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Instead of three blurry screenshoots, I would appreciate one clear photo. Not sure where you have 100% duty cycle, photos seem to show 50 %. A detailed explanation of implemented control pattern would be helpful. Is it normal for the voltage of the high side signal of the ir2113 to be higher than the low side? Surely, if you t
I need to work on a project where the microcontroller should: 1-)Read three voltage outputs of an accelerometer 2-)Log the data to an SD card 3-)Send the logged data to cloud by intervals via a GPRS module The requirements are to make it cheap and most importantly low power. I will have enough time for this I guess. But since there are zil
Hello guys I am Will from Levetop semiconductor. Our main product is LCD/TFT graphic controller, support resolustion: 320*240 (QVGA) 800*600 SVGA , to 1280 *1024 SXGA. Support 8/16-bits MCU parallel interfaces, and SPI, I2C serial interfaces Built-in Ggeometric Drawing Engine: provide Point Drawing, Line Drawing, Curve Dr
Hello, I am looking for best way (in sense of speed and simplicity) how to connect STM32 MCU to FPGA board (Artix-7). The comunication must be two-directional. I am experimenting with some kind of coprocessor for ARM CortexM4 core. The MCU is sending data to process for FPGA and after FPGA ended processing is receiving processed data. I try to f
The point is that the equation has no variable input, thus it can be calculated at compilation time and doesn't infer hardware. The equation has however multiple (three or so) solutions, I'm not quite sure how you want to present it. If you have a meaningful Verilog problem in mind, please share.
Wien bridge need a non-inverting amplifier with gain around +3, variation range can be relative small. For clear sine wave output, a linear control element like JFET is preferable, I would even refer to an additional linearization circuit that superimposes half of the drain-source AC voltage to gate-source voltage, can be found in many Wien bridge
Hello, as far as I understood you correctly - you waana design a matrix multiplier (2 dimensional arrays). You don't give many important assumptuions related to your design. We don't know how big can this matrices be? We aslo don't know how is type of data in these matrices - are them fixed-point or floating-point numbers. You are trying compare
First thing to check is whether you really have a controllable volume at all. There are three type of TDA7052, the original with no letter at the end does not have electronic volume control at all. SOME of the ones marked 'A' at the end have it, some do not. ALL the ones with a 'B' at the end do have volume control. So am i right to say tha
This makes no sense. First you say you want to compare Vref with Vdd. Then you say you want Vref to CHANGE with Vdd. THEN you say a constant voltage is supposed to connect between the two voltages. These are three totally unrelated requirements. Are you, perhaps, trying to design a voltage regulator? Can you restate your question?
You can't combine the AC sources because of different voltages and phases but for a "simple universal SMPS" with low power capability like that I would use three SMPS, one on each AC source and combine their DC outputs. If you can live with a small (< 0.5V) drop you can simply use three diodes to combine their outputs. Brian.
Please recommend me any IC for measuring Single and three phase power measurements. That is, MSP430F6779 and ADE7868 they are only Polyphase IC.. But I need IC work for both Single and three Phase System.
The circuit is rather unclear because you are showing less than half of the DC/DC pins. Each converter has two input and three output pins.
Hi, As you know, its not difficult to design and build an offline SMPS LED driver that can run at 235W output, and also be dimmable down to 25W output. (eg, a Boost PFC followed by a 2 transistor forward converter). However, its far more challenging to make it able to pass mains harmonic emissions at 235W, and also at 25W. This is because th
Dear sirs, I recently purchased a Ask Impression 960. It is a very old projector from the beginning of digital projection. Its working mechanism is HDI lamp and direct TFT screen. He apparently is in great condition. It has no blown or blown capacitor, no blown fuse, and nothing to report any problems. But he doesn't care! Not even the lamp come
Hi. A Hoover brand 18V battery pack with 5 cells has three terminals. (+), (-) and (C) How to learn what signal this particular 'C' battery pack contact expects to enter into charging mode ? The pack uses a microcontrolled management circuitry in it. For sure signal is not needed at 'C' to discharge the battery. It powers the load fine with no
156449 Hi, the structure of a general GNSS receiver is attached. Question: can this receiver only process three channels? Senmeis
Hi All, I need to develop an circuit and antenna that will be placed on a person's body, and generate a constant electromagnetic field (for medical purposes). The definitions I received for this project is to generate a field from 10Hz to 700Hz, with field strength of 0.2 mTesla (that is 2 Gauss). I'm not an RF engineer and have very limit
I am designing an energy harvesting system with ring oscillator, non-overlapping clock, and tapered buffer. Shown below is the the clock results and tapered buffer results of the three corners TT, FF, and SS. I was just wondering what causes the poor peak voltages of the tapered buffer results, I expect it to be flat but it is not. Thank you so muc
Unfortunately , Datasheet only gives irms..
Hello I was scoping the Primary , Post rectifier DC Bus in a 100W, 240VAC, offline PFC?d Flyback to see what the voltage ripple was like on this rail. As you can see, at the mains peak, there is a lot of noise at the peak of the waveform that makes the measurement impossible. The blue waveforms were done with a x10 scope probe (with a dangli