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hi all right now am designing three phase protection circuit for that i planned to measure the voltage using resistor net work method, herewith i had attached my circuit and my volt measuring code, everything working good but in sometimes the R phase connected to AN0 pin shows high reading, kindly go through my code and give your valuable sugges
Hello, I'm new to the forum but hopefully you guys will give me some great advice. I have been programming microcontrollers for the past five years, only as a hobby but I do plan to move to this as my career, I am currently a machinist but I don't quite have the means for university yet. I'm 27, so should still be capable of learning :razz:
Hi everyone, I am going to use SMD fuses for protection needs of the electronics. Which way is better, using current rating of: 6A 0603 package SMD fuse or three 2A 0603 package SMD fuses? Using three fuses in parallel instead of one makes more sense to me since; Each one of them will get hot lesser, Since smaller current capacity fuses ha
I can imagine three different ways to connect the anode (OUT, GND, Supply+), please ask a clear question.
Those two new blue upright capacitors are probably unsuitable. I can see you folded the wire to make radial construction fit an axial footprint and the values might be correct but check they are rated for 105C temperature and are low ESR types. The wrong types will work fine for a while but nowhere near as long as the correct ones. Very often on
Hi everyone, I've encountered the same trouble than maxim10373 while looking for a replacement for the ON5134. After some research, I've found that BU508AW is a correct replacement for this transistor. The supply is now repaired using this reference. To go a bit more deeply in the reparation, I have changed all the aluminium capacitors. One
That example only works if the bits are in the same port. The 'MY_REG' in post #1 used bits across three different ports. Brian.
Hello! I'm trying to smoothly brake a three phase brushless DC motor by short circuiting the phases. At this moment an overvoltage occurs damaging the power circuit. Is this the right way to do it? Thanks
Hi I am using ADS62p49 14 bit adc which supports LVCMOS and LVDS output. I have a low sampling requirement of 30MSPS hence I am using LVCMOS type output in 2's complement form. When I give 10dB sine wave input to the adc, I get a sine wave digital output with dc bias. Similarly when I am giving no input, I should get lower bits triggered rest all
Hi I am using FMC150 Daughter card which has 14 bit TI ADC which can be configured for both LVDS and LVCMOS type output to carrier card. When I am setting the adc in LVCMOS mode with 2's complement digital output, I am having the output bits raised by 2^13. So my output is always in unsigned mode with DC bias of 2^13. If I am giving no input signal
This is an assignment from a coursera course. They use the same example for the quiz and for the "fix-it" assignment. There are at least two remaining errors. Probably three or four, but the latter two are based on knowledge of the assignment.
Hello Everyone, Small caveat to begin, I'm a product design student with very basic knowledge regarding electronics and coding, which is worth keeping in mind if i use some technical terms out of place. For context, I'm proposing to build an inflatable hard drive. I have code* which reads the amount of data on the hard drive, and outputs thi
Scan insertion how we decide 1 compression ratio 2 compression chain 3 compression chain length How this three Parameter affect our Test data and Test time
But the process corner includes five types, FF,TT ,SS SF and FS Thanks
Hello! I have not used an oscilloscope since school, 20 years ago. I got a Kikusui cos2020 from a friend without any probes. Would be fun to use and learn with. But which probes should I buy? I was think about geting some cheap ones, but don't know if it's the right ones. P6060 probes from ali: Specificatio
With the suggested corrections in post #15, the code does what I would expect according to the original specification. reset state: cnt = 0, cnt_int = 0, up = '1' The counter shall count up three times 0->1, 1->2, 2->3, then count down twice 3->2, 2->1. The up again 1->2 ? Notice that the sequence shown in post #6 and #14 shows the new cnt
Obviously the general quadrant definition also applies to AC machines. But in contrast to DC, the quadrant isn't simply related to voltage and current polarity. Instead direction of three phase voltage system and phase angle between voltage and current respectively real power sign matters.
You will have to ask the manufacturer. Most devices like this use three wires, two are the supply, the third 'switched' wire is linked to all the other detectors in parallel. The idea is that if one detector senses a flame it operates the alarm on all of them so it is heard over a greater distance. However, the specification in the link does not
Hiya everybody: Im looking for ideas for an automated physical keystroker, this is intended for keystroking a particular physical keyboard Thanks in advance :)
Instead of three blurry screenshoots, I would appreciate one clear photo. Not sure where you have 100% duty cycle, photos seem to show 50 %. A detailed explanation of implemented control pattern would be helpful. Is it normal for the voltage of the high side signal of the ir2113 to be higher than the low side? Surely, if you t