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From a microchip datasheet: 4.5.2 OSCTUNE REGISTER The internal oscillator’s output has been calibrated at the factory but can be adjusted in the application. This is done by writing to the OSCTUNE register (Register 4-1). The tuning sensitivity is constant throughout the tuning range. The OSCTUNE register has a tuning range of ?12.5%. [/
throughout my layout career I have seen layout engineers going mostly to analog design (75% approx.), some to digital layout and synthesis (10%), some to concept engineering (5%) and some leave the field for good (10%) ;-). So I have not seen shifts from layout to testing or any kind of lab activity, no digital design or verification. But you can b
Hello, I have seen audio compressor /limiter schematics and I was wondering if a broadband (20KHz-30MHz) RF limiter schematic exists. I need to limit the RF output of a broadband oscillator (20KHz-30MHz) so as its amplitude is constant throughout the band.
I just did this experiment of rotor voltage regulation where motor speed is controlled by means of its armature voltage. (open loop) My results (table and graph are attached). It is clear that with this regulation, the speed is not conserved throughout loading steps with the brake. This is because the armature coil heats up and therefore it will
Hello, I need to set the node voltage to a particular analog value throughout my AMS sim. Does anyone know how to do that? I have done the same thing using "force" statement for digital signal in AMS and it had worked. I tried this for analog signal, it didnt work. Please help! I dont think .NODESET or .IC will work as they are used to jus
I need help. I want to distribute my particles uniformly throughout the simulation domain (0-140mm). My beam is a hollow beam having inner radius (rb-2) and outer radius (rb+2) and rb=10.1mm. I have tried for uniform distribution but I got only correct distribution at z=0.0mm. So my question is how I can initially distribute them thro
Hi SI folks, If impedance of the transmission line is constant throughout the signal path, there should be no reflection. But how the series and parallel terminations making the impedance constant throughout the line? Whether it will reduce the reflections or absorb the reflections?? My Observations: 1. By using series termination, reflecti
I agree, that using 2s complement throughout the design is the most simple way. Conversion between 2s complement and sign-magnitude is however simple, just a conditional negation of negative numbers after copying the bit vector, and restore the sign bit afterwards.
A bus, in circuit parlance, is a common source available throughout a system.... like a 12 VDC bus, a RS-485 serial data bus, etc. I don't know how Linksys was using the term "bus" in their world.
Hi, i'm new to these forums and was looking for some help. I have been looking around for code to send and receive IR signals using the ATmega644, I am trying to set up a handheld device with an IR receiver, throughout a hallway I want a set of waypoints with transmitters each sending out different info ie: Channel 1, Channel 2 and so forth, then
If this was left to run over a long period of time then period would slowly move throughout the days, due to you not allowing for the 8sec bell time.
When I extract RC parasitics with Calibre... I get the message "extracting bin 1 of 25... extracting bin 2 of 25....." throughout the process. I've checked my teammate and his bin numbers go all the way up to 34. What is this "extracting bin... blahblahblah" about? Should I be concerned about my bin number being lower than my team mates? Let
Is it wise to have a ground conductor underneath the two traces, so as to provide reference, and hence maintain 50ohm impedance throughout the length of these tracks? What do you mean with "two traces"? Do you use a differential line pair for each RF signal? A transmission line consists of signal and return p
A brief explanation of the Motorola S19 file format. Motorola S19 file records are a text representation of Hexadecimal coded binary data. All data uses only ASCII characters, so the format is portable across virtually all computer platforms. The S19 format, described here, is for eight bit data. (The '$' will be used throughout to indicat
As mentioned by TrcikyDicky, process never exits. Your variables are defined outside the process and they are always there for all process to read its value. But from my experience (been quite a while not touchnig on vhdl), it can only be modified by 1 process throughout your vhdl code. If more than 1 processes in the code try to change the
what need to be taken into consideration? what sort of impedance mathing need to be do? can help me? i know that the transmission line together with the patch need to have total length of λeffetice so that the wave will be in phase throughout the array element attach pic is the the sub array that will be use in my overall array design
Dear All, can anyone help me with the PIC code to generate phase shift for H-bridge inverter, the phase shift between carrier is pi/4 throughout
Hi, It all depends on which software you want to use. On the free side of things, there's ExpressPCB and ExpressSCH with help and manual available on their site and throughout google. There's eagle, PCB123 and many more, most having valuable information available simply through google. Now, if you buy something, there's Pulsonix, ARES, ORCAD, Altiu
Dear everybody There is a weired problem while working with C# serial port. I have a packet of data included 6 bytes transmitted throughout C# Serial port. when transmitted byte is "0D", then C# automatically sends both 0D and 0A which is ascii code for ENTER character. I don't understand why C# compiler automatically recognizes 0D as a ascii En
It sounds good to me but if you are using it to control an AC circuit, use the MOC3021, the 4N25 will not work. The reason is that the MOC3021 is an opto-triac, it will conduct in both polarities when LED current flows and this is neccessary for the main triac to conduct throughout the whole AC cycle. The 4N25 has a transistor output which will on