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Hello. I am working on project based around Espressif ESP32 uC and Lattice ICE40 FPGA. FPGA will do some heavy lifting and handle several buses, while providing uC with preprocessed data over SPI. So if i do some changes in uC firmware, i may as well need to update FPGA bitstream on flash and uC firmware on another flash. I wonder if i can compl
Hi, I am trying to read in UPF at RTL level. For the all standard Cells, Memories, Analog Macros - Power config file is used to add search path and db file name. I have the below two observations - 1- After adding power config file, I have removed the corresponding RTL files of standard Cells, Memories, Analog Macros from file list. Aft
The following looks good for high input voltage?..its two LLC converters in series, but they share the one transformer and the one resonant inductor. - - -
I designed a voltage doubler rectenna using qucsstudio free simulation tool. Since it is a bit more manual than ADS (with equally amazing capabilities nonetheless), there is need for extra input on the data display in terms of syntax to give you the graph you need. I have obtained the S11 and S21 plots of the rectenna but am struggling with getting
I have been digging through various forums and internet articles searching for a current sensing relay circuit that will activate a low voltage relay when the circuit senses a 120v machine drawing 5 or more amps of power. I have hand drawn a schematic and is attached. My desire is to activate a low voltage circuit by simply "closing" the
hi all right now am designing three phase protection circuit for that i planned to measure the voltage using resistor net work method, herewith i had attached my circuit and my volt measuring code, everything working good but in sometimes the R phase connected to AN0 pin shows high reading, kindly go through my code and give your valuable sugges
Hi, The ckt as as draw as attached, is a auto/manual control panel board for pump-motor and trying to configure to run with MCU control auto operation and manual (with start/stop button in board). With the panel here i have included 2 nos relay: Relay-1, NO, parallel connected to START BUTTON and Relay-2, NC, series connected with STOP BUTTON for
Hi all, I'm working on a design that draws power through USB but needs about 1.5A of current at 5V. Hence I'm exceeding the 500mA limit and need to "negotiate" a higher current from the source. I've read various pieces of USB documentation and I understand a small microcontroller would be the way to do this properly. I'm looking for a solution t
I need a max of 40v and 8a to power my drop down variable power supply. I have old microwave transformers so I removed the secondary and rewound it with 14 gauge wire. I now get 48vac and when I use a bridge rectifier it brings it down to 40vdc. I tried to test amps by hooking up my tester (rated at 20amps) and only succeeded in burning up some jum
Hello. I am attempting to follow this circuit. I want to keep things small and cheap. How should I go about getting 5V DC for Vsupply and -1V DC (or less) for Vref? I was hoping to do this from a 9V DC source, but I am open to other ideas. I looked at voltage regulators but am not sure if I'd need a heat sink. If
Hello everyone. I have a project which involves a FlexiForce sensor. I don't trust myself soldering to it, so I plan on using a recommended crimp connector, either
start bit - A - B - C - stop bit Why are you repeating the inappropriate description? Your send code can be shorted as UART_send_string("ABC"); There's absolutely no problem to send multiple bytes, the run time library is already supporting it. In this case execution of the next code line is delayed until the st
Hello everyone. I have a project which involves a FlexiForce sensor. I don't trust myself soldering to it, so I plan on using a recommended crimp connector, either
Hi All, I would like to do a project with many op amp. I want to do it to educate myself, I need a project that challenge me a bit but something achievable for someone with intermediate experience. Does anyone have an interesting idea?. Thanks in advance, Winsu
I am trying to use a Colpitts oscillator followed by a common collector buffer to provide the sine wave to a bridge circuit (I plan to use the bridge to roughly measure a varying capacitor - C8). The output impedance of the oscillator and buffer is fairly low (if I have calculated it properly in LTSpice). 157335 When I
Sometimes I'd like to know what's the recent started threads in a forum. But top threads are most latest replied ones. I searched options in profile. It looks there is no setting to change it this way.
Hi all, I have a problem in defining RESETs in Spyglass DFT flow. Can any body point to me the correct way of defining the Resets in the flow. Thanks
Hi All, I'm new to analog design. I need to design an 12V DC minimum 1 amp power source that takes input from 220V AC without using any ic component. I'm familiar with the transforming and rectifying. My only problem is I don't know how to design a steady voltage regulator. I'v looked up online but all of the designs uses ic components. Any resear
I have a Xubuntu guest on a Windows 10 host and I need to establish a serial communication between my notebook and the microcontrolled external system via serial connection. The notebook side is an USB port and the system side is a true serial DB-9 connector. The whole system works in the following way: i) I download a bitstream file from the
I'm designing a daughter board using OrCad Layout (old, I know). The board has 2 40 pin connectors at opposite ends. Both connectors have VCC net connections to the main board. The main board has the power supply and supplies VCC to multiple pins on each connector. I routed the board to use the closest VCC pin on a connector. The issue I am havi