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Hi all, I have a data signal D that should change value at random times throughput X CLK cycles. For example, during the first cycle, D would change value e.g. at 30% of the CLK period and e.g. 54% during the next CLK period, etc. Each CLK period would see D changing at random times throughout the entire X CLK cycles. I am guessing already th
The n region already has alot of electrons so i dont see the reason......If a photon frees an e- from p region, cant they just go out from that side? Is it because of the electric field from the depletion layer? But the depletion layer isnt throughout the whole length right, so what drives them? also, If a photon frees an e- n region, why dont t
It would be not you who are designing the SMPS but the tool, you are just entering specifications as input, anyway it is allways required to have a technical backgrond in order to be able to examine the solution presented, as well as to be able make minor adjusts when necessary. Based on the history of your issues throughout this forum, you seem to
The gain plot is attached. It is a microstrip patch antenna. It has a wide impedance bandwidth between 2 and 5 GHz but its gain at broadside is negative very much throughout the bandwidth. I believe the low gain may be due to substrate edge diffraction. In which application can I use an antenna with such a gain plot? 127751[/AT
coates claimed 3.5 ?H leakage throughout this thread, unfortunately the number doesn't fit the observations of burned snubber resistor. But we didn't yet see an actual snubber circuit with component values. Of course it's possible to get much more than leakage inductance energy by choosing unsuitable values. Also, can we be sure about correct secon
Begin with the basics. Do you mean switch, like an RF / analog switch, where you already have the drivers and the summing point and only want to steer, or do you mean switch for two digital lines that acts like a logic multiplexer? Fundamental topology choices. Is this a 100-ohm differential system throughout, or are you intending to also transfor
The current in a DC loop is constant throughout so it makes no difference to the voltage you measure across the shunt if it is 'top' or 'bottom' connected but you may find one is better than the other in terms of the voltage with respect to other things. For example, if your circuit passes 100A from a 100V supply, measuring a few mV drop across a
set_driving_cell is used to define the Input port transition time, which will be same throughout the PD flow.
static tells the C Compiler that the variable will have lifespan throughout, until the program ends. extern tells the C Compiler that the variable or function is defined in another source file.
I think if the output stage is ensured to remain in triode region throughout its operating range, then the distortion will be less. I'm sure you thought of saturation region ? ... if we drive the output stage into linear I think that the signal will be distorted at it'
I seen a finished layout design that has various different impedance values on different layers. top layer has impedance different than bottom and also inner. They are all different. I always though match impedance means maintaining impedance throughout top to bottom layer. Obviously this is not the case from that example design.
Do you want to know the Electrochemical impedance of the battery to model it throughout the SOC cycle?
THe Distribution transformer uses one centre-tapped phase to supply 240Vac in North America called Line 1, Line 2 and tap is Neutral. Thus outlets are all L1+N or L2+N with safety ground. Thus every 2nd breaker taps L1 or L2 and goes throughout the home. Electric Stoves get L1+L2 for main oven heaters and only use L+ N for stove top to elim
I want to know how you would compensate for manufacturing drift/tolerance in mass production? It is possible identify some components at the bottom side of the drawing, like pads shunt distributed throughout the structure, which can be used for a calibration during assembly time.
You can refer any material on the net for this. Basically signal is global(throughout the architecture) while variable is local to the process it is defined in.
I don't see that VHDL 2008 provides a means to "copy" constraints by a signal or variable assignment as assumed in your code. I don't think that the syntax will be accepted by VHDL 2008. On the other side, there's a well established method to set the range of internal procedure variables by attributes, which is used e.g. throughout IEEE package
If you haven't, look at this first depends on your settings and the compiler on how the nets and the buses and named and carried throughout. Verify your hierarchy and rules.
