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looking for capstone/thesis projects or DIY learning projects?
Your task is quite difficult. I do not expect any model can help you. Human tissue is a complex material with varying impedance and loss. Do not expect someone gives you a reasonable direction. You will have to experiment to find how to achieve a good antenna function. Google Alabaster: Ph.D.thesis on microwave Tissue Parameters where some result
Hi, I am working on a tunable/reconfigurable PIFA at 2GHz and 2.45GHz using CST microwave Studio software. Is there anybody here that can help me with files or thesis related to this antenna design? As for now, I am having some difficulties in making the reflection coefficient falls below -10dB at the desired frequencies.
In my master thesis, i need a built in TR modules (4 in numbers) to demonstrate concept of beam steering. Can any one tell which companies sell TR modules at 1GHz or near 1GHz, as it is not a commercial product. Regards
Hello, I am doing work on microwave transitions; I need help in preparing my thesis report which is titled “Stripline to Microstrip transition using Multilayer boards”. This is a NASA technical paper. You can Google this to know more. I would also like why there is so less information available about transitions, So far,
Hi All my friends Happy new year I am working on RF MEMS Shunt Switches for my thesis , I finished with DC simulation using Coventorware. Now I want to do RF simulation , I have access to CST microwave studio , but I am unable to do it because some errors are coming . can you please help me.I will be very much thankful to you
Could anyone please tell me a good thesis subject related to microwave. Take into consideration that I am an undergrad student.
Hello, I am having my bachelor thesis on RFID. i need to simulate a RFID 13.56 tag using CST microwave studio. Can anyone help me in that? Attached is my simulation trial, but unfortenately it doesn't give any good results. So if you have any idea why is that? For any helping material please send it to andrew.morcos(at) Thank
Hello everyone, Hopefully this is in the correct sub-forum, as I couldn't quite figure out where to put it. I am in the process of writing my Bachelor thesis, with the topic on a specific microwave Network design. I would like to show the initial design steps I took on the Smith Chart in software form, similar to the way Dr. David Pozar does
can anyone please tel lme where I can get a report on mixers or microwavce mixers? I need liek a graduate report, or conference paper, thesis etc. on it something low end to read up on mixers please anyone, something would be very appreciated I need it asap thanks
No thesis.refer to bible-mathei Young and Jones, UWave filters and matching networks
Can anyone recommend good books, papers, thesis on BOTH microstrip and stripline bandpass coupled line filter design ? Thanks