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Dear all I am trying to 3 phase voltage using microcontroller. I have star connected ckt.155727 P = 3 x VP x IP x Cos(Φ) or P = √3 x VL x IL x Cos(Φ) Line Voltage is root three times phase voltage i.e. VL = √3 VP. Here, VL is Line Voltage and VP is Phase Voltage. Now assume i have used comm
I'm using the clocking wizard IP to generate three different clocks starting from an input clock. These are the setting for the IP: INPUT CLOCK: Input Frequency: 12MHz Input Jitter: 0.010 Source: Single ended clock capable pin OUTPUT CLOCK: clk_out1: 100 MHz clk_out2: 300 MHz clk_out3: 10 MHz For all of them: phase=0, duty cycle=50%
There 's no answer clear based on the given information. You should not see a low bit if 1. the port pin is actually floating high, you 2. did not configure additional registers that might change the behaviour, e.g. polarity inversion and 3. the chip hasn't been damaged. Unfortunately we can check none of the three conditions. You hav
hi to all right now am in developing three phase sequence detector using pic16f887 microcontroller. i had tried more methods but unfortunately the results are negative.. finally i planned to use inbuilt comparator in pic16f887 (2 comparators available) . i planned to fed the first two phase signal say R & Y to each comparator , and want to measur
Hi. I am using the MCP73831 Battery charger for my design. I decided to add 2.7k ohm resistor at the PROG pin. So, I_reg is set to 370mA. LTST-C195KG, dual color chip led is connected between the VDD and STAT pins for status indicator. The labeled "21" is the symbol for the battery.155652155651[AT
I need to purchase some initial equipment for a small starting business, where i'll need to start developing electrical meters ( Single 240VAC/ three Phase 380VAC ) eventually commercially. Electricity meters mainly consist of several aspects of electronics such as : 1. Microcontroller and digital circuits probably not very high speed at most
I get to know What a via is. Via is one of the important components of a multi-layer PCB. The cost of drilling is usually 30% to 40% of the cost of PCB board. Simply put, every hole in the PCB can be called a via. In terms of function, the vias can be divided into two types: one is used as an electrical connection between t
Again I took two sections of the same T network and gave input at different points as shown in figure, I am not sure what is its expected behavior.Why do you set three ports. Where is driving point ? What do you expect ?
Assume three mobile phones, A, B and C. Their Distances from base station are different. Distance of A is small. Distance of B and C is large. Consider tx power control from base station. TX power for A is small. On the other hand, TX power for B and C is large. So A undergoes large two interferences.
I have discovered that graphical description is very helpful if you have questions. 155425 A single sine wave after rectification (full wave) becomes twice the frequency. Half wave rectification will remove the negative half and keep the top half. Just ignore diode drops etc for the time being. A three phase supply is bas
I am currently working on a 3 phase energy meter project. I don't have a lot of experience in designing power supply circuits (AC/DC) let alone a 3 phase 4 wire one (L1,L2,L3 and N) with a transformer to be galvanically isolated. Since energy measurement is being done for all three phases, the metrology (Microcontroller + metering IC) part must be
Hello, I am reading page 205 of ?power supply cookbook? by Marty Brown, 2nd ed. It says that there are three main parameters in SMPS stability? 1..Gain margin 2?Phase margin 3?Excess phase {?this is the point of closest approach of the phase characteristic to -360 degrees anytime the gain is greater than one (0dB) } The book says that
It still comes down to needing at least three timers/counters: 1. the pulse frequency 2. the burst rate 3. the four bursts All are simple in software but require individual timers if done in hardware. Brian.
Hi I am using the virtuoso from the package cadence in order to run some reliability simulations. One of the steps is to stress the circuit but I only have three stress factors i.e. temperature, Vdd and CLoad. Does any one know how and where to change a global stress factor? I would like to change this in order to have a percentage stress on the
Method of Finding the value/Meaning of codes of capacitor ? Ceramic disc capacitors have two to three digits code printed on them. ? The first two numbers describe the value of the capacitor and the third number is the number of zeros in the multiplier. ? When the first two numbers are multiplied with the multiplier, the resulting
Hi all, I need to generate svdb database in LVS/PEX process. LVS passed and got a smile, but svdb database is never generated well The error message is: " Error 179: Error reading file "svdb/ltx_m200_clk_inv16x.phdb/db/master/layers.toc": No such file or directory. " and here are three warnings I got: " Warni
Help Please, Now I have a sharp LCD (model: LS055T3SX05) and a THOSHIBA chip (TC358870XBG). But first of all, I want to light up the LCD. From what I read there are three pins (LED+, LED-, LED_PWM) related to backlight. I apply 5v to LED+ with 0v to LED-, for LED_PWM I am using the 3.3v blue pill (arduino) to produce pulse. However, Backlight i
Help Please, Now I have a sharp LCD (model: LS055T3SX05) and a THOSHIBA chip (TC358870XBG). But first of all, I want to light up the LCD. From what I read there are three pins (LED+, LED-, LED_PWM) related to backlight. I apply 5v to LED+ with 0v to LED-, for LED_PWM I am using the 3.3v blue pill (arduino) to produce pulse. However, Backlight i
I need help installing ads Unfortunately I installed three different versions and none of them were successful please I really need someone to help me or I'll talk about college tests. I accept any version can be free (not found) can be cracked, but I need help installing. I tried 2016/2019/2015
I am looking for the simple 3 phase zero crossing ckt... I do not believe there is anything special for a 3-phase zero crossing detector. You treat each phase individually and use the output from each phase as needed. If you desire, you can OR the three outputs to get one single result. For simplicity, you can use simple diode logi