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Hi, has anybody ever implemented the LMS algorithm in an FPGA ? I don't know how to choose the different wordlengths throughout the LMS calculation steps. Does somebody have VHDL example code or does somebody know, where to find it in the internet ? Thanks, Osbourne
Once a tsunami has been generated, its energy is distributed throughout the water column, regardless of the ocean's depth. A tsunami is made up of a series of very long waves. The waves will travel outward on the surface of the ocean in all directions away from the source area, much like the ripples caused by throwing a rock into a pond.
What Mazz want to say is take a look at your group delay versus signal frequency plot and see if group delay is "almost" constant throughout the signal spectre.
One further consideration is to select a model number that is made by several manufacturers. This will improve the chances that you can buy one throughout the manufacturing life of your product.
I am try to use the Watchdog in K*e*il, As far as I can tell from the data sheet, I should be doing the following. #include PS0 = 0x01; // Setup WatchDog for 2048 Ms PS1 = 0x01; PS2 = 0x01; WDTEN_= 0x01; // Start WatchDog WDTRST_= 0x01; // Reset WatchDog, used throughout program This does not appe
Hi i want to desing 20mA constat current source/sink circuit. My supply is varying from 2.2 - 3.4 Volts. Can anyone help me to design the same? how can i maintain constant current throughout this supply range its urgent please help me thanks ~niks~
Hi Cadence Nanometer Design Latest Technology Addresses Critical Issues throughout Semiconductor-Foundry Design Chain 1. -> t tnx