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Hi all, I'm a beginner with Synopsys DC. I synthesized a particular design and later defined and propagated the clocks via the clock ports into the design. Now, I want to trace the clock tree. In particuar, I wish to do the following: 1. Get the cells in the the clock path (I've tried get_cells -hierarchical -filter "is_combinational==t
Hello folks, Being bored with databases and data warehouses I decided to poke around in an area I always liked. picked up a starter pickit3 with the up mentioned MCU, quickly blinked a LED, then decided I really enjoy this whole stuff and started digging deeper. I am having some difficulties however controlling the blinking LED with a Timer i
156484 PCB Solar Panel Kit Monitor Box Hi All, I have a solar kit for camping that has a plug in monitor box. The wires to the PCB inside were soldered poorly and have come loose I am unable to work out what wire goes where. There is 4 wires Red, Black, White and Green and 4 soldered areas where the wires were
Hi. A Hoover brand 18V battery pack with 5 cells has three terminals. (+), (-) and (C) How to learn what signal this particular 'C' battery pack contact expects to enter into charging mode ? The pack uses a microcontrolled management circuitry in it. For sure signal is not needed at 'C' to discharge the battery. It powers the load fine with no
I am just doing small assignment where in I need to develop 8086 instruction translator on 8051. 8051 reads 8086 op-codes from eprom and executes instructions as though 8086 were present. Any ideas how it can be done.
Hello, I designed my board in Altium designer. After checking the DRC I had to change a clearance in my PCB library. Howeve after doing that, updating my schematic librar and schematic, there was nothing to update into PCB window( it means changing a size,clearance, ... in PCB library which nothing else (such as numbers of pins , ...) happens wo
156449 Hi, the structure of a general GNSS receiver is attached. Question: can this receiver only process three channels? Senmeis
I am designing an energy harvesting system with ring oscillator, non-overlapping clock, and tapered buffer. Shown below is the the clock results and tapered buffer results of the three corners TT, FF, and SS. I was just wondering what causes the poor peak voltages of the tapered buffer results, I expect it to be flat but it is not. Thank you so muc
I am referring to to understand type ii servo loop. Theory provides zero velocity lag for changing velocity inputs. To implement in hardware, I wanted to know if sampling rate is to made higher than the input rate of change? For example, If I desire to imp
Hi friends It seems to me that fundamental electric theory is no longer taught in school, which is a shame as it results in everyone having their own intuition and interpretation about it, leading to silly and time wasting discussions which everyone would be better without. In an attempt to rectify this, I have found a youtube video that disc
Thanks, I also read the manual. There are three flow settings. Then there’s the temperature dial for you to increase/decrease temperature with whatever flow setting. The temperature scale has fine gradataions, showing a lot of different temperature settings, and this can only be economically achieved with burst fire mains control. –Unl
Hello I was scoping the Primary , Post rectifier DC Bus in a 100W, 240VAC, offline PFC?d Flyback to see what the voltage ripple was like on this rail. As you can see, at the mains peak, there is a lot of noise at the peak of the waveform that makes the measurement impossible. The blue waveforms were done with a x10 scope probe (with a dangli
Hi, All the informations can be easily found in the internet. Did you try an internet search on your own? You say "motor" and you say "output power" The output power of a motor is the mechanical power. P = M x 2 Pi x f Where "f" is the RPS ( revolutions per second). Power at the DC supply: P = V_avg x I_avg three phase motor input power: P =
Hi, I am using PIC32MK1024MCF100 custom board. I was able to get QEI 1,2,3,4 working. I want to use the same on Interrupts. I saw there are certain register u can set to generate interrupts and check certain registers to see if bit was set. But I don't know how to write the interrupt routine for the same(Like we open a driver for timer interrupt o
Hi, I want to assess the following condition: If an MBIST controller and memory is intended to run at a functional frequency say 100MHz and a testbench is also generated to run at same frequency, but the frequency that is recieved is 20MHz. How will the failure look like in simulation? 1. will there be a DONE failure indicating a test did not
How sd host controller knows whether a SD card is put in the connector slot
Dear Altruist, I want to characterize a high-frequency RF switch in cadence virtuoso. But I don't know how to connect the N_BPW_33RF NMOS in cadence virtuoso to characterize the switch. I'm really confused about the "NW" and "PSUB" node of this switch. I would be highly grateful if anyone suggests the way to deal with this switch in cadence virtu
Hi all, I have recently done layouts of some analog blocks such as op-amps, current source etc. Upon getting them reviewed by an experienced individual from the industry, I recieved the following comments: 1) Do not share source/drain terminals and instead use multipliers. 2) Do not share dummy transistor source/drain. Instead keep minimum
There are just three possible reasons: * The measurement of I is wrong * The measurement of V is wrong * or "R" is not a true ohmic "R". Maybe it is non linear, maybe it is complex... Looking at the waveforms, I'd guess that at least two of the three points apply. Respectively it's impossible to determine what's actually happenin
signal count :std_logic_vector(1 downto 0):= "00"; -- Enumerated type declaration and state signal declaration type States is (S0,S0a, S1, S2, S3,S4); signal nState, cState: states; begin state_reg: process(clk, Reset) begin if (Reset = '1') then cState <= S0; elsif (cl