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Hello, How do we remove the bias from an equalizer, either time domain or frequency domain? Any code example would be useful to get the idea. Thank you in advance
Hello, OFDM systems is very simple and efficient over time invariant channels, since the channel matrix is diagonal in the frequency domain. However, if the channel is time varying, then the channel matrix is no longer diagonal and an equalizer is needed. In this case, why we use OFDM even though the complexity is (...)
Hi, How can we draw a circuit level diagram of a single stage CTLE with DFE? DFE is in z-domain and CTLE transfer function in s-domain. How this problem can be addressed at circuit level? Regards, Duglas
Hi, It is know that the ISI can be compensated by a time-domain channel equalizer--a linear transversal filter. From the following paper, tt is said that "the number of adaptive tap coefficients is on the order of the number of data symbols spanned by the multipath". For ex, If RMS delay spread=10us data rate=1MHz Then number of (...)
Hi, I am reading a paper on equalization on frequency domain, and the author says that to convert the MMSE in the time domain we need first to expand the transmitted sequence and the equalizer coefficients from say M samples to some N>=2M-1 samples by padding zeros. Why is that? Thanks
can any one give me a brief explanation about time domain equalizers and equalizations in general, I just want to understand the concept...
Dear Manju It seems like Hspice can directly convert the S-parameter file into time-domain without independent extraction by setting FBASE and FMAX parameters in its Smodel instantiation. Am I right?
Hi All, I am trying to simulate a SC-Frequency domain LMS equalizer. Now since it is SC the detection has to be in time domain although the channel estimation is in frequency domain so i follow these steps 1) Multiply data -> data_f (in frequency domain) with weights in frequency (...)
cyclic prefix should be longer than channel length for elimination channel effect. in some scenarios channel length may be long and it reduce efficient transmission of data due to long cyclic prefix. so a channel shortening time domain equalizer should be used for efficient transmission. regards
frequency domain equalizers are much simpler that time domain equalizers. In OFDM we implement equalizer after FFT,so here frequency domain equalizer is a simple equalizer = FFT out/(CHannel Estimate) .