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Hiya everyone, I am currently using LTSPICE to perform few analog designs, and have a few queries regarding the tool. * Is there a way to measure the output impedance and gm of a transistor whilst performing DC analysis of a circuit?. * whilst performing AC analysis, how does one separate the phase and the gain plo
I made a verilog code for an up counter. I synthesized it in cadence genus tool by setting the clock frequency 30 MHz. After that I made a layout in Cadence Innovus tool for the same. Now my question is, how to find at what frequency my up counter ASIC will work? In FPGA the same verilog code was working at a clock rate of 20 MHz.
Hi, I'm designing a wireless transmitter that consists of a DAC, a switched-cap baseband filter and a passive upconverter. I'm trying to simulate the spectral performance (ACLR and EVM) and produce constellation plots using QAM signals. The signals have been generated in MATLAB with RRC pulse shaping or come straight from th
hi guys! I have recently put together a device that can measure and display temperature. i am using 2 seven segment displays, one small display for displaying some parameters and 1 large display (4inch height) for displaying the temperature. now the problem with the large display is that the right most digit is extra bright while the left three
its been a while since i did power, so i'm a little rusty: KlausST is right there are several issues (several things to discuss) in your post. if you follow the current path through the circuit for one thyrister on, you should find no path, and therefore no current flow no current, no latching on what you are seeing in the VP1 trace i
I'm trying to simulate a microstrip stub matching network with short-circuited stub in Keysight ADS. In the schematic, I use the MLIN component for transmission lines, MTEE for the junction, and MLSC for the short-circuit stub (I also tried a combination of an MLIN + ground instead but the result is the same). When I simulate s-parameters, resul
Dear sirs, I recently purchased a Ask Impression 960. It is a very old projector from the beginning of digital projection. Its working mechanism is HDI lamp and direct TFT screen. He apparently is in great condition. It has no blown or blown capacitor, no blown fuse, and nothing to report any problems. But he doesn't care! Not even the lamp come
In our design, we want to connect a GPIO (3.3V) to 2 devices (selected by another GPIO, one device is 3.3V and other device works with 1.8V. I am seeing 2:1 mux with Open drain outputs so, that i can connect each output to any voltage(1.8V/3.3V) tolerant device. any other alternate way to fulfil this in single IC is fine.
Hi, I exposed a 630V rated ceramic capacitor (1812, X7R) to a spike voltage of 680Vpk. (the spike voltage as in the attached) It did not blow up. In spite of the fact that I exposed it to this spike repeatedly, every 4 seconds, over a 20 minute period. Do you think I have damaged this capacitor in any way? How long would it be before this capaci
Hi all, I'm a beginner with Synopsys DC. I synthesized a particular design and later defined and propagated the clocks via the clock ports into the design. Now, I want to trace the clock tree. In particuar, I wish to do the following: 1. Get the cells in the the clock path (I've tried get_cells -hierarchical -filter "is_combinational==t
Hello folks, Being bored with databases and data warehouses I decided to poke around in an area I always liked. picked up a starter pickit3 with the up mentioned MCU, quickly blinked a LED, then decided I really enjoy this whole stuff and started digging deeper. I am having some difficulties however controlling the blinking LED with a Timer i
156484 PCB Solar Panel Kit Monitor Box Hi All, I have a solar kit for camping that has a plug in monitor box. The wires to the PCB inside were soldered poorly and have come loose I am unable to work out what wire goes where. There is 4 wires Red, Black, White and Green and 4 soldered areas where the wires were
Hi. A Hoover brand 18V battery pack with 5 cells has three terminals. (+), (-) and (C) How to learn what signal this particular 'C' battery pack contact expects to enter into charging mode ? The pack uses a microcontrolled management circuitry in it. For sure signal is not needed at 'C' to discharge the battery. It powers the load fine with no
I am just doing small assignment where in I need to develop 8086 instruction translator on 8051. 8051 reads 8086 op-codes from eprom and executes instructions as though 8086 were present. Any ideas how it can be done.
Hello, I designed my board in Altium designer. After checking the DRC I had to change a clearance in my PCB library. Howeve after doing that, updating my schematic librar and schematic, there was nothing to update into PCB window( it means changing a size,clearance, ... in PCB library which nothing else (such as numbers of pins , ...) happens wo
I am developing a test rig for my motor controller. Below is the image which shows a motor is connected back to back to act as a load with load resistor 156455 left side is the controller that will run the motor of 400W. Right side i am connecting another motor with a coupling in between and resistor R1, R2, R3 a
156449 Hi, the structure of a general GNSS receiver is attached. Question: can this receiver only process three channels? Senmeis
I am designing an energy harvesting system with ring oscillator, non-overlapping clock, and tapered buffer. Shown below is the the clock results and tapered buffer results of the three corners TT, FF, and SS. I was just wondering what causes the poor peak voltages of the tapered buffer results, I expect it to be flat but it is not. Thank you so muc
I am referring to to understand type ii servo loop. Theory provides zero velocity lag for changing velocity inputs. To implement in hardware, I wanted to know if sampling rate is to made higher than the input rate of change? For example, If I desire to imp
Hi friends It seems to me that fundamental electric theory is no longer taught in school, which is a shame as it results in everyone having their own intuition and interpretation about it, leading to silly and time wasting discussions which everyone would be better without. In an attempt to rectify this, I have found a youtube video that disc