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Seeking a technology or even a manufacturer that could produce graphic display modules, with dimensions between 14'' and 19'', low-res, few colors, but definitely must have white background. Anyone have any suggestions of manufacturer, or technology, or forum where I can find an answer? Thank you very much. Best regards, Nuno.
Greetings, Do you want touch screen only or display+touchscreen??.. For the latter follow the
Hi all, I want the cheapest microcontroller with lcd/tftcontroller and USB inbuild. Can you suggest any... Regards
Is there such micro on market that have the capability of film on 7" tft 24 bit lcd? Please introduce the lowest price and clock speed and simple one that can do this task.
Hi, can anyone recommend lcd- or tft-displays that can be directly connected to an embedded PC? Suitable size would be 2.5"-3.5". The PC can also be used with a TV-out display. The ones I've found costs almost as much as 17" standard lcd monitors and it feels a bit useless to buy a 3" display for the same price as a (...)