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Hi, I want to interface 2.8" tft which is of mcufriend, images attached for reference, with arduino uno. I have written code as per below given but it display on white screen. I have used SPI interfacing. Is there any library missing or anything else is the issue? #include <tft.h> #include #define cs A3 #define dc
i'm trying to interface altium nanoboard 3000 with onboard tft lcd display and i failed .please listout the detailed procedures of the above mentioned problem.
How to use Proteus ILI9341 tft in 8 Bit mode ? I am using ILI9341 tft in my project using PIC32MX795F512L. For testing in Proteus I will be using PIC18F46K22. The actual hardware is Easytft by mikroElektronika which has both tft and Touchscreen and it is a 8 bit interface. I want to know how to make 8 bit (...)
I'm working with a 10.2" tft display with resistive touch screen interface. The display has SSD1693 driver IC. The 4 wire resistive touch panel cable is connected to the driver PCB (Refer the Image). Can we access the touch panel information directly through the parallel port communication? Why this connector is connected to the display driver PCB?
Hello, I'm helping my friend(no english). He wants to find a high quality tft display with the following spec: 2.4inch touch screen tft 3.3v input 240RGB×320 pixel 80 system 16 bit bus interface 65K color: 5R6G5B Good to use under sun light high quality, Long lasting for business usage Does any body can tell me what (...)
Hi all... I am working on a project which required 7"tft screen. I found many types of tfts with parallel interface (16/8bit). and some tft panels also. my question is > if I am using a 3.3V display , is there any level translator is necessary to interface? >>is there any available solution to plug (...)
did u try searching on the google?? However I found a document from the Xilinx which might help
I am using 3.2" tft LCD using 16 bit parallel interface. But, due to unavailability of I/O pins I am multiplexing it using 3 state buffer and using only 8 pins to drive LCD's 16 data pins ( U2 and U5 in the image, SN74HCT245 both ). Header20x2 is tft LCD header ( attached datasheet for LCD ). 117737 D0-D15 are LCD pins
What 2.8" tft LCD are you using? Do you know what your LCD's display controller is? And by that I don't mean your CC3200, but the controller on the LCD shield/board. Since this is your first time using a tft, i would like to mention that most tft LCD shields for the Arduino use the i80 interface or SPI (which I think you may (...)
On the Pin diagram of tft LCD, it doesnt show that which specific pin is for CS, RD, RW Right. If the controller does support parallel processor interface (as a side remark in the diagram suggests) there should be another diagram.
I write in assembler but i use macro command for clear reading my code. ;======================================================= bcf CS_LCD ; chip select tft IC call Delay5ms ;======================================================= ; Hard Reset bsf RST_LCD call Delay10ms bcf RST_LCD ; hard reset call Delay100m
Greetings, Do you want touch screen only or display+touchscreen??.. For the latter follow the
Hi, I have some tft 3.2" (driver SSD1289, HX8352 and ILI9481) as these all have 16bit interface. after spending hours still i could not find out how can i interface it in 8 bit mode, in datasheet i read that it can be connected in 8 bit mode, but did not find any instruction or command. Please help if any one have tried it. thanks
Need to design a cheap controller to interface a 10.1" lcd tft display from off the market replacement laptop lcd to be interfaced with my beaglebone hdmi output port Urgently Need Potential Solution.8-O
Hello! i want to interface tft 3.2'' glcd hx8347 to pic24f16ka102. Unfortunately i didn't found lany ibrary for it.And now need help relating to making and displaying own fonts,further images.And i want to ask that the image matrix size relates to what??and is this necessary to specify memory before displaying it.And if someone knows the link plea
Hi, Does anybody know how to interface tft (which is having SSD2119 driver) interfacing with Silicon Labs c8051f020 microcontroller. I am a beginner in tft. -How to initialise -write data -display clear Thanks,
Hi I am using PI32MX with ssd1963 dispaly controller Nev haven display tft . tft works i can send and view writedata on the display . Like creating box ,rectangles . But i wish display characters and images so what is the method for transferring a whole image file . Thanks .
Hello all, I am interfacing tft lcd which is having ssd2119 driver with smart fusion evaluation board. Could any body let me know how to get 8-bit data on to the GPIO pins using C code? Thanks
Hi.. I have 3.2" touch screen mounted on a ,3.2" tft display which has a resolution of 320x240. The touchscreen has a touch controller XPT2046/ADS7843 which has a 12 bit adc inside. I have managed to interface it to my pic18f on which i can read the touch co-ordinates which vary from near about 100 to 3900 on for each axis depending upon whi
Hi I am trying to interface PIC32MC695F512L with NEW HAven tft which ssd1963 graphics controller . I used the Mikro c inbuilt function to initialize it in 16 bit and then the function to display aqua color on screen . What i see is a screen filled of vertical multiple colors what does this mean .Can somebody please help me .