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Hi, I have tried some thing on 320x240 tft lcd with Touchscreen using avr and arm cortex m4 microcontrollers. But what hardware should I use to make more rich graphics, I should be able to zoom in and zoom out on images etc as seen in android mobile phone, cool animation, background (...)
Hello friends, I am working now on the tft lcd display that is interfaced with arm cortex M3 stellaris board. can anyone tell me how can i display color on my tft lcd display. i have init my tft lcd and fill it basic colors balck and (...)
hello friends.. Currently i am working on Micromedia Stellaris arm Cortex M3 has inbulit tft lcd display having a touch screen also. I am now trying to start the Touch screen on the tft display. it has two analog input and two drive output to the touch screen The analog input is connected to the (...)
hello frineds currently i have bought the arm cortex-m3 STM32 board from Mikroelectronika which have the tft colour display of 320x240. The display have lcd controller of SSD2119 and lcd module(MI0283QT2). my goal is to write the routine code of interfacing of tft display with (...)
Dear Friends, I want to use Samsung S3C6410 arm 11 for this I want to know Which operating systyem(android version) it will support, Which tft lcd it will support( maximum size (eg.10.1")) and how to identify these paramters? How to choose the tft lcd for display? (...)
Hi guys, Been studying how to interface my arm LPC1768 mcu with a 3.5 inch tft lcd. I've been searching the info on the internet. There's this digital data input (for RGB) which is around 18 (3x6) or 24 (3x8) pins on the lcd. I've been referencing other people's design from the internet and found out that (...)
Well, I make some researchs and I want to find this kind board, which based on 600MHZ arm Cortex-A8 core and has a 7" tft-lcd with Touch Screen. Besides, the important thing is that it has a WCDMA module. and I don't know how many kinds doe it have. Can any one help me?
Is there any 7" or 10" tft lcd (16M color) for interface to beagle board? Can ubuntu 10.10 installed on beagle board ? if this is true then we have a small SBC and we can run many applications on beagle board + ubuntu 10.10 linux OS!
Hi Matt. Lately I've been working a lot with tft's in my embedded projects. and even with simple 8-bit AVR - though most of my applications used the 32-bit STM32 arm! In general speaking tft's they doesn't have any SRAM or digital controller. This means that you have to feed the display with RGB data continuously. (...)
Hi All, Is it possible to drive tft lcd module ( say 3.5" display controlled by driver IC like ILI9326, sitronix ST7787 etc. ) with microcontrollelr (16 bit ) or arm processor directly without using OS based system ie SBC. I've found a tft lcd liberary from Ramtex but don't know how useful (...)