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hi i want to work with tft lcd in mikroC fo dspic v 6.2.1. i cant use tft library. miKroC dont display ftf library
anyone have experience with this lcd My Questions. 1. Can I connect SPI lcd and SPI of touch controller to one SPi in MCU? 2. What is the quality of the display?
Ok, I am using stm32f429 discovery board for capturing image from camera and displaying that on the tft lcd. for capture i am using dma to storing images on the external RAM and as well for displaying image on the lcd i am using the another stream of dma, but in both i don't use double buffering mode. In your opinion, Whether Double (...)
In my project i am using ILI9488tft lcd controller.I want to generate there any tool for the same with PIC32mx thank you
Looks very interesting, I see from your blog you have updated to the 4X20 lcd, Have you thought about using one of these,
Hi I hava a HundaTech 4.3" I2C tft Display (Link Below) and want to display value read from the analog pin of my arduino DUE. The communication config i am using is I2C Has anyone successfully managed to get the display on the lcd The supplier mention the current example work fine with arduino uno.
i'm trying to interface altium nanoboard 3000 with onboard tft lcd display and i failed .please listout the detailed procedures of the above mentioned problem.
Hi guys, I bought this tft: I think it uses the ILI9325. Here I found some code to use this display with an atmega32: I'am usi
Hi, I want to interface tft Display with 8051 Micro controller. So is it possible? if yes then please suggest how can i select display? How can i get best tutorial to interface that display?
Hello, I'm helping my friend(no english). He wants to find a high quality tft display with the following spec: 2.4inch touch screen tft 3.3v input 240RGB×320 pixel 80 system 16 bit bus interface 65K color: 5R6G5B Good to use under sun light high quality, Long lasting for business usage Does any body can tell me what tft (...)
Hi every one I'm working on a NFC-based payment system in the transportation field. Because of it , I need a strong powerful MCU with a successful background in the same application implementation. Electronic sections consist of : 1- NFC Tag reader, for transacting with a RFID tags 2-7" tft lcd for GUI section 3-Strong MCU for driving above 2
hi I'm use ATxmega128a1 and at45db161 for store my icons, I 'm design my own HMI by this microcontroller and 7 inch tft lcd, everything is OK but I used 6 font that stored in internal flash and now my code is 130% of microcontroller's flash! when i use optimize is 90% and my code still remind. what should i do? how can i store fonts on external f
Hi, You will get lot of tft lcd in ebay but not sure about ILI9525 Driver. search with 1.8 inch or 2.2 inch lcd text. ILI9341/ST7735 is very common lcd driver but no idea about mobile phone application. Thanks, Jolly Jacob
hi, I'm working with 7" tft lcd (AT070TN92) and codevision glcd library, but the colors code is wrong, when i use red display blue for example, and other colors is wrong too, so i can't use library color code anybody have this problem with codevision library?
In a tft (thin film transistor) lcd display, each pixel holds the image information between refresh cyles.
hi, In a project I use ATXmega128A1 and save font and icons in hex mode in flash and use them for display on tft lcd, the flash memory of ATXmega128A1 is almost full and my code is not finish. so I need more flash memory, I find out NAND flash on EBI is good for this problem. now I have this questions: 1) can I use nand flash like ATXmega128A
he try to read bitmap file directly, let me test it, read bitmap file and write to tft lcd directly and I will say result. - - - Updated - - - No, that is not good idea. thank you for your link
Hi guys I recently purchased a 240*320 tft lcd with an ILI9335 driver I am struggling to understand the datasheet, how to initialize the lcd and display basically just two lines one on top of the other say a blue line and a red line. If anyone has used these displays successfully please send me a sequence of commands something like (...)
Thanks for the response ArticCynda. If you don't mind I'd like to ask you a couple of questions :grin: Let's say I found some tft screens I'd want to use and on the site, the manufacturer says they can customize the FPC connector depending on our requirements. Is it simply a matter of telling the manufacturer where your FPC connector is going to b
What 2.8" tft lcd are you using? Do you know what your lcd's display controller is? And by that I don't mean your CC3200, but the controller on the lcd shield/board. Since this is your first time using a tft, i would like to mention that most tft lcd shields for the Arduino (...)