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A few threads discuss diode clamped inverters. Try a forum search on 'diode clamped', 'three level', '3 level', 'five level', etc. Some posts give links to articles. Such as in this thread:
I have to design a Distribution box containing five Contactor [Meta MEC GMC-85 (3-Pole with two Left-Right auxillary contactors), three OMRON Timers (H3-BA-8) operating at 240 VAC (Circuit Breakers will be used for safety considerations). Contactor 01:- For ON-Grid Solar System Contactor 02:- For OFF-Grid Solar System Contactor 03:- For UPS Con
does it draw more control current if i use all five of the contacts, as opposed to if i used just say three of the contacts? How? It's just a coil (RL series circuit). The datasheet didnt mention pull in current or holding current, do you know what they are liely to be? The data sheet specifies control voltage li
Hello everyone: I am doing a process of solar cell on three-five material , and now I want to simulate , I looked a lot of paper they simulate by using Silvaco TCAD tools , but I am not good in writing code , could you help me to write a code . My experiment structure from top to bottom is : SiO2 nanopillar/InGaP/InGaAs/Ge could you help
Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum and I'm interesting in fuzzy control, I want to know if I can design a fuzzy controller with five membership functions using PIC16F1519-I/P microcontroller, because I wanted to implement it at first using PIC16F877 but I found that all people use only three membership functions and they say the RAM and interna
In metal film resistors that have three significant figures and five or six colors it will be yellow (4) violet (7) black (0) silver *0.01 tolerance x temperature coefficient x Alex
there is another way of interfacing seven segment directly with 8051 here is the code ;SEVEN SEGMENT COMMON ANODE DISPLAY CONNECTED TO PORT2 ZERO EQU 0C0H ONE EQU 0F9H TWO EQU 0A4H three EQU 0B0H FOUR EQU 99H five EQU 92H SIX EQU 82H SEVEN EQU 0F8H EIGHT EQU 80H NINE EQU 90H DOT EQU 7FH ORG 00H MOV P2
Hi, I'm confronting to a problem with my Telit GM862 where i can't find any answer in manual and on Internet (after three months of search) : The problem : sometimes, after four or five days, the modem shuts down and doesn't want to restart because he says there is no SIM Card present. So, for launch again the modem, the only solutio
Hi, I have recovered the lcd screen below from an old non working I2GO EGO mp3 player, but i am struggling to find the data-sheet for it. the screen is manufactured by a US company called three five systems INC that filed a chapter 11 a few years ago. I have found sites with many of their screens, but not this particular model. would be great
It is a great work you give us a guide. I am a FDTD fan but till now I didn't resolve how to quickly generate the mesh of the whole simulation area. I try to find the codes, sample or papers. Just three or five papers simply describe the mesh method. It seems that the mesh method is a very simple thing for FDTD. But I don't think so. All codes jus
i have a couple of LCD's from "three five" systems TFS which now bankrupt and all.. i would like any information on interfacing these, datasheets pretty much anything to help get them going... only information on the LCD is the text up top three five Systems inc 5000297-4 REV they are out of "psion" (...)
for the three kind of opamp:telescopic cascode, folded cascode, and two stages opamp with differential input(five transistors) & common source output & miller compensation, what's the difference of them? for example, gain, output resistance,input common mode range, output swing, noise, speed, power consumption etc. how to compare then in detail ?
hi all, I'm designing a five-order chebyshev LPF. three subckts cascaded to compose the filter, a one-order one and two biquads. There are five operational amplifiers. How to give out the specifications of these opamps? I'm confusing all these days!
Here's an example that works in ModelSim SE 6.3g. The first command defines a new radix named 'mynames'. The second command applies the radix to signal 'top/count'. radix define mynames {0 Zero 1 One 2 Two 3 three 4 Four 5 five 6 Six 7 Seven} property wave -format literal -radix mynames top/count
I need a big display with two lines. The first line is an 10 digit alphanumerical and the second line is just three digit numbers. It will receive the 10 digit text plus 3 digit number via PC serial port. Was thinking to use pic basic to assign some words as numbers so I'll send a sequence of five number been the first two the word and the others s
hi everyone when designing a source driver ,we usually use three or five order low pass filter as the output loading condition,i can not understand the circuit is just the module of panel,or just as a low psss filter? thanks in advance
the problem i have is the on/off switch does not work there are five (5) wires to the switch two(2) are to a electromagnetic switch the three(3) others are I DO NOT KNOW it is a toogle switch any one have any idea on the three(3) wires :?:
In 1936 the international communications organization defined the baud as the time duration of the smallest common denominator of the portions of serial transmissions. In morse code, the dot was one baud, the dash three bauds, the space between them one baud, the space between letters five bauds, and the space between words seven baud. In moder
Hi , recently, I do physical synthesis. there are five sdc files for two functional modes and three test modes. I want to get a mixed and closer sdc used by physical syntesis tool , such as smallest clock period, common false paths and multiple cycle path. It is said that SOC encounter can do that , right? please give some sugg
I have a question on resistor and PVT simulation. In my cmos process, there are five reistor types, nwell, P+,N+, poly1, poly2. And the spice model also gives three corners, i.e., fast resistor, slow resistor and typical resistor. So I can select these three resistor corners combined with other PVT corners to search the wcs cases. But I (...)