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Hello everyone, I'm having difficulty with the line input impedance of the circular planar antenna signal. Its impedance is 117 ohms and the correct is 50 ohms, I am not able to lower the value. I made modifications to the input increasing the line width and also made an impedance transformer. When I get it down, the whole process on the antenna I
Hi, My smps design design spec is 300V, 0.5A . I got design from online(online smps design) Attached schematic In this Primary MOSFET failing continuously . Not able to get output. Help me on this Thanks
In the data sheet of a 400 MHz transistor I found fall time = 60 ns. Clearly these are contradictory specifications - trise and tfall should be at least an order of magnitude shorter. Should I believe that fT is specified correctly? (e.g. 2SA2088FRAT106Q transistor).
Hi, I wanted to insert cell using script in innovus during eco. I intended to using ecoAddrepeater command for this, and wanted to add prefix for the cell added. (e.g. eco_fix_leak ) is there any way to add prefix to inst ? Really looking forward to your reply!
Hello , In the the photo bellow we have a common mode feedback circuit. Mismatch in currents causes a mismatch in voltages which is amplified and connected to the gates of BIAS pmos transistors on top. But how exactly it fixes the problem ? The output of the OPAMP is an AC signal ,its not a constant DC point, how does exactly putting an AMPLI
Hi, In the Vicor DCM3623 DCDC module datasheet (below) , page 21, there is, at Figure 23, an LC input filter to some DCM3623 modules in parallel. Each Inductor of this LC filter has a 0.3 Ohm resistor across it. The Capacitors (?C1_x?) are all ceramic capacitors. Do you agree that the 0.3 ohm resistor across the filter inductor is basically t
I'm trying to figure out why when I measure current on my FLUKE 289 meter it reads .536 on the mA scale and 276 on the uA scale when I apply .52v from a power supply through a resistor. I assume the difference internal resistance. Can anyone confirm? Thanks PV
I am having 14 bit ADC data which is in 2's complement format. I require to convert in 5 bit format using vhdl language. What is the easiest way of doing it apart from using if then else statements comparing magnitude? Consider the input data to be in two cases unsigned and signed.
Hi. I'm using ultrasclae+ . I want to use the xapp1315 in my design for 1:7 deserialization. In Xapp1315 design file, an external clock is used to enter the fpga through IBUFGDS. 157818 But in my design, there are many other logics, so xapp1315 design can not be top file. The main problem is that I have only
i leave university three years ago, i found in a paper that i had written before to ask this. i before sending this post i tried to solve it, but i couldn't. i posted this and i find this answer, i don't know what i must say.
Please let me know I have 89c52 and I want to program in this manner that counter counts by external interrupt by push button 0 to 500. When it reaches 10 glow LED1 and at 15 glow LED2 at 25 glow LED1 again at 30 glow LED2 and so on till 500. unsigned int Counter = 0; void ext0_isr(void) interrupt 0 {. Counter++; } main() {.
Hi, I need to save waveform from Tektronix MSO2024B. This Oscilloscope come with windows software "Tektronix Openchoice Desktop Application TDSPCS1 - v2.6" but I have not used it. The waveform to save is a pulse of 0-5V which I need to sample with 100 KHz sampling, 12 bit resolution. The saved waveform should start 500 ms before the trigger and
Hi, Everyone. I have a complete design in Cadence Virtuoso, and I want to import a layout file of Cadence SOC Encounter to Cadence Virtuoso. Can I combine Cadence Encounter Layout and Cadence Virtuoso Layout together?
Hi, Is this the ?cheap, quick and easy way? to do high power SMPS?s? The attached shows two identical Two Transistor forward converters in parallel?..each is 1.2Kw (50vout and 24iout) If any one trys to hog all the current?its current limiter kicks in and stops it from doing so. Many more can be similarly paralleled to build up a higher po
Hi, We are doing a Test PCB containing one Vicor BCM4414xH0E5035yzz module, which will feed 4 paralleled Vicor DCM3623x50M53C2yzz modules. (these are all DCDC modules) The BCM module will dissipate 84W. Each DCM module will dissipate 43W. We are going to need heatsinks on them. We think the best way would be to put 3mm NPT holes near the 4
Dear friends, I see most of the designers makes the PMOS transistor three times bigger than NMOS (to compensate for mobility difference) when designing the TG, what this lead in actual circuit performance, while Ron(tG) = RN||RP, it means if the target to reduce RON then we can make NMOS=PMOS and increase them both, what is the advantagues of
I performed a parametric analysis on frequency domain by hfss to get S parameter data on 4 port system. Then to do a transient analysis on Nexxim I converted the s parameter data to s4p to utilize it as a circuit compoment, but found out that it doesn't include any parameteric analysis data, just including result on nominal value through frequency
I have a unit that's been operational for a little over a year. Something went wrong and suddenly the LCD is no longer getting the I2C clock signal. Shorting the LCD's pin directly to the I2C SCL pin of another chip gets it working again. I found a discontinuity between a via underneath the MSP back to the MSP pin. Everywhere else on the line ha
Hi guys, I've been wanting to ask if there's any way to place an LC circuit with the reverse-biased operation of a Zener diode. Would it be possible to have that in a reverse-biased condition? Everything I've searched on was in forward-biased operation. Also, can you give me tips on how to design an L and C values? Thank you!
The chances of finding an exact replacement are virtually zero but as Klaus suggested, you can replace it with three single capacitors. Wire it exactly as on the body diagram: 0.1uF (=100nF) across the two brown wires 0.05uF (=50nF) from each brown wire to the green wire. They should be rated for 250V AC ! (or higher - 275V AC is the modern stand