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Hi all, In three stage ring VCO, we feed the current by single current source to all inverter/delay cell. Can we feed each inverter/dela stage with separate current source? What will be theh effect? Thanks in advance.
-First, The place of 36 Ohm isn't correct, it must be on the Real Axis-Left Hand Side..( I presume the Characteristic Impedance is 50 Ohm ) -Second, Load Pull Impedance has three options. >For Max. Gain >For Max. Efficiency >For Max Output Power You have to find a compromise or an optimum point between these three points.I mean, the Impedance Matc
Including the three library files as project source files should work.
It's not completely clear which detail of the posted current waveform you consider as current spikes. Besides the three level step waveform, there are also shorter current peaks, I guess through Cmx capacitors, and finally some ringing. Only the latter is related to circuit inductance. Diode reverse recovery may also play a role. Did you simulat
Hi people, I am currently interested on cell characterization methodologies and looking for ".lib" file creation. I have a little confusion on three state cells. Let's consider a three-stete buffer cell, I see on several ".lib" files rise and fall transition time w.r.t enable pin. Rise/fall delay/transitions w.r.t to data pin when the enab
I need to supply 11V to three solenoids valves, but i dont want to use another Step-down IC because all the components circuit increase the price of the board, so i would like to know what else i could do? What dou you recommend me? 152082 Thanks for your attention and ideas.
Optical detection is easy to understand and implement. I made my own brushless motor from a Magneturn desk toy (three arms, each containing a magnet at the end.) I held a photosensor to catch light reflecting off a shiny arm as it went by. The signal energized a coil of wire mounted where it attracted another magnet. By moving the photosensor a sma
can i use if-else generate in real world? can an FPGA be reconfigured according to some inputs from user ? i make three components and i need to implement component 1 while some input called (level=1), implement component 2 when (level=2), implement component 3 when (level=3) and implement component 4 when (level=4). where input (Level) is take
Sorry, but this is a mess. You seem to have made a relatively simple task a horrendous clump of IF statements all in a single process. I suggest you start over, taking several suggestions into account. 1) Break this up into individual processes. There’s nothing functionally wrong with using one process, but it makes it REALLY hard to underst
hie all, im unable to receive response from GSM module. got stuck with my GSM modem, i am doing a project with PIC16F877A and GSM modem (sim800) the problem is, when i am giving "AT\r\n" to micro controller ,GSM modem not responding. i checked --> Connected to serial port using com port in my pc, the result is good gsm modem responded with "OK"
Ultra low Power Energy Harvester with MPPT and Charge Management IC, ADP5091/ADP5092 of ADI has cold start-up circuit. This IC operates in three stages: (1) cold start (2) asynchronous boost (3) synchronous boost Cold start can be implemented by ring
Hi everyone. I'm still a beginner and I'm preparing a program that displays the current weight on node red using a load cell and hx711 and raspberry pi3. I have the python program that calculates the weight it works well but when I try to associate this with node red I'm completely blocked since I would like to take the result generated by my pytho
Hi All, I'm searching an online shop in which I'll be capable to buy empty ceramic packages for MMICs. I know, that there are companies which are selling such elements, however minium number of packages is to big for me (I need maybe two or three of them). Do you know whether such shop exist or how can I get IC packages (I don't see them on ebay
Purpose of the design is still mysterious. You may use a SD-modulator to drive a three-level class D amplifier and place a passive LC filter towards the load to remove switching frequency. You also may connect an active filter to the class D amplifier output to monitor the output signal, although you can better tap the voltage after the passive LC
Im studying for an exam and im stuck on this one for three days :-( The task is to analyze the circuit with truth table and at last a state diagram. 151700
Hi, So someone had wired neutral(blue wire) to PE as well. You may do this without RCD. But with RCD this will make the RCD to trip. Never connect neutral and PE after the RCD. **** So eventually I also removed the earth and the VFD started without a problem. But in this case I'm violating the safety, since the
Are you interested in PFC, or harmonic distortion? If you haven't read this, I recommend reading it: You have a three phase line, which means three PFC units, by phase pairs (AB, AC, BC). Suggested reading:
Convolution is basically: the output of a system at time=t is the sum of the system's affect on all (or for causal systems, all previous) inputs. So if the input is three pulses -- one at t=0, one at t=1, one at t=2, then the output of the system at t=10 seconds is the effect the first pulse has after 10 second plus the effect of the second pulse
The schematic DOES have a neutral so the IC isn't creating a virtual one. With only three wires, your only option is to use Earth as a reference but that may not be reliable depending on where you are, or use one of the phases as reference and compare against the other two. Brian.
151405 What bothers me here is that node P2 has all the sense arrows pointing into the node. I would have figured at least one would leaving the node. This is pertaining to exercise #4. I mean actually it works out. But should?nt one arrow point leaving the node? You are given 4 a