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Hi guys- I want your help to build this code please: The system needs to accept the time interval (in seconds) from the user as an input. The system starts a count down and changes the display every second. Once it reaches the last 10 seconds the displays start flashing. Once the count reaches 0 the system waits for 2 seconds and switches th
Hi, i doubt a Python software PWM with delay() will ever run satisfactory. Almost any microcontroller/processor has built in PWM, or at least a timer interrupt hardware. Klaus
Hy i have a problem with a count down timer.I m new in microcontroller,i stardet to learned two month ago.Now i try to make a countdouwn timer from 99 to 0.Next i want to try to maket from 9999 to 0.I don't understant what about interrupt and i try to make it only from C. Now i write a code but in Mikroc Give me to error: (...)
PID500 doesn't seem to provide the intended temperature programming function, only basic temperature ramp. You can either use a profile temperature controller like PR502 or add a separate electronic timer that shuts down the heater after 20 minutes.
Hi for all, I build hardware design for two digit (double) countdown timer, I need code for double countdown timer with PIC887, two digit, MAX7219 led driver, MikroC for Pic IDE, first value 24 seconds second value 14 seconds two buttons, named 24 and 14 when press button 24, start countdown (...)
You are considering a non-existing problem. The watchdog timer (WDT) is disabled by default, so it can't disturb your program. The quoted text is talking about how to avoid unwanted resets with power down mode if you have enabled the WDT. But you didn't. In case you want to use it, read the watch dog timer section of the data sheet, (...)
Hi all.... i am trying to interface 2 digit x 3 seven segment with 89s52. one to show secounds, one for minute and one for hour. it works proper... the only thing is i does not stay stable.... i mean the display blinks. please help me where i am wrong code is.... #include #include unsigned char SetDisplay(unsigned char)
You need to add a comparator IC that has a high input impedance to sense the capacitor voltage without loading it down. The output of the comparator can have 4mA as base current to turn on the transistor that drives a relay that needs up to 40mA. Or use a 555 timer IC to replace your entire circuit.
Enable Watch dog timer and activate sleep mode from datasheet.
hi, To keep the cost down I would use a 555 timer as a PWM generator for each chain. For only 20mA per LED chain, from a 24Vdc source, a BJT or a 2N7000 MOSFET would be suitable. The frame frequency of the 555 PWM generator could be selected for each LED colour chain. Lots of simple circuits on the web.
Why the PLL? 