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Have someone ever used the LT3650? I have designed a circuit charging a 18650 battery. It works ok but the IC gets very hot (50C) at 12V input and over 65C at 28V. The IC has about 20mm? of copper on the bottom side and about 10mm? on the top side. Charging current is set to 1.5A. IC should have thermal shutdown but is (...)
If you design a 3 stage charger with any IC including LTC4057 you can safely prevent degradation from overcharging and also power the circuit , but it does not do this automatically. This IC does Phase 1 & 2 but not shutdown phase 3 unless added externally. so you can continue to use power at 4.2V with thermal current limiting. Not ideal but ok.
-48 to -12 @ 48mA is 1.W Watts which needs a good heatsink, otherwise thermal shutdown. It may work with a series drop resistor between bridge and cap on input to drop Vin to -20V min. But ADC/DAC other issues must be resolved.
All 78xx regulators has an internal thermal shutdown if the temperature gets too high. This is an emergency shutdown, and acts as a safety measure. The thermal resistance from junction to air is around 60 C/W, so it means that you can have less than 1.5W disipation from a chip with no cooling. For an (...)
Sounds like it's going into thermal shutdown although a few mV of drift as it warms up is not entirely unexpected. It is dissipating (12 - 3.3) * 0.12 = 1.044W so it needs a heat sink and should get quite warm. Your only option is to increase the heatsink size, force cool it or use a different kind of regulator. Brian.
If i multiply these two (Voltage and Current) I should have watts. How does this plot of watts relate to average power, or thermal shutdown of the device? total_losses = conduction_watts*duty_cycle + switching_energy_loss*frequency temperature_rise = total_losses*thermal_resistance (junction-to-ambient) Conduction (...)
AC fan in my modem/concentrator heats up and slows down to stop .This causes my thermal drift and shutdown without info. need to have alarm LED indication when the speed of fan lowers to 80% of full RPM /CFM of air delivery .
Are you talking about a real circuit or a simulation? What's the LED respectively circuit input current in each case? Are you aware of the voltage regulators internal current limit and thermal shutdown in case of overload?
The ZR78L05 and ZR78L06 are three terminal fixed positive voltage regulators that feature internal circuit current limit and thermal shutdown making the devices difficult to destroy. All other members of the ZR78L family are obsolete - see datasheet for more information. The devices are available in SOT223, ideal for (...)
Hi all... If the buck converter output is 1.2V and input varies from 2.7V to 3.3V and current is 500mA,and temp variation is -40 to 125.Buck is used in portable it required to have thermal shutdown ? Thanks
someone please enlighten me if I can use bandgap to bias all voltages and currents to all of my circuits because it is temperature independent and process independent than "constant gm". I have big problem with my constant gm circuit because of resistor process variation. my application is : ramp generator, thermal (...)
Hi! I'm currently trying to make this SMPS work properly. The problem is that the SMPS doesn't hold on load. It's expected to be 27-30V/3,2A 96W. Everything is fine until load >20W is reached. Then TOP-switch heats up and I think thermal shutdown occurs (actually not so sure,because on the scope pulses are getting smaller in amplitude,but (...)
thermal shutdown, over currernt protection, under-voltage lock-out and over-voltage lock-out.
Hi Am working on ST VNN1NV04 autoprotected MOSFET to determine its % of life used under short to battery conditions this is protected FET, it has thermal shutdown capability and current limiting property .I do have some ways of detremining % of life used for given time at particular frequency and dutycycle (...)
If you design this ic, add thermal protection circuit, if the chip is too hot, shutdown it.
I am looking some bandgap reference circuit and seems the thermal shutdown ckt can be derived from this kind of circuit , as mention by road.
build a comparator. build one with hysteresis. build an amp. now build a folded amp. do both p and n type versions so you understand the performance differences when the "archetecture" is the same. now build a bandgap. good temp performance is key. add thermal shutdown. add undervoltage lockout. (...)