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Hi all, for my thesis work i am planning to simulate video streaming in QUALNET. does anyone know how to simulate it.... please do help me with the simulation procedure. and also i need your suggestions also. Thank You
any one can help me for my thesis .. i want to enhance the thesis of PUP students, it is Electronic Junk Shop - Reversed Vending Machine anyone can help me for this subject? thanks in advance.. its free for comment and suggestions
.,please help me or give me some suggestions on what and how to interface fpga to make a vending machine possible.,.i'll use fpga for our thesis., thank you :-}
I am going to write my master thesis on a wireless sensor network for a fire security system. The wireless protocol is decided and confidential, and has mesh capabilities for redundancy and great battery life. Even so, the company I am writing it for wants to mainly get this new wireless system they want me to design commercialised, but I have to d
i really need your help guys.,.
I am going for a master thesis on wireless communication. My professor asked me to choose any new topics for wireless communication and make a project proposal. What topics should I choose that will be helpful for me to peruse further research and PHD. Temporarily I am looking forward to MIMO OFDM Will it be wise?
Maybe you can take a look at some of the earlier projects that were done in your department to see what qualifies as a thesis. This should give you a feel about what constitutes a proper topic for the thesis. Also, after browsing the topics, you maybe able to propose alternate ways of accomplishing the tasks proposed -- you can also propose improve
can i ask for suggestions for an undergraduate thesis topic in digital microelectronics that can be implemented using Verilog HDL? thanks in advance.
I have to decide about my master's thesis in about two months time. Can you suggest me any topics regarding Power Quality? It could be power quality analysis using wavelet transform or any other topic.... Thanks in advance.
I am working on a thesis involving solar panels. We were asked to include temperature effect on the power output of the PV panel. So, our group chose to use lm35d temperature sensor that is to be attached on the PV panel's metallic part. We insulated it with silicon gel and fiberglass. Now, I want to find a method on how to check if the temperature
Hi to all the group users. I am doing research in area of Incremental delta sigma modulation techniques and A/D conversions. I am looking for text book for detailed study of incremental delta sigma theory and related development. A good thesis report in that area will also help. Please suggest. regards shantanu
i am a btech student working on random fractal antenna arrays for my final year project. i am presently doing the comparison of radiation pattern of sierpinski carpet gasket, cantor set...i look for some suggestions on wat more i can do in this area which will make a good thesis. being and undergraduate, i don't have in depth knowledge of antennas
Hi All, I have a dream to become an antenna design engineer. Unfortunately, until now I still stuck here as digital engineer. So, plan to further master on antenna so i can better chance to pursue my dream job. Need you guys suggestion on which topic are suitable for me.All antenna engineer and lecturer out there, please give me some idea.
hi guys... i am an ECE student... and i am thinking of a project for my thesis... do u have any suggestions?... they are very welcomed..
See thesis in 2003 on this webpage.
Hi folks I'm currently designing a low-power Digital Baseband for ZigBee wireless sensor network. I need to compare power consumed in my design with other market-available numbers for ZigBee designs or ANY wireless baseband design. If also I can get numbers from Academia (papers/thesis/etc), that would be great. Any suggestions ?
I think you are too hung up on compensation and stability etc. It makes for a nice thesis topic , but usually if you follow the manufacturers suggestions for compensation mathematically and tune values by test (dynamic) under your expected load and temperature you shouldn’t have any problems. 90% of SMP’s on the market are directly
Hello, I want to do my master thesis about cooperative diversity systems. Are there any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
How about designing an instrument for something, my thesis is about that. I've made a turbidity meter that can measure ultra low turbidity using near field scattering...very complex theory but the result is excellent.
i want material related to current sensing for buck converters at high frequncies. the material may be books,articles,thesis,journels. give me good suggestions