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hi i want to work with tft LCD in mikroC fo dspic v 6.2.1. i cant use tft library. miKroC dont display ftf library
Hi, I want to interface 2.8" tft which is of mcufriend, images attached for reference, with arduino uno. I have written code as per below given but it display on white screen. I have used SPI interfacing. Is there any library missing or anything else is the issue? #include <tft.h> #include #define cs A3 #define dc
I think Utft Libraries will work.
Arduino mega +ssd1963 Problem Hi all.. I have designed a custom PCB with ATmega2560 for my project. Have a 4.3 inch tft on it With SSD1963 controller (16bit data bus). All the data and control lines are translated to 3.3 logic With 74ahc541 buffers. The connection from my PCB to display module is via a 40pin flat ribbon Cable. Earlier I hav
Hi with respect to the above subject i am using a spartan 6 board to connect my acer tft display. the monitor when connected to the board is showing "input not supported" dialogue. please help me. thanks in advance.
I was using ILI9341 2.4inch tft and its obsolete and replaced by ST7789 controller but the code iam getting from newheaven display is not working . has anyone used this display and can please share the initialization code. I am attaching my initialization code and the program code. its displaying text in jagged form and (...)
Hi I am building an under water image processing system for which i need to display on the tft through VGA, the problem is i dont have the kit which has built in VGA port in the PCB and hence I need to build on externally which I can connect to the i.o ports of the PCB. kindly guide me through to build a VGA port and controller. Thanks in adv
Hi I hava a HundaTech 4.3" I2C tft display (Link Below) and want to display value read from the analog pin of my arduino DUE. The communication config i am using is I2C Has anyone successfully managed to get the display on the lcd The supplier mention the current example work fine with arduino uno.
i'm trying to interface altium nanoboard 3000 with onboard tft lcd display and i failed .please listout the detailed procedures of the above mentioned problem.
ConnectEve Analog Clock and ProgressBar Project. i have used this tft. The Clock is made using FT800 mikroC PRO PIC32 Library. MCU used is PIC32MX795F512L at 80 MHz but even PIC or AVR can do the job with ConnectEve. Visualtft is used to make the Clock Project. For progress bar adju
I am using PIC32MX795F512L and mikroE Easytft display. I am using EasyPIC Fusion v7 development board. I am using mikroE Visualtft for designing the GUI for tft. This piece of the code is used to print password character and clear the password character on the tft. void PrintPassword() { (...)
Hi, I want to interface tft display with 8051 Micro controller. So is it possible? if yes then please suggest how can i select display? How can i get best tutorial to interface that display?
I'm working with a 10.2" tft display with resistive touch screen interface. The display has SSD1693 driver IC. The 4 wire resistive touch panel cable is connected to the driver PCB (Refer the Image). Can we access the touch panel information directly through the parallel port communication? Why this connector is connected to the (...)
Hello, I'm helping my friend(no english). He wants to find a high quality tft display with the following spec: 2.4inch touch screen tft 3.3v input 240RGB×320 pixel 80 system 16 bit bus interface 65K color: 5R6G5B Good to use under sun light high quality, Long lasting for business usage Does any body can tell me what (...)
Hi all... I am working on a project which required 7"tft screen. I found many types of tfts with parallel interface (16/8bit). and some tft panels also. my question is > if I am using a 3.3V display , is there any level translator is necessary to interface? >>is there any available solution to plug the (...)
hi dears. I need to tft mobile LCD. because it must be slim. PLZ suggest me tft LCD and PLZ tell me it's for which mobile cellphone? for example ELT240320 has ILI9525 Driver and it's for chinese N96 cellphone. thank you all
Hi there , thank you for taking a look at my thread. The question is "Does increasing the SPI Frequency Increase the tft Bitmap loading speed ? ". I have my bitmap stored within an array and it works fine but the loading of the image takes about 2 secs. Is it also possible if I would change the algorithm which I'm currently using: it's a l
hi, I'm working with 7" tft lcd (AT070TN92) and codevision glcd library, but the colors code is wrong, when i use red display blue for example, and other colors is wrong too, so i can't use library color code anybody have this problem with codevision library?
In a tft (thin film transistor) LCD display, each pixel holds the image information between refresh cyles.
hi, In a project I use ATXmega128A1 and save font and icons in hex mode in flash and use them for display on tft LCD, the flash memory of ATXmega128A1 is almost full and my code is not finish. so I need more flash memory, I find out NAND flash on EBI is good for this problem. now I have this questions: 1) can I use nand flash like ATXmega128A