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Hi. I am not able to understand the functionality of some PWM registers to be used in capture mode. I have been trying to interface the PWM based max6672 sensor with the PWM capture pin. I want to read the both the low time and high time of the PWM pulse. I am recieving an interrupt when the PWm input is received. But (...)
i am troubling bcoz of USB communication from long time.I have downloaded USB_HID example from keil website. so how to add this code to my project.Consider it is based on interrupt transfer method.And there is key's on software and i have to blink led with this aplication. And if i mark Use memory layout from target Dialog then it gives (...)
Hi, I am trying to make some counter based on the input (logic 1, 5v) signal. when the Proximity will sense the object pass by it will give output 1 (logic 5v) for the time it detects object. Then it will be 0 again. So i am trying to write one simple program to increment counter, but i am facing some issues. 1) Counter should not incremen
Hello, I have seen a lot of docs about making custom firmware for SIM900 module. But I havent see anything about the RTC clock. Do you think is it possible to make a custom firmware who simply put a GPIO to HIGH every xx minutes or seconds ? Of course with the SIM900 module sleeping. Thank you !
Hi edaboard'ians, Im using ATMEGA328p-8PU I need to generate an interrupt every 50us. But there shouldn't be any timers used. Is it possible? (there are 6 pwm pins in this controller which used timer to generate pwm signal. I need all the 6 pwm channel for other load. So i cant use timer to generate an (...)
Need some help regarding PIC18f97j60 I am new to these PIC18 Family and have not programmed these PICs in MPlab. Have to use MPLAB now , and i am having hard time .. please help me out in implementing ISr based Rx routine. I am using Picdem.net2 board , have to configure usart as (9600 baud,8bits,No parity,1 stop bit )..
If the 5min delay is interrupted then total delay will be 5min + execution time of the second interrupt (assuming that you are using a delay based on the cpu cycles). The delay will pause while the second interrupt in executed unless of course if it is based on a timer (...)
You can set a free-run counter to generate a periodically interrupt(about 0.5sec). Each time it enters the interrupt routine it changes the state of the led (blinks). Apart from the interrupt routine, your cpu is completely free to run other task all the time.
Hi, What can also be done is make a 1 minute delay and use switches to set the amount of time delay required and set according, so if you need 10mins, call the 1min delay 10 times. The switches can be used to generate interrupt by using the RB change on interrupt function. (But this would require a little bit of change in (...)
Use interrupts and timer start the timer at first interrupt and stop it at second interrupt freq = 1/time Regards Nandhu
Hi, I do not use CCS but I might give u some good suggestions 1. you can use DS1337 it has alarms setting and dedicated pins of alarms, u may find my program (PC based) that give u good support. 2. for DS1307 u can use 1Hz signal from DS1307 pin to get interrupt and then compare the current time with the SET time. (...)
without interrupt I can send data, but how could I receive data? I have two ways: 1- monitoring RI flag (waisting time) 2- using interrupt (that causes so much problem) at the i don't know what to do. :?::?::?: Learn how to use properly interrupts :-) If you want to stick to interrupt-driven (...)
Use a 50 or 60Hz interrupt on change based on power sinusoidal variation and an standard optocoupler. On every sinusoidal rising edge, start a counter and number a variable time period from 0 to 20ms (50Hz) or 0 to 16mS (60Hz). Fire the triac via MOC optocoupler at any time below 0 and 20mS (or 16ms). Firing near 0mS will (...)
Just tie the RFID signal to an interrupt PIN and in the ISR measure the time diff betweem the two interrupts. based on this time we can find the RPM easily
based on the "time-base interrupt" technique outlined by Stewart in this thread I've wrote some code for the 16F877, controlling eight LEDs, which I made complex enough to see how far I could go: LED 0 blinks once with a certain ON time LED 1 same as above w
Hi friends, I have a problem building PIC based remote control transmiter. The problem is power supply of the MCU. I must use 12V battery to supply the transmiter, but for MCU I need 5V. I don't want to interrupt the power supply of the MCU by buttons, but in same time I want to reduce the power consumption, so I can't use simple voltage (...)