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Hello! I have not used an oscilloscope since school, 20 years ago. I got a Kikusui cos2020 from a friend without any probes. Would be fun to use and learn with. But which probes should I buy? I was think about geting some cheap ones, but don't know if it's the right ones. P6060 probes from ali: Specificatio
Hi this is my attempt to create a cheap but effective 1-60MHz measurement marker generator and simple tracking generator for a Tektronix 491 vintage spectrum analyzer. The nominal levels of the input of the analyzer are shown in the right. calibration, a must for old machines, should be of no importance with my plugin, since the DDS generated mar
Try designing an EMC filter to reduce feed thru to your input wires, try putting all the power electronics in a thin mild steel box and earth it at the same point as the filter earths ...
Yes, you can connect HDMI PC Output to CVBS Input of the TV by using MINI HDMI 2AV adapter. If the TV set hasn't got CVBS Input, you will have to buy RF Modulator to connect thru aerial antenna..
Would analog or digital ICs which aren't attached to a PCB pulled out of their original tape or tube packaging be effected or harmed from few rapid pulses of ~8kG from an air cross over inductor coil? Silicon in chips are semiconductors and back emf can be induced straight onto the junction however most chips can handle 2kv of ESD without issue
Hi, I am designing a 12 bit SAR ADC, for that I need to select minimum unit capacitor for the DAC, And I am using sqrt(KT/C)< LSB/2 formula to calculate the capacitor value. The obtained capacitor value minimises the thermal noise impact, what about the other parameters like mismatch etc. and how they affects the capacitor value? How to select t
156327 The camera is 3 meters away from the playground. How do I get the actual distance between the balls?
I am trying to do some free space calibration to extract material data from unknown arbitrary material. I am struggling with the calibration part as the s parameters i am getting is not good enough to get proper value. Can anybody please suggest the calibration procedure? I have E8361 keysight VNA. I have Type N short, open, load, through (...)
Hi all, I am now designing a power amplifier (PA) at 2.4 GHz using microstrip lines as input and output matching networks on a Rogers 4350B substrate. This PA was designed using the harmonic termination technique. Simulation substrate parameters of this substrate are given in its datasheet. Input matching network (IMN) was treated to 2f0 while o
Hello everyone, I have used some RF test points to characterize the RF components of a S-band receiver prototype. The part numbers are: MS-156C3 for the RF test points; MS-156-HRMJ-H1 for the plug (the mate-connector). Since I would like to measure the S-parameters, I need to use a calibration kit for the network analyzer. My q
"I tried two circuits to get low signal to trigger 555 timer . I tried circuit 2 with 10k for R1 and R2 and i faced a problem . *the led of pc817 always on an this tell the controller the button always pressed." OF Course!! R1 and R2 will draw a current, and that current will flow thru the optocoupler because it is IN SERIES with the div
Hi, What are the reasons for a scope?s traces to suddenly get noisey (fuzz all over them)? I am using the Tenma 72-8705 scope. Today some offline LED driver PCBs came up from production having failed. I didn?t get too long to look at them before I got called away?however, as I scoped the nodes of these PCBs, I noticed that there was loads o
hello Guys few years ago i was using MPLAB 8.92 to write code for 8 bit devices like 12c508 & it was working but now i needed an old file to com[pile again for use but the assembler give me errors like directive only allowed when generating an object file any idea ? if i have to set anything before assemble it because i didnt use it sinc
Hello, I have a UTD2025CL digital storage oscilloscope. In this thread I want to post a few questions regarding this oscilloscope. 1. Is the wave form from the attached screenshots normal ? - I measured this on the output of a simple TL431 shunt regulator, which has 5V output. 2. When measuring ripple voltage across power supply output, the trig
Hi Folks; I want to learn to design RF circuits. However, I can't afford a decent spectrum analyzer but 1-2Ghz range cheap ones. (Rigol, Siglent, etc...) Is it possible to extend the frequency range of those analyzers with simple mixers? (10Ghz? 20Ghz?) I guess that it is not possible to design an infinite bandwidth perfect matching circui
Dear Members, Does anyone know on how to calculate PPM alcohol with MQ-3 sensor ? Thanks
I look into datasheet STM32F303 page 122 6.3.21 Operational amplifier characteristics and I'm a little confused. ILOAD Drive current max 500uA RLOAD Resistive load min 4kOhm Amplifier is Rail to Rail and Analog supply voltage 2,4 - 3,6 already at output v
Hi all, I need a help for this stuff: 154734 I set 10 dBm for output signal @ 2.5 GHz by Signal generator (Agilent E4438C), however my spectrum analyzer shows up the level of above 15 dBm. I already tried to adjust Reference level and RBW/VBW but it happens to be like not any right sense. Could anybody know it ? please
Hi all I am currently doing a project to make a wireless sensor, which should have the following structure: 154720 My task is to connect the double split ring resonator (DSRR) and vector network analyser (VNA) wirelessly. DSRR is a microstrip resonator whose resonant frequency shifts if liquid is introduced to flow throug
i have fabricated TRL calibration kits for my design. however, i figured that it's not straight forward to do TRL calibration in the PNA E8358A. we need to add new calibration kit before using them to calibration. can anyone tell me how to do TRL calibration on E8358A? thanks in advance.