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Does anyone know how to develop a thyristor in scilab.especially using c code in user defined blocks not simulation? thnks in advance...
Hello I designed a 3 phase full wave thyristor rectifier in proteus but it does not work properly. I wrote the code on C compiler and it should have acted like this: if(input(v2)&&input(v1)) cnt=1; if(input(v2)&&input(v3)) cnt=2; if(input(v3)&&input(v1)) cnt=3; //then if(cnt==1) { output_high(t1); output_high(t4); de
Show your schematic. Are your pulses too fast for the thyristor? Frank
Please I need help on speed control of 3phase motor using thyristor. Whit these Descriptions: Three Phase Fully Contolled Bridge rectifier (6 thyristors) Change the firing angle using 6-pulse generator. Voltmeter is used for measuring phase voltages. Multimeter1 is used for measuring voltages across all the 6 thyristors. Spe
Hello everybody can you plz help me to think about driving an scr (thyristor) with a Micro-controller (PIC16F877A);I want to drive half wave controlled rectifier and then a three phase rectifier. I know how I can generate different signals like sine,PWM and square wave ;plz help to think about that design. Thanks.
Looks like the thyristors are fully on, which would explain the observed current level. Trigger scheme isn't shown, so nothing to say for the time being. You are right however, that because the power supply is grounded, the output circuit must be floating. This is apparently the case in your schematic.
hi everyone , I need to control the phase angle of a 3-phase full wave rectifier using thyristor and a microcontroller (like 16f877a) and a LCD module so , if anyone have a useful data "layout - simulation files - Mikroc code " please replay . Thanks all
Having no mains isolation in supplies is QUITE DANGEROUS. The best safe method is use as Isolated Transformer and a rectifier. For making it variable a controlled thyristor circuit can be used in the Primary Side.
Parameters: voltage regulated 1-15V current regulated to 8A protection against overcharging the accumulator 14,4V protection against accidental short circuit terminals polarity protection
This device is a homemade 200A 3-phase MIG welder. the 3-phase transformer self wounded bridge rectifier halt-steered thyristor driver (by Patryk 84) impedance coil on core 20cm2
Hi all, I started designing a 3phase rectifier. So anyone of you kindly help me out in designing a good snubber for thyristor. Thanks Omprakash
can sumone help and guide me how to design single phase dc motor drive using rectifier ( thyristor )...i really2 need help since i am working on my final year project...really appreaciate if sumone can help me on that..
i'm designing a gate controller for 6pulse rectifier with tca 785 . i simulated the last application circuit given in in data sheet . but i can control the pulse with using c12 capacitor. and also when thristor is connected the simulation gives me plss i have added the proteus schematic
For 3900W you do not need 4x thyristors, one triac is enough!!!! Triacs are made up to 50A, so this almost 20A (3900W), can be solved just with one triac and example on p.13. Mr.Cube
There is possibility to avoid using of mcu. In that case you need ic TCA785, this ic speciality is driving thyristor/triac. Take a look, I upload and datasheet.
How can i drive a thyristor full rectifier from a 16f877 with 24 volt pwm 50 Hz. with assembler or c language an shemas pleas Thanks advance.:idea:
Hi everybody, recently I tried to simulate a rectification using thyristors as the figure 1, in figure 2 signales from ac voltage in and dc voltage out, figure 3 the pulses. Your help: in third page, why isn't there a recification, I mean there is a pulse with out consequences
I'm designing a rectifier bridge w. thyristors. Anyone could give a control circuit to generate firing angle(s) for TWO pairs of thyristor (w. π phase difference bet two pairs)?? Thx a lot!!
1) Since the thyristor is semicontrolled switch, by using it in a AC/DC bridge, is there any way to design a close-loop control?? 2) Since the output DC voltage depends on the firing angle, how to vary the start angle α for thyristors in circuit design??
anyone here has a schematic diagram for this thyristor rectifier to produce 12 Vdc? thanks.