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I have successively used Press n peel to make at least 2 double sided PCBs several years ago. But over the last few days, I have been trying without success to do another PCB & don't know why it is not working. I followed the Press n Peel instructions. i.e. I rubbed the bare copper with steel wool, then washed it with soap & water, then washed
I have built the typical applicaiton circuit from teh MIC4830 datasheet. I have used the values for 0.4inch2 EL panel running at 900Hz (REL=0.369MOhm, RSW=321kOhm). The input voltage is 3.3V My problem is that the output voltage is around 40Vpeak-to-peak. I have checked all pins with an oscilloscope, the waveforms seem to be OK, switching frequenci
I'm having a hard time figuring if this is the correct way of doing this, I want to control N number of leds enable by a microcontroller. 156353
Hi there I'm a student intern, very new to ADE XL, with basic knowledge of Analog IC in Common Source Amplifier Characteristics. I am seeking some help in some guide in using the Corner Analysis / Optimization tools in ADE XL. Firstly, I need to optimize a Common Source Amplifier circuit as shown, with one single bias point, Vindc, maintain
156327 The camera is 3 meters away from the playground. How do I get the actual distance between the balls?
Hey, I am beginner at HFSS. I want to design magnetic loop array on substrate as below.How can I approach?Can you suggest me a way to design this?156340
Hey, I am beginner at HFSS. I want to design magnetic loop array on substrate as below.How can I approach?Can you suggest me a way to design this?
Does anyone have any tips on how to make a visual representation of a cable in a multiline diagram, bunching all the connections within a single line ( such as in Altium with the Bus Entry feature ), turning a bundle of wires into a one-wire representation) ? Just to clarify, I mean that the standard way we have to represent a cable, is d
If HFSS solutions much slower does it means that it's accuracy is much better than ADS Momentum? For e.g. analysing microstrip, branch line couplers splitters at Ku band? Another question regarding run time on HFSS , I also read about it a lot yet when I build my own 3D geometry something Made my simulation slower than when I run others maybe it'
Why do you rarely get low voltage all-SMD sync buck schematics with say three SMD power FETs in parallel? Surely, paralleling SMD FETs here is the way forward as it allows the solution to avoid using a FET heatsink, which would significantly up the cost.
Hello. how possible to read or to convert an already public Hex file to asm file ,already i saw it done ,but i really dont know how i need to put my name at the start up if possible to help me ? i attach the file it goes to a pic16f876a thanks.
It's pain to find the required library in eagle CAD so I want to make my own library from existing library Eagle 9.3 I would like to add something simple e.g an capacitor . There are many existing library available for capacitor in eagle library I am trying to make new library from the I am following this link [URL="
hi everyone idesign this circuit to bosst voltage from 15v to 36v in no load condition everything is ok and output voltage is 36v but when i put 7 ohm load in output voltage drop to about 15.5 volt and current about 2.5 amp. where is problem?why voltage drop from 36 volt to 15.5 under load? i add 56k resistor beetwen pin3 & pin4 for slope comp
156296 This is the relay circuit,which I using in my project. Is this LED(LD2) connection in this circuit is correct or have to invert the LED. By present circuit,is there any possible for flow of GND to relay coil point by placing the LED this this..?
Is there a way to calculate the input referred noise of a circuit that contains static sub circuit followed by a dynamic sub circuit??
Can anyone suggest how to measure the de-emphasis error if I'm designing the filter in the digital domain?
156268 From the Spec, we can see the VIH and VIL has the relation ship with VDD. My question is that VDD may be different in worst, best and typical case, such as 0.9V,0.7V and 0.8v. Is VIH or VIL different in these three case or just use the typical VDD 0.8v? Thanks
Dear friends, Is it possible to compensate the VOS by adjusting the common mode outout voltage VCM, suppose the op-amp with single supply operation 3.3 V and VCM = 1.65 V, but due to the offset I would connect 1.65+-dv, where dv is opposite to the offset voltage polarity. The question in my mind that if we fix the VCM from output we still ha
I am trying to implement variance in vivado 2017.4 using fixed point arithmetic. But so far I observed that, vivado is giving me result without any point after decimal eg. instead of giving 6.56 it is giving 6. And at the end I got a huge difference in the final result, like instead of getting 7.20, answer is coming as 6. 156255[A
i am working on my first pcb layout and had a question about drill sizes. I have Phoenix Connector and I want to use this connector on the PCB board description link

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