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hi sir, i want to know about recent technique in the design of low power lna for wireless communication application with respect to do Phd thesis work. now only i have applied for Phd and iam in need some suggestion and guidance to proceed further.
Recommend MSc thesis This spring I will start to write my master thesis. I am very interested in RF circuits, RFID and antenna designs. Please recommend me sth which is mainstream or very useful in world (or Europe) for these topics above mentioned. You can also email Thanks.
Dear All, I need to design an add-on-board for frequency 1.2GHz to 6GHz. I need the Add-on board with DAC ->Filters ->Mixer (IF)->PA - Antenna on SMA ADC <--Filters<--Mixer(IF)<--lna Can any one point to any thesis document, which will help to choose the right components and also give a basic ide
hello i need the specifications of individual components of a bluetooth receiver like noise figure, power gain, IIP3 etc of filter, lna, mixer. plz reply soon, i need to include them in my thesis thank you deepak
plz help me my project work is based on "lna design for bluetooth (2.4Ghz) application if anyone has project ,disseratation or thesis or tutorial plz give me thanks in advance AMIT
hi to all we designed two stage lna ,fabricated and tested our circuit. and even we finished presentaion also. but our supervisor asked us to write the answers for two questions in our report the questions are how your work connects to other research in the area and what is the importance of your findings. This must be clear in the final v
I am glad to join Edabaord Forum. Well, I have start to prepare my thesis about wideband lna active antenna for wireless communications. Do you have some thesis or papers that deal with topic. also why they use cmos or bjt to design wideband lnaA instead of GaAsFET?
I would graduate in 2006 with a master's degree. I have been doing research on RFIC(lna and Mixer) since I did my thesis for my bachelor's degree. And during my graduate study, I have been respingsible to circuit design and optimization for a low voltage supply mixer with new topology and common gate lna with active inductor load; (...)
I want to design a lna work on 75MHz~108MHz (FM Receiver frequency band) But I find it difficult to do. My specifiction is : CMOS tech (0.18um), NF<2dB, integrated on receiver. without external inductor (exclude impedance matching inductor) Can someone gime me some advise or thesis? thanks very much!
He wants analog electronics: Do a research thesis on analog cross-over noise. A full study.