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Hello, I am trying to reproduce result from one of the published paper. However, no way I get the apparently meaningful result. Can anyone please suggest me what I have done wrong in the design, i.e. port define, boundary, Every dimension has been taken accurately as per the attached paper. So structure is as accurate as possible. I have uploaded
I already designed Class AB power amplifier (Cascode CMOS TSMC 180nm - 5GHz), and after I choosed Load and Source impedances from source and load pull simulations according to getting max. PAE. I designed the in and out matchig circuits according to these values. 157687 When I tested the S-parameter using LSSP at ADS Keys
Hi everyone, For a project involving multiple drones communicating to a single base station, I'm looking for a chipset (or alternatively a module) that supports a star topology network (i.e. multiple transmitters sending data to a single receiver). I need quite a bit of range (about > 2 km) with antennas that aren't ridiculously large since they
In CentOS, I want to copy a rubric.docx file to multiple files with names such as F20161368.docx, F20161981.docx, F20161983.docx... from a list of names in a MS Excel or text file. Please help with a command or script to do that.
You must understand the problem first. three phase uses three wires so you cannot 'magic' an independent reference from them unless you use a transformer (or maybe more than one transformer). In the single phase schematics you have seen, the neutral is used as ground and the voltage from the line (live) is produced relative to it. With (...)
B4A is a RAD tool for developing Android software. It is similar to Visual Basic with a lot of the same syntax and structure. It hides all the JAVA in an easy to use package. The development software has just been made free to use. It appears to be the full version and is not limited in any way. B4A: https://w
Hi, I'm going to process the output of adc in FPGA. There is 50MHz clock output of ADC ( CLK1) which is aligned with data. I want to make 100MHz clock(CLK2) from CLK1 without any phase difference. The CLK2 still wants to be aligned with ADC data. Which m
I'm trying to measure the distorsion of the 2nd and 3rd harmonics of a specific DAC (DAC37J82) with an spectrum analyzer R&S?FSH4 (also tried with MDO4104C). But I'm getting way worst results than the ones specified in the DAC Datasheet (tried at 50, 150, 250 and 350 MHz), I know how to theoretically work with the frequency domain, but I'm new to s
It isn't normal to supply 24V to three LEDs but as it seems to work you are on the right track. LEDs are actually current operated rather than voltage and if they are getting more than slightly warm it indicates the current is far too high. The possibilities are: 1. the new LEDs are OK but the power source to them is faulty. This is suspicious bec
Hello, I'm revising this documents of a company that providing a power electronics experiments board for our electronics labs. I'm wondering about the measured currents in a half controlled rectifier. As the output current is positive but the currents measured at the lower sides of the thyristor or diode branches are negative. Here are the
Is there direct communication with satellites which are so distant from us? What power levels are used by their transmitters?
Hello, I am trying to apply an adaptive biasing technique to source the differential pair of the fully differential amplifier, the adaptive biasing source a current of let say Ib under small signal condition. Under slewing or large signal behavoiral this current is increased proportionally to the input difference amplitude. My question, I alr
howcome three phase 6 pulse rectifier fed loads don?t need power factor correction? I don't unterstand the question. Which application are you talking about? How do you conclude that it doesn't need PFC? According to which power quality standard?
Hi everyone, I'm working on a little DIY lamp project with a capacitive switch. The kit consists of a breadboard with some components, a battery and its charging PCB, and a 20cm-long electric wire that leads to the aluminium foil used as capacitive sensor. The lamp switch on and off randomly when in proximity of things, particularly as it ne
Hi, Please assist us in ramping a reference voltage down to zero volts, or back up to the reference voltage. This being done at random times, on demand. The ramp should be over some 200us. It should be linear, but its not too bad if its not that could even be say in 10 steps (up or down). The reference voltage could be any lev
I was recently trying to connect my Delta VFD drive with my laptop using Vfd-Soft software (which I downloaded from Delta website) and RJ 45 to USB converter(RS232/RS485 converter). I connected the variable frequency drive to supply and connected the connecting lead to drive and pc both. I
Is there a way we can achieve divide-by-1 clock through D flip-flop or transmit the clock pulse to Q?
Hello, I am designing the two stage folded cascode opamp. For the single stage of folded cascode i got sufficient phase margin of 64 degree. But when i added the second stage, the phase margin increases to 150 degree. is it correct to have higher phase margin? In order to reduce the phase margin for the required level what should i do? Since i am
You’ve got three different grounds shown there, that’s a little confusing. Where do they all go? Where do the shield connections of each connector actually go besides ground?
Hi, I am working on 8 channel PCB design having around 20+ capacitors on each channel. I am looking for nice nomenclature. In the beginning I have chosen CAxx, CBxx, CCxx, CDxx,...., to represent capacitors in channels A, B, C, D, ..... but then comes capacitors on FPGA, Flash, and Ethernet on which I need suggestion how to assign them. Th