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I still have not received any answer for the question I asked in post #1 Well, the question asks for a decision between two alternatives, but the first is wrong and the second technically impossible. "Constant V/f" actually means that the voltage is varied according to motor frequency, not the other way around. And the simple fac
Do the dkit mismatch models work correctly when resistors which should be matched are not in common-centroid layout? For example, a coleague designed a bandgap reference, and its design has three resistors that should be matched, but when he draw the layout, he put the three resistors in thi way. R1 R2 R3 (R1, R2 and R3 are made up of (...)
Hi all, we want to solder OESIP based ic (MAX30100).we are tried three times manually but it fails.Any idea to solder how it? Please help to solder this component.
i am using three half wave length and two quarter wavelength. This statement doesn't mean anything to me, so unfortunately I can't help you. Can you clarify?
Hi, If you want minimum distance, then why do you use a chain? Maybe three cogwheels do the job. If you need all three wheel rotate in the same direction, then you need two extra cogwheels. Use all three (five) cogwheels the same size. Klaus
you need to have three lines, thru reflect and delay. yes, you need to design the line for centre frequency.
Obviously, these devices are not intended to be connected to multiple paralleled SPI interfaces. It's not even simple to implement by the way, would involve one interface in master and three in slave mode. Furthermore, who has 3 spare SPI interfaces in his ?C design? The devices are clearly intended to cooperate with dedicated QSPI interfaces, l
hello i design unidirectional antenna and draw its radiation pattern as circle (2d) in matlab now i want to sector this antenna in to three sectors (120 degree) how can i do that using matlab 128665
How many taps do you have? Is it single or three phase? Voltage - 230V? What is the feedback signal and how it is connected to triac?
The output from a single stage amplifier is usually insufficient to drive an output other words, the gain of a single amplifier is inadequate for practical purposes. Consequently, additional amplification over two or three stages is necessary. To achieve this, the output of each amplifier stage is coupled in some way to the input of the n
I want to design a 3 way light box. The box will switch on from 24v input, so I need the box to run at 24v. Basically I want the box to show: Standby Immanent ON "Standby" in green. (Always on) "Immanent" in orange (only on when switching) "On" in red So when the box is powered on standby is always on. "Immanent" is a (...)
What voltage levels are you looking at on the input/output? You'll likely be looking at three phase IGBT modules like those used in large VFDs. Are you concerned more with control or component selection?
Hi welove8051 the most easiest way is to install the compiler on your target and compile your program directly on your target. But this is not the normal way. The correct way is that you have a development system on your PC. The development system consists of three different parts. 1.) Crosscompiler like gcc, (...)
In the ISR routine, first you need to be able to keep track of time. You may want to declare a global variable (a 32Bit Integer) which increments each time ISR is called. This way, by looking at the 32Bit counter, you can see how much times has past (this will overflow after 136 years, so no worries there). Then you need three more global variable
Hi, I'm Jordi and my nick name is autocet, from Barcelona (Spain) For years I make my personal way of PCB 100x40, based in a quarter of eurocard 100x160. Or half, or three quarters... 113813 My idea is to continue developing as these PCBs If someone likes the idea, I invite you to use this format to share design
The relay might be under-dimensioned for the load , use a bigger one. You can try also to put two or three diodes in series in place of D4, this way the switch off time is shorter.
There's no way to avoid three separate opto triacs. The present circuit will end up in a nice explosion.
I have a PCB project that has 3 schematics. When I use the reports outputs to generate a BOM it only allows me to select 1 schematic at a time. So I have to generate 3 separate BOM's for one project. Is there a way to combine all three schematic pages to generate a single BOM?
My tablet battery has gone bad. I Have a mobile battery of the same capacity (3000mah). is there a way I can use this to replace the bad one. Tablet battery has only 2 leads while the mobile battery has three. Is there any solution.
Hmmm, I see all three posts you've made are all just asking for code. Not the best way to get a good understanding (education) in engineering. Probably preparing for a shining career in middle management.
E.g. if you want to generate 60 Hz square waves as a three phase system, start with a 360 Hz clock. Dear FvM Please elaborate because i am still confused how to get 3 phase waveform in this way? Each cycle of a 1-phase 60Hz waveform is subdivided into 2 half-cycles, one positive, anot
why did you put the output in three state mode? if you have a mux to select one of the three RAMs? We impose in functional mode OE to be stuck to one in our design.
Tuning the LO calls for a tunable filter which is difficult. The best way then is to use the double conversion, with the second IF around 400--500 MHz. An easier way is to choose two or three (etc.) LO frequencies for which you can design good filters, to reject the LO leak and image, too. Another option is to upconvert first to say 5-6 GHz (...)
any body can help in desiging a single phase to three phase converter for running a 1.5Hp drill press . i want the inverter type that rectifies AC into DC then creates three phase by swithcing IGBTs. is it a simple or easy circuit to be implemented , or is it not worth the time and should be bought ready , if yes plese advise where to buy online
The "standard way" is to use a three-phase rectifier module. If you intend to use individual diodes for some reson, you'll want to tell the case type and rated current in your application.
Not my thing, but here are a couple of ideas. One, are you measuring Q in the right way, and is Q really relevent in a -simulated- inductor that doesn't actually store energy at all? Two, is the thing biased right and operating as you want it to? three, there is going to be a rolloff of performance with frequency that attends the amplifier, an
hi everyone i have to analyse three phase waveform of my ac drive i have two channel soundcard oscilloscope. any one know any link about 4 channel oscilloscope.
