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I still have not received any answer for the question I asked in post #1 Well, the question asks for a decision between two alternatives, but the first is wrong and the second technically impossible. "Constant V/f" actually means that the voltage is varied according to motor frequency, not the other way around. And the simple fac
Do the dkit mismatch models work correctly when resistors which should be matched are not in common-centroid layout? For example, a coleague designed a bandgap reference, and its design has three resistors that should be matched, but when he draw the layout, he put the three resistors in thi way. R1 R2 R3 (R1, R2 and R3 are made up of (...)
Hi all, we want to solder OESIP based ic (MAX30100).we are tried three times manually but it fails.Any idea to solder how it? Please help to solder this component.
i am using three half wave length and two quarter wavelength. This statement doesn't mean anything to me, so unfortunately I can't help you. Can you clarify?
Hi, If you want minimum distance, then why do you use a chain? Maybe three cogwheels do the job. If you need all three wheel rotate in the same direction, then you need two extra cogwheels. Use all three (five) cogwheels the same size. Klaus
you need to have three lines, thru reflect and delay. yes, you need to design the line for centre frequency.
Obviously, these devices are not intended to be connected to multiple paralleled SPI interfaces. It's not even simple to implement by the way, would involve one interface in master and three in slave mode. Furthermore, who has 3 spare SPI interfaces in his ?C design? The devices are clearly intended to cooperate with dedicated QSPI interfaces, l
hello i design unidirectional antenna and draw its radiation pattern as circle (2d) in matlab now i want to sector this antenna in to three sectors (120 degree) how can i do that using matlab 128665
How many taps do you have? Is it single or three phase? Voltage - 230V? What is the feedback signal and how it is connected to triac?
The output from a single stage amplifier is usually insufficient to drive an output other words, the gain of a single amplifier is inadequate for practical purposes. Consequently, additional amplification over two or three stages is necessary. To achieve this, the output of each amplifier stage is coupled in some way to the input of the n
I want to design a 3 way light box. The box will switch on from 24v input, so I need the box to run at 24v. Basically I want the box to show: Standby Immanent ON "Standby" in green. (Always on) "Immanent" in orange (only on when switching) "On" in red So when the box is powered on standby is always on. "Immanent" is a (...)
What voltage levels are you looking at on the input/output? You'll likely be looking at three phase IGBT modules like those used in large VFDs. Are you concerned more with control or component selection?
Hi welove8051 the most easiest way is to install the compiler on your target and compile your program directly on your target. But this is not the normal way. The correct way is that you have a development system on your PC. The development system consists of three different parts. 1.) Crosscompiler like gcc, (...)
hi all, i would like to control three relays, i have built the circuit, its more a how-to on software structure i need. One relay is to be off for 120 seconds, on for 3, other relay is to be off for 122 seconds, on for one, last relay is off for a week, then on for 120 seconds, i would like to be able to alter these timings without upsetting
Hi, I'm Jordi and my nick name is autocet, from Barcelona (Spain) For years I make my personal way of PCB 100x40, based in a quarter of eurocard 100x160. Or half, or three quarters... 113813 My idea is to continue developing as these PCBs If someone likes the idea, I invite you to use this format to share design
The relay might be under-dimensioned for the load , use a bigger one. You can try also to put two or three diodes in series in place of D4, this way the switch off time is shorter.
Hi, I would like to run a three phase motor using triac. Also i want to do using a single pin from the microcontroller ic. I have attached the circuit as per my opinion. 112004 I am new to this 3 phase motor control and all. Please tell me whether this circuit is correct or not? Also Please give your suggesti
I have a PCB project that has 3 schematics. When I use the reports outputs to generate a BOM it only allows me to select 1 schematic at a time. So I have to generate 3 separate BOM's for one project. Is there a way to combine all three schematic pages to generate a single BOM?
My tablet battery has gone bad. I Have a mobile battery of the same capacity (3000mah). is there a way I can use this to replace the bad one. Tablet battery has only 2 leads while the mobile battery has three. Is there any solution.
Why spend some time reading and learning and write one yourself. You can start - - Updated - - - Hmmm, I see all three posts you've made are all just asking for code. Not the best way to get a good