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I'm afraid this is rather like asking which parts to change in a moped to turn it into a jet aircraft. Seriously, it would be FAR cheaper to buy a new radio with the features you need that to attempt a conversion. I've been in the electronics business for half a century doing everything from aircraft landing systems to complex ASIC design
Chassis top and bottom photos would ease an explanation. Tracing the signal path can start identifying the tubes, three dual preamp/driver and four powerstage tubes. They are usually mounted in signal direction.
Archeologists have promised the funding supported by the united nations educational scientific and cultural organization UNESCO and other donor agencies such as its developmental work in the world-renowned heritage website Moen jo-Daro were wasted because of the incompetence of the government concerned. Scholar and politician Jagdish Ahuja expla
Hi, A simple BLDC controller uses the hall sensors for commutation control. It does not use PWM. Now I guess you want to build a regulation loop, maybe for speed control, maybe for torque control, maybe for position control. But you did not mention any of the three. Please tell a little more about your ideas. Klaus
Hi, Is it safe to use a PMOS with a lower Vds than its NMOS counterpart? A Mosfet does not know about it's counterpart, a Mosfet dies not know about GND potential (as long as none of the three legs is directly connected to GND), it just sees the voltage differences between it's three pins. That is what you have to take care about.
Hello, A contractor has provided us with a prototype product which is very good quality. It is an offline, non-isolated , SMPS LED driver of 10W. It has no metal shielding and is in a plastic enclosure. It passes conducted EMC, but has some radiated EMC failures at peaks between 60MHz to 250MHz. We don?t wish to use an expensive cable ferrite i
hello everyone.. Iam trying to implement a simple code using Arty A7 kit. In this code iam converting a train of three pulse into a single pulse. I completed with the code ,simulation,implementation ,bit streaming . Now Iam getting error in clocking process .Some of the cells are not clocked properly. Please help me how to select clocking in vivad
For a reciprocal lossless N -port junction, 1) Why is Pavg = 0.5* t * instead of Pavg = 0.5* * t or Pavg = 0.5* t * ? 2) Why = instead of = ? 3) If we set all port currents equal to
Hi, What exactly is the problem? Either each cable hase a 3 pin connector. D+, D-, GND. And all D+ are weel as D- and GND Or you have three terminals where all 6 D+ are connected ... and all D- ... and all GND. Or is the cable the problem: litz? Solid wire? What size? Shielding? Klaus
Looking for help to build a circuit to convert analog input to potentiometer output. I am sending an analog signal 0-10vdc via a PLC card. i need to send out a 0-6.2vdc signal through a potentiometer. The reason being, the device (Lincoln welder) is currently being tuned with a potentiometer and has a built in safety circuit. So it is monitoring al
three-phase diode bridge rectifier Waveforms through a diode are different, depending on whether your 3-phase is delta or star. It doesn't necessarily change average current, but it may make a difference in peak Amperes. If you add a smoothing capacitor in the output stage, then it tends to draw brief bursts o
Just for the record: Board came out great, the soldermask separates the pads enough. But there are three minor issues with this approach. TLDR: if you want perfect board, don't do this. otherwise you are probably OK. 1.) The pads shorted by wide trace like this have higher thermal capacity, so i've experienced cold joints without continuity o
please draw the circuit for the arduino, the MOSFET Drive Module and the motor show the connections between the arduino the mosfet driver and from the mosfet driver to the motor show all voltage sources and all ground connections show all wires between the three pieces please draw the circuit for the arduino, the relay and the motor show the con
I'm trying to control a BLDC motor with a microcontroller board and three MOSFET half-bridges and am running into issues with the Hall encoder outputs from the motor. I'm using the three Hall sensor inputs to determine when to commutate the motor in the usual six step sequence. The problem I'm having is that the Hall sensor inputs don't transition
For a project that started out as a hobby but has a certain production potential I'm looking for a display. The machine typically belongs to a workbench. Max viewing distance of 1m, rather less Size of the whole device 1-2 dm3. On display I need to display in one mode three larger digits three smaller digits + 3 icons in one mode any sign
Note the MAX5875 Eval board used three PCB ground sections: AGND, DGND, CLKGND. Maxim also used DAC output common-mode chokes and output transformer.
assuming sinusoidal waves, and since there is no apparent load, all three circuits act as peak detectors. If Veff is Vrms, then Vpeak = sqrt(2) * Veff or Vpeak = sqrt(2) * 20,5 V = 28.99 V remove the 0.7 V diode drop yields 28.3 V Since the drawing asks for Uab, point b is the reference the top drawing would measure +28.3 V the middle and botto
Provided that you reverse bias the deep nwell to the highest of the three supplies, you can share the deep nwell. Just make sure you follow any violations/considerations implemented by the DRC rule deck/PDK. The three different grounds would each have their own ground biased pwells within the deep nwell. Make sure you have a lot of well contacts to
Dear Friends, is it possible to use some part designed by Verilog or VHDL with other schematic circuits ? for example I designed a three bit digital counter and I want to put this counter with the other elements like operational amplifier and resistor to build simple flash converter. I have tried to do it but the the simulator is refusing
Dear paulfjujo, I really appreciate your explanation. Some of my friends used Ublox GPS and they told me, in some situations they need more than 2 minutes to track the GPS satellites or need to reset the module, Did you encounter with this issue? Like what paulfjujo said, there are three different start options; ho