I thought I would start to share my project that I am currently working on, Well it?s in the initial stage of design/testing .There is a group of us that play around with RC cars and throughout the day we use each others glow plug/rotary starters depending on who?s goes flat first so I got this idea to make one so that it runs of a 12V battery a
Hii,, I need a source code for msp430 to communicate with TRF7960.Please help me throughout this,, Thanku
Looks like it doesn't. Is that quite common throughout DSOs that they do not have XY mode, like analogue scopes do?
Hello, Can you confirm that in a 15W offline flyback, the hysteresis losses can be reduced significantly by slightly increasing the size of the ferrite transformer's core? B=phi/A ...therefore, with "A" being bigger, the flux density will be lower in a bigger core, and thus the change of flux density throughout the switching cycle will be low
I know that this topic had been discussed many times before throughout this forum, so I will be very specific. Have anyone managed to establish a GPRS connection using just a mobile phone and AT Commands? I managed to do it with ADH8066 GSM module, but I'm asking specifically about using mobile phone (any phone). Thanks in advance for your
Hi, I'm using an momcap from the PDK It has a poly layer throughout the bottom(below M1 layer of course), which I connect to ground. This is equivalent to the third terminal in the schematic 'symbol' view. Howver, I'm not sure what to do with the bottom nwell. It is floating and when I do LVS it gives an error on floating.nxwell_float in th
Hi, I want to get a report from ncsim cadence simulator, listing all the signals that have the value 'X' (e.g. at the current simulation time or throughout the simulation duration, any of the two will do). Can somebody suggest a way to do it, either using the tool or some scripting? I am thinking of using the "value" command of ncsim,
Hi, I want to get a report from ncsim cadence simulator, listing all the signals that have the value 'X' (either at the current simulation time or throughout the simulation duration, any of the two will do). Is there a straight-forward way to do that through ncsim, or do I have to e.g. generate a vcd dump and parse it (I would like to
Hi, I want to get a report from ncsim cadence simulator, listing all the signals that have the value 'X' (either at the current simulation time or throughout the simulation duration, any of the two will do). Is there a straight-forward way to do that through ncsim, or do I have to e.g. generate a vcd dump and parse it (I would l
The current in ANY DC series circuit is the same throughout. What goes in at one end is the same as what comes out at the other. The AMOUNT of current depends on the total resistance and the voltage across the ends but anywhere within the series chain will be carrying the same amount. In other words, if you broke the chain at any point and placed a
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A problem throughout this thread is that it's cheerfully mixing example codes for different processors and compilers without showing the exact IO library definitions. We experienced a similar problem in another recent thread. Of course, the LCD handling as such can be easily ported between processors.
simple ohms law stats that V=IR whenever current passes throughout any resistor, some voltage drops there . voltage drop can be found by V= i X r. now the answer of your question. voltage droop and ir droop are same things. if voltages are varying around the set point we use a term FLUCTUATION. so ir-droop and voltage droop are eq
If you prefer 2's complement numbers throughout the decimation filter, you may want to extend the 1-bit input to two bits representing -1 and +1. But it's not straightforward in my view. You can also interprete the filter's number format as straight binary, requesting for 0/1 input. Then convert the output to 2's complement by inverting the MSB. Us
It is whatever you want it to be. If you ensure that the signals stay small throughout the circuit then the results should be close to those of a small signal analysis. It is more likely that signals will be "large" somewhere in the circuit in a transient analysis though. Keith
The symptoms suggest there is more than one clock pulse and the 'B' input is propagating throughout the whole shft register. The logic levels shouldn't be a problem but noise on signal edges might be, particularly the one shot signal. Just temporarily, try connecting a capacitor (say 100pF) between pins 7 and 8 to see if it improves matters. Can
Take a task. Don't read the complete datasheet. then you will be reading it throughout your life. Google some example codes and read the datasheet of that particular section. It is enough. then compare the example code with the datasheet why it is written like that. Then, write the program of your own. Enjoy and keep working. :) Best wishes :)
According to the introduction to electronics book that I am reading, there can only be a certain amount of electrons on an atoms shells. I added the numbers together from the book which leaves room for only 92 electrons. If an atom can only have a maximum of 92 electrons on its combined shells, then how do any elements having an atomic number of
I am not optimistic that you'll meet 18 bit accuracy without some sort of trim. We found it necessary in the 12-bit days. On the plus side, trim will fix what simple placement can't. You should consider segmenting your higher order bits and distributing them throughout the array, and making them all out of unit cells (*2^N). This increases the wir
I will confirm that. Declaring it inside the function makes it local to that function so it is created as the function is entered and destroyed afterwards. Declaring it outside of a function makes it available throughout the program (or at least the source file) so it has to be allocated a fixed storage address. The "Memory Usage Guage" is showi
Obviously, you cannot simulate/mesh to numerical infinity. The infinite substrate in planar tools means that the substrate is homogeneous throughout the simulation area. In my opinion, in HFSS and other volume meshing solvers this means that the substrate is homogeneous up to the boundary conditions.
