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Hi, I want to desing a 2 way divider with using coaxiel cable. Divider should work in 9-10 MHz. I am using AWR. But i have a lot of problems. I can't meet project requirements. and i should not use wilkinson divider. Can someone who is knowledgeable about this subject reach? I'm adding my work below. thanks. 157222[
This is an assignment from a coursera course. They use the same example for the quiz and for the "fix-it" assignment. There are at least two remaining errors. Probably three or four, but the latter two are based on knowledge of the assignment.
Hello Everyone, Small caveat to begin, I'm a product design student with very basic knowledge regarding electronics and coding, which is worth keeping in mind if i use some technical terms out of place. For context, I'm proposing to build an inflatable hard drive. I have code* which reads the amount of data on the hard drive, and outputs thi
The primary current sense threshold of the LT1681 Two Transistor forward controller is 150mV max. Do you think this is too low (ie due to possible noise issues) for use in offline SMPS?s of 300 to 600W? Also, could the low sense threshold noise problem be in some way mitigated by using a current sense transformer rather than a sense resistor?
Hi, I am simulating my postgraduate PCB design project using Hyperlynx SI tool. I am testing on PCIe traces of my design. I did my design using Altium and I exported to Hyperlynx file to do the simulation. I have a issue in TX differential pair of the design. It did not pass the simulation. So I need to change the trace width and spacing of the
Hi, I am doing Doherty power amplifier design with 25 Watt power capability using CGH40010F transistors provided by cree. My question is: Do I need to insert heat sink under the substrate to avoid overheating and transistor damaging? thanks
Hello, I am designing circuit (using 0.18um). Usually, by biasing Vgs < Vthreshold of MOSFET, we can push MOS into sub-threshold region. My curious question is: How much value of Vgs is "good" as a "rule of thumb"? I have referenced to "Trade-offs and optimization in Analog CMOS design" book, and they supplied a good reference (please check t
Scan insertion how we decide 1 compression ratio 2 compression chain 3 compression chain length How this three Parameter affect our Test data and Test time
Do you think the Voltage error amplifier in LT1248 can be used as a buffer by shorting pins 7 and 11? It looks like there is a diode in the way? LT1248 ...block diagram on page 1
How are the values of the isolation resistors in a 12 W Wilkinson power combiner determined? I know that for the 2 way the value of 2Zo comes from matching the common port to the output ports. But my 12 way design which uses 4 sections will use different resistors at different steps in the cascade as it is a stepped Wilkinson design. Evelyn
What are sequence to initialize HD44780 display device ? . are given in page 42 to initialize in 4 bit mode but the table it seems confusing me 1. Display clear 2. Function set: 3. Display on/off control: 4.
Page 6 and 7 of the attached document, the figure 6C is a variable phase shifter (90 degrees). Do the shunt capacitors need to be tuned at the same capacitance value both or it can be different?
Hi i am get the following short circuit protection circuit from the website it is working fine .The problem is when the 12v supply is on it is started from NC operation after pressing the push button only the output will come and if it is short circuit at the output the relay get turn off and it is change to NC.I want to modified this circuit as fi
Hi, The attached is a Flyback with vin = 400V (post PFC bus) and vout = 4.5v and iout = 13A. Its power factor corrected because its for lighting. The loads are multiple single LED linear current regulators. The synchronous FET is needed due to the high current. There is secondary side overcurrent sensing with latch off. A microcontroller is t
I have bought PYNQ Z1. But when I try to download the image in order to work/experiment, it goes me to the Xilinx site. I am not going to buy it, I want to work for personal use/hobby. I found Avnet Ultra96-V2: v2.5 PYNQ image, I downloaded and flashed it to the microSD. I booted the PYNQ Z1 and nothing seems to work. What do I do wrong?
Hi Folks, I am looking for a working micromaster / speedmaster / epmaster LV48 by ICE Technology, with or without PSU. OK, so they are antiques, but so are the chips that need to be tested. Or, does someone have a way to make their GLV-32 run the "chiptest" routine for 74/4000 series logics, as it does not seem to be an available option on t
Hi all, I have a 12V-1 Amp SMPS design which i assembled it using through hole components. all the resistor are in 1/4 watts, zener diode are in 1/2 watts. (Circuit Attached) but now the same SMPS Design i converted in SMD Package (only Resistors and diode in 1206 package, and rest of all are still in through hole package) so now when i ON the
I am trying to make an autocutter to cut the red tubing in the attached photo CAM.jpg I have a NEMA 17 stepper motor which can provide 0.4Nm And this needs to turn the cam also in the photo and push a stanley knife blade down with enough force to slice through the red tubing. However it seems that 0.4nM is no where near enough. But I don't ha
can anyone provide any design reference or method to achieve a 23 dBi gain at 2.4 GHz? thanks in advance
How is clk_dcc generated from the following phase detect circuitry