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I am a new learner. I have built temperature and Humidity indicator using PIC 16f877a (LM35 +SH20). I Have following two problems. 1) If I program to read only temperature or only Humidity it shows correct. But when I select temperature + Humidity - Both shows erratic reading ( RA1 and RA2). Request to suggest (...)
I'm trying to read the temperature from a LM35 sensor and print it on an LCD display using PIC 16f877.. But I'm getting an error message in PROTEUS ISIS as 'Power Supply' (1.52v) is outside specified range(3.5v-30v).. Pls help me . 76145
For such small board CRC is not necessary. Even reading and matching the serial number of the sensor is irrelevant because there is only one sensor. so the procedure for thermometer should be: 1. Skip ROM 2. Initiate temperature reading 3. Read Scratchpad 4. Do some math, depending on resolution that you are using 5. Show the (...)
I am building a project on interfacing temperature sensor with pic16f877a. I am using PICC compiler. I am just getting started with PIC programming. Are there any good resources using PICC? I need to use the ADC of PIC also.
Hi, For ease, a good choice would be LM35/LM335, but LM35/LM335 gives 10mV output per degree Celsius, ie, for 25'C you get 250mV, for 50'C, 500mV and so on up till 150'C down from -55'C. So, you won't get 2/3/4/5 v. So, change the algorithm. Instead of choosing range in voltage, choose in temperature, eg, if temp is between 20'C and 30'C, slow, be
Hello, I'm using the PIC 16f877 USART TX/RX for sending data from temperature sensor over RF link at 433MHz. The USART, works fine with baud rate of 4,800b/s (OSC=4MHz), when its connected directly between the RX and TX. When I?m adding the RF link so the TX USART sends the data into the RF transmitter, and the data out of the RF (...)
the o/p voltage changes @ 10mv/C where as PIC 16f877 has 10bit ADC so step size is approz 0.5mV so basically you can detect 1/2 C change in temperature if LM35 is directly connected to the PIC
Hey guys , i am designing a project which requires LM35 temperature sensor , generally the output from the sensor voltage is in analogue form and the reading is in LCD, but till now i confuse about mathematic to confert in celcius, I using assembly with pic tipy is 16f877, is have any idea to this, what should i do? thanks u
I'm going to start writing my first PIC program. It will run on the 16f877 micro and must (among other things) read the temperature from the DS1620 sensor. CCS compiler comes with the support for the DS1621 sensor, but, as I know from reading data sheets, it is not compatible with DS1620. Can anyone offer some help?
try to search for lambda sensors. It's easy to use, but problems are with high temperature of work. regards KamW