Hi guys, We are a group of people who ever worked in top electronics companies for years, now we have moved out and formed a design house in China, we can provide you the best service throughout the product design process, including schematic design, pcb layout, manufacturing..., we already have completed several challenging pcb layout projects
Raytheon Company, with 2011 sales of $25 billion, is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, homeland security and other government markets throughout the world. With a history of innovation spanning 90 years, Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration and other capabilities in the areas of sensi
From a microchip datasheet: 4.5.2 OSCTUNE REGISTER The internal oscillator’s output has been calibrated at the factory but can be adjusted in the application. This is done by writing to the OSCTUNE register (Register 4-1). The tuning sensitivity is constant throughout the tuning range. The OSCTUNE register has a tuning range of ?12.5%. [/
throughout my layout career I have seen layout engineers going mostly to analog design (75% approx.), some to digital layout and synthesis (10%), some to concept engineering (5%) and some leave the field for good (10%) ;-). So I have not seen shifts from layout to testing or any kind of lab activity, no digital design or verification. But you can b
Hello, I have seen audio compressor /limiter schematics and I was wondering if a broadband (20KHz-30MHz) RF limiter schematic exists. I need to limit the RF output of a broadband oscillator (20KHz-30MHz) so as its amplitude is constant throughout the band.
I just did this experiment of rotor voltage regulation where motor speed is controlled by means of its armature voltage. (open loop) My results (table and graph are attached). It is clear that with this regulation, the speed is not conserved throughout loading steps with the brake. This is because the armature coil heats up and therefore it will
Hello, I need to set the node voltage to a particular analog value throughout my AMS sim. Does anyone know how to do that? I have done the same thing using "force" statement for digital signal in AMS and it had worked. I tried this for analog signal, it didnt work. Please help! I dont think .NODESET or .IC will work as they are used to jus
I need help. I want to distribute my particles uniformly throughout the simulation domain (0-140mm). My beam is a hollow beam having inner radius (rb-2) and outer radius (rb+2) and rb=10.1mm. I have tried for uniform distribution but I got only correct distribution at z=0.0mm. So my question is how I can initially distribute them thro
Hi SI folks, If impedance of the transmission line is constant throughout the signal path, there should be no reflection. But how the series and parallel terminations making the impedance constant throughout the line? Whether it will reduce the reflections or absorb the reflections?? My Observations: 1. By using series termination, reflecti
I agree, that using 2s complement throughout the design is the most simple way. Conversion between 2s complement and sign-magnitude is however simple, just a conditional negation of negative numbers after copying the bit vector, and restore the sign bit afterwards.
A bus, in circuit parlance, is a common source available throughout a system.... like a 12 VDC bus, a RS-485 serial data bus, etc. I don't know how Linksys was using the term "bus" in their world.
Hi, i'm new to these forums and was looking for some help. I have been looking around for code to send and receive IR signals using the ATmega644, I am trying to set up a handheld device with an IR receiver, throughout a hallway I want a set of waypoints with transmitters each sending out different info ie: Channel 1, Channel 2 and so forth, then