I have a question, perhaps a simple one. In the following schematics driver send a signal to the gates of three MOSFETs. I expected a square signal in the output, but it is straight DC. It looks like one or all MOSFETs is open. I replaced the driver IC, driver transistors, all MOSFETs, but result is the same. What am I missing? [ATTACH=
I bought FGA15N120 igbt (six peices) for making a voltage source three phase inverter. I found that its suited for soft switching.Whereas my design is for hard switching. Will this be a problem? Please help... Hi vinu gopalakrishnan Not it wouldn't be any special problem . by the way i've saw it's datasheet from fairchild semicon
You shorted part of the rectifiers by incorrect grounding. If the DC bus is grounded, the star point must be floating (respectively connected to ground with a high ohmic resistor to help simulation convergence). It's not actually a PFC rectifier by the way, because the input currents of a three phase bridge can't be sinoidal.
Hi, I need help . I need three projects in VHDL that shows array & record & bit_vector types ( file types ) , Read from a input file and write to a output file. Best regards Javad My Email :
Hi, buddy Have you fixed your problem with the FPGA inteface to SAM9X25? I have the same problem as your's. I want to use the DDR2, NAND flash and FPGA It is no way to connect these three bus on the same way ?
The only way I see this possible is by using three pin components in isis connected to the pot (each to one pin of the pot), then in ares you can move them individually to any position. You also need to exclude the pot from the PCB (from the component properties), using that way you can use the pot while simulating but it is not shown in (...)
Does the duty-cycle need to be constant as the frequency is varied? If so then one way is to use a higher frequency pulse generator (astable) with a counter and gates to generate the desired frequency and duty-cycle. For example, a divide-by-three counter could be used to generate a 33% duty-cycle signal. If you need exactly 30% then you would n
You need to establish one phase as your reference then see which of the other phases is ahead of the other. The easiest way to do this is to use zero crossong detectors and simply see which phase crosses zero first after the reference. Alternatively, you can use three ADC channels and note whether the samples on each is increasing or decreasing t
Most modern VFD inverters are actually sensorless vector drives, not just simple three phase voltage sources. They try to drive a motor at constant speed, compensating the slip and enable the motor to produce maximal torque over the full speed range. They may act in an unwanted way, if the parallel connected motors are loaded with very different to
It is an easy way to convert old 8mm videos to digital version. The whole process consists of three steps: make pictures of every piece of the video tape separately process the pictures creat
the two methods: 1.) just pass the inout port down through the hierarchy. new tools can pick this up unless partitions are used. 2.) create three ports -- port_o, port_i, port_t, then add the port_i <= port; port <='Z' when port_t = '1' else port_o; lines to the code.
I am trying to get delay of one second using nested loops in 8051 assembly, use of timer will simplify this but it is required to do it this way! Is this calculation OK ? In implementation it is taking around 10 seconds instead of one second. WAIT: MOV R2,#46 HERE1: MOV R3,#100 HERE2: MOV R4,#100 HERE3: DJNZ R4,HERE3 DJ
In short, i modeled it in feko environment as three parts feed, sub reflector and main reflector. To run it, i feed the sub reflector with the near field of the feed and the same thing for the main but by the near field of the sub. Is this right or is there any other way to model and run the cassegrain in feko. [COLOR="Silv
When I have used AT commands it has been with two computers connected by a null modem cable. A null modem only uses three wires. (1) Data one way, (2) data the other way, and (3) common. It does not connect the command wires. Hence all the handshaking signals are ignored. For each computer, its data pin (#2 on a connector of 9 pins) has (...)
Note that each job in the mycircuit.cir file is separated from the others with an .end. The mycircuit.cir file is actually implemented by copy-pasting the three separate .cir files in mycircuit.cir, one after the other. .end denotes end of circuit description for reading by pspice. so no way of having three .en
Hello, I am trying to model a symmetrical components matrix ( ) in LTspice and I chose the straightforward way of delay(x,y). But it only seems to work with undistorted sinewaves, offset/offphase or not. As soon as I introduce the
I am trying to understand the behaviour of a transformer under a fault condition. The transformer feeds a fault (three-phase bolted short for example). The supply to the transformer is an inverter. the inverter may fail in such a way that the inverter DC circuit effectively connects across two phases of the transformer. So a DC supply is conne
hello, I am doing a project-two way speech to speech translation (English to Malayalam and vice-versa)in has three major parts. 1) Speech to text (Gaussian Mixture Model algorithm is used) for speech recognition 2)Machine Translation 3)Text to Speech I have completed the Machine translation an
it should be like this you can connect any three pins of at89s8252 for e.g. say P2.0 is sclk,p2.1 is cs and so on this way you can connect .
Dear mehtarock026 Hi I think your circuit has some problems . are you familiar with float ground ? your 12 volt should be isolated from 5 volt section ( it's ground ) and you should use 2 power supply with 12 volt and separate grounds ! for example if you have supply number 1 , and supply number two , the ground of supply number one should conne
I have to generate 2 sine waves and a square wave....all of them should be synchronous and all hav different frequencies...for example 2kHz sine, 100kHz square and 102kHz sine....i am using a Virtex 2 FPGA ---------- Post added at 12:24 ---------- Previous post was at 12:23 ---------- does the DDS core in xi
hi in simple way Single Band antenna resonant at one frequency Multiband antenna resonant at two frequencies and Triband antenna resonant at three frequencies visit the following site PIERS Homepage you will find a lot of papers explained these types of antennas GOOD LUCK
Your transmit/receive switch (t/r) can be dealt with in three ways:- the first is to mechanically hold it down by putting the set on a block of wood with a clamp and arranging a second clamp to do what ever is required to move the switch in the required direction. The second is to modify the set to provide some electrical way of simulating (...)