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Hi I hava a HundaTech 4.3" I2C tft Display (Link Below) and want to display value read from the analog pin of my arduino DUE. The communication config i am using is I2C Has anyone successfully managed to get the display on the lcd The supplier mention the current example work fine with arduino uno.
ConnectEve analog Clock and ProgressBar Project. i have used this tft. The Clock is made using FT800 mikroC PRO PIC32 Library. MCU used is PIC32MX795F512L at 80 MHz but even PIC or AVR can do the job with ConnectEve. Visualtft is used to make the Clock Project. For progress bar adju
Here is the tft based analog Clock I made. I am just posting the youtube link for now. Soo, I will post the
I would like to the STM32F103 processor used external SPI Flash memory for storing image for tft LCD. I would like to SPI Flash programmed along with the processor via the J-Link programmer (SWD) Can you advise how to do it
hello friends.. Currently i am working on Micromedia Stellaris ARM Cortex M3 has inbulit tft LCD display having a touch screen also. I am now trying to start the Touch screen on the tft display. it has two analog input and two drive output to the touch screen The analog input is connected to the (...)
All tft panels basically work with a digital interface RGB888/666 + Hsync + Vsync + Clock. These signals can be provided by most Graphic CPUs. Consumer equipment mostly uses analog interface (e.g. CVBS) or a digital serial interface (e.g. HDMI) to transmit the video data. All these interfaces are not capable to drive a tft panel. Therefore a (...)
I have used Texas intruments THS8136 10-bit triple video DAC to generate monochrome video from GREEN channel only (by grounding BLUE and RED channels and using video DAC mode). I have displayed the output on analog video TV monitor. But when I connect the output with color tft LCD (of RCA/BNC input) nothing is displayed on it. The LCD does
Hi All, In tft LCD panels, how the pixel shade is adjusted. Is the digital signal converted to analog and then applied to pixel for color shade adjustment or some other technique is there..? Pleasse reply, Thanks in advance. Ashutosh
This sounds more like a PDK access problem, than anything to do with Cadence. The tools you list are the same ones I use for everyday IC design. The only thing missing is good models and rules for tft process elements.
Hi, I want to start a project that can play mp3 and mp4. Now I'm looking the components I may use. analog tfts are cheaper than digital tfts. But all microprocessors that include internal tft Driver support only digital tfts. Can I use such as processor to drive analog (...)
Probably you need only a chip to do it! For TTL I think you're speaking about something like tft signals (ttl levels) and you have to conver in analog signals (VGA).
can anyone give me some information about LCD driver analog module, any LCD driver is ok, like STN, CSTN, tft. 3x.
Hello! Have you tried contacting the manufacturer for a data sheet? Self-made interfacing these panels to an analog VGA is pretty expensive and will exceed the cost of a complete new tft monitor by several times. Your only cheap chance is to use the graphics board of the laptop where the display is mounted in and interface the graphics board
so far my intention is to use a color tft display, then I need to interface it with a controller. what about a digital transmission? regards
What kind of LCD, STN or tft, driver? the following is my lcd controller features: ************************************************************ LCD Module - STN-LCD (single scan/dual scan) - tft-LCD Maximum Resolution - STN-LCD VGA (640 dots x 480 lines) - tft-LCD VGA (640 dots x 480 lines) Display Colors - 2
Hi all, I'm using a 15" tft Panel driven from an analog to digital Interface board. The display is supposed to work with a compact motherboard (PCM6896 from AAEON) that has an on board display adapter (1024x768 true color). The system does not work well when the motherboard is working at the maximum resolution. The problem seems due to
Hi ! My "good" old Eizo Flexscan L360 has stopped working. I now urgently need a service manual or shematic for it. I already tried a lot to find one in the web...but after days now...I give up. :cry: Maybe someone can help me ? I really would appreciate to get some help. The tft is getting totally bright when it gets a signal from the GC.
i know that this is no simple task! But i want to convert the analog VGA signal to digital signals for a tft panel. i have my eyes on the AD9884 form analog devices. this converts the analog video signals to digital. but the output is not LVDS outputs: DRA7-0 Data Output, Red Channel, Port A 3.3 V CMOS 105?112 (...)
Hello, I need to convert tft LCD (6bit R, 6bit B, 6bit G, H sync, V sync) to analog video signal. Does anybody know any suitable chip or solution? Thanks. Frantak
Hi someone told me tft LCD driver look like many D/A convert have any reference circuit ?? thank you