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64968 I attached the enhance fingerprint image.. on valleys there are a black dot . i have to perform the thinning . when i m using bwmorph operation i am getting these points as a line . how to remove these black dots so that i can extract correct minutiae
Hi everyone, Can someone help me please with this code? I don't understand the second part -it is not my code... I just want to understand what is happening there: %In the first part, the image is read, it is binarized, and then the thinning is %done. It is simple. That's what I wrote: ImOriginal = imread('fingerprint.bmp'); figure,
Here I have searched and studied a lot regarding my system and i designed my system as: 1. image Acquisition 2. Local Ridge Orientation 3. Segmentation 4. Singularity and Core Detection 5. Enhancement 6. Binarization/thinning 7. Feature Extraction/Minutiae Detection 8. Neural Network (Classification) But what I thought was that
Hi, After the thinning process in a fingerprint image, i get a lot of artefacts like broken ridges, spur, bridge, short ridges etc.. please advise me as how to sucessfully remove it. thanks a lot..