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You are not specified the 3 phase voltage Assume 320V line to neutral You should select 1A 1000V diode (three numbers ) and an SMPS 230V to 12V@2A Hope it is helpful to you !!!
Hi I am using ACS723-20A current sensor for three phase energy measurement, but i see most energy meter and pdf they are used current transformer (or) shunt resister. my doubt ACS723 is suitable for energy measurement. THANKS
I want to know which is the latest chip of TI (Texas Instruments) for three phase energy meter.
It is a design of electrical energy meter with three phases. The construction was inspired by:Openenergy with some modifications. The microcontroller used in this design is
If you really want to measure single phase using one set of input ADE7758 so it goes. If you want to use all three (two) sets of inputs for measuring the three appliances in one phase so it is unfortunately not
Dear ALL ,, - I have made 3 phase 4 wire energy measurement product using the three Cs5463 IC. Now On filed , our site engg has found that on many site neutral is not available . And If they are providing only 3phase with out neutral to My energy meter then , found wrong voltage on each (...)
do you mean three different phases ? If so you can make it and call it as a 3phase energy meter. And I dont think you need 3 different microcontrollers in one unit to process 3 different lines. One microcontroller can do it.
Hey guys, I'm developing an energy meter with the IC ADE77** from analog devices. It is possible e.g. with the ADE7769 for single-phase measuring ord the ADE7758 for three-phase measuring. I use the ADE7758, because I have to measure the power of a delta connection, so no Ground is existing. The ADE (...)
hi i am working on ade7758 to make a three phase energy meter. during calliberation how do i select test current and test voltage. nominal voltage is 220 full scale current is 120 amp.full scale voltage is 500 v rms. i am putting a bulb as load. what should be its wattage for the circuit.
We are currently working with a shunt single phase energy meter. Can anyone please tell , when the shunt is connected with a meter ,what are the functionality of the three pins of a shunt ? I shall appreciate an urgent reply. Thanks Azfar Adib
hello; I have designed three phase energy meter using ADE7754 chip, and I have V.good accuracy in all reading (active power,.....) but I facing big problem the details : this digital meter almost works in industrial enviroment which contains machines or contactors, so it can be considered as noise (...)
Hello dears! I have designed three phase wireless energy meter using ADE7754 chip. I have calculated all the parameters voltages, currents, active power, apparent power, active energy, apparent energy, frequencies, power factor etc. But ADE7754 has limitation that it (...)
Hi, for my final project in the university i am making a three-phase energy meter with ADuC 702X series. I am planning to put a RC Anti-aliasing filter on the analog inputs( it is a SAR ADC inside), but i am not very sure what the maximum value of the capacitor can be. According to the data sheet the maximum source (...)
If you know the three voltages to neutral,you can calculate the inter-phase voltages using the "cosine theorem" knowing that the phase difference is 120 deg. As I can see it you need seven measurements for phase voltages,phase currents and ground to neutral voltage.For measuring the voltages a divider will (...)
Can I measure active and reactive energy and other parameters of a 3 phase power line by using three AD7755 in a circuit for each phase (3wire or 4 wire power lines)???