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[ You were probably looking at a simulation using a terminal port. My preference is to use a modal port with dimensions that resemble the particular feed line. Look at the on line documentation for more details and information. Regards, Azulykit
For Filter design Driven mode is good specially if it is waveguide based filter. As in S-matrix solutions will be expressed in terms of the incident and reflected powers of waveguide modes. In case of microstrip based structure you can choose Driven terminal, as S-matrix solutions of multi-conductor transmission line ports will be expressed in te
128747 I want to design a transmission line for my power amplifier match network. Firstly I draw a path in virtuoso ,then I export the GDS file to hfss, but I need one end terminal of the MT line connected to GND . how can I do this in hfss .PLZ tell me ,thanks a lot
Please see attached hfss file for basic Transmission line setups using a Driven terminal setup... It includes a GSSGSSG which should aid you in your needs. It is in hfss14 and I have no access to other versions. Have Fun
I think this is caused by the solution type you choose in hfss. terminal or Modal.
Hi I couldn't find terminal line in hfss 12! Is there anybody who has defined terminal line on hfss 12? I am designing edge-coupled 3dB quadrature coupler. In each side of this coupler I have 2 close transmission lines. From the topics on the forum I found that (...)
hi all, how can i get the characteristic impedance of a differential line/ differential via from hfss. Z11 parameter gives you open circuit input impedance. Zot shows the port's terminal impedances. Or should i have to run two simulations for two models (one with open circuited traces and other with both the traces shorted together) to (...)
hi..i'm new member here... i have a problem about hfss simulation... i want to make a rectangular microstrip antenna with microstrip line feed... if i try to run my design, i got error message like : Port refinement, process abc3d: Port LumpPort1 with terminals will not support terminal mode(s). Most likely causes (...)
hi ankesh, ->antenna port is assigned as lumped when it reside inside your design while wave port is assigned when the port is outside ->driven terminal is assigned in the case of probe feeding,while line feeding is assigned as driven modal don't u hav any guide n ur u r stdin n IITK :D feel free to ask any query & click on
Seems the hfss 11 or 12 has some changes in result report. In hfss 10 or ealier version, I see the method to extract the even and odd mode impedances of couple-line as follows in the previous post. (1) Choosing the driven terminal (not driven modal); (2) draw two terminal lines when (...)
Hi, everybody: I am sorry if this is a repeat of a trivial question. but I struggled for hours on this problem. Seems that we should use a driven terminal design, after that I am totally lost in finding the correct even/odd impedance of a coupled line.(I am assuming Agilent's tool linecalc gives me the right answer). Could anybody (...)
hello; I m using hfss for my final year project. But i dont know how to set the waveport and its terminal line to get the accurate result. i m uploading a pic of waveport that i set. please some one help me.and also tell me that when giving the radiation pattern to the vaccum box. how much the distance i assign please help me waiting for (...)
Read the sections in on-line help on terminal waveports.
hfss on-line help has a section called "impedance calculation" that you may find useful to contemplate. I would also suggest the sections on wave and terminal ports.
How to get desired TEM field pattern with 3 or more conductors? I draw modal/terminal line between the 2 conductors. When I plot the E field pattern of the waveport, I find, sometimes, hfss treat the last conductor as floating, and sometimes, sig/gnd. How to control that?:cry::cry::cry::idea::idea:
Hi, everyone. I have a question about the differential pair definition in hfss Driven terminal simulation. I am wondering is the Differential terminal Port Impedance equal to the odd impedance and the common terminal port impedance equal to the even mode impedance in the couple line. Actually, from the (...)
Hello everybody, Can anybody help me through this? I've used ADS before to ascertain the characteristic impedance of a transmission line and have used waveports in CPW's. I'm trying to coax feed (50 Ohm) a 3.6 mm wide line on air dielectric with substrate height of 27 mm. I'm using a driven terminal solution for the coax port. I've (...)
Hi, there Can anybody here give me a clear explaination or referrence on the difference between the Wave port and Lump port ? Also, what is the purpose of terminal line ? why do i have to tell hfss the line? what is the relation between these lines and the Excitations?? Thanks a lot
Hi, I do a simulation about microstrip line based one the driven terminal soultion type.I set up two waveport one the two ends of the ustrip.But I find that the mesh is diffrent from the two sides.This causes the S11 or Zo is different at two port.This obviously is incorrect.May I make some adjustment to let the mesh symmerty? Thanks for you
HI, I have a problem with Assigning Wave Ports in solution terminal , when I Select New line from the terminal?s terminal line, The dialog box disappears while I draw the terminal line. I don't know how to choose the X,Y,Z an dX,dY,dZ ? Any body can help me. Regards