos lc oscillator
Do you mean negative temperature coefficient? Vbe of bipolar and Vth of MOS is ntc voltage. Vbe/R will be ntc current if R has a small TC.
i have to design a temperature measurement network (bridge)using ntc , with following characteristics: Voltage range 0-50degress Voltage output at 0 degree celsius :2.73V resolution 10mV per degree kelvin Is such linear response possible using thermistor
ntc sensor is a temperature sensor with Negative temperature Coefficient .. Here are examples: Regards, IanP
Hey all, I found on the web a neat PIC Controlled Themostat... The software was created with an old version of MPLAB. I made one of my own and have been having nothing but problems with the software. I belive the problem is with the lookup table... If anyone dosent mind giving it a look and giving alittle advise would be great! thanks everyone! Th
I can't figure out how to solve the problem below. Any help ? The response time of a Resistive temperature Sensor (RTD) or a Thermistor ntc at ambient temperature changes when a constant current flows throught it. Show that the response time of a RTD increase while the response time of a ntc decreases.
I need an inexpensive ?temp sensor? temp range from 1C to 200C Tell me the part no. temperature accuracy is not required too much 5% tolerance is acceptable
Hi to all... I'm having troubles while triyng to find a way to convert a signal to another... Explaination: I have 2 devices with 2 different acquisition systems (both automotive ecu). I need to let both share a ntc temperature sensor. The first acquisition system use a strange (but nice) way to condition the signal... It uses 2 bias resistors
thermistors could be used as means of protecting a transformer..using an ntc type thermistor in pararell to the input of the transformer could terminate overvoltages..basically, an ntc thermistor's resistance decreases as temperature rises..and at high surges (in kV) temperature tends to, as the (...)
Hi Is there any example of interfacing with ntc themristor with 8 bit ADC before microcontroller chip? What about the forumla converting the votlage reading into temperature? My sensor measure 10k ohm at 25 degree....and the maximum range is 270 degree at about 800 ohm... So I aint exactly sure how to measure the temperature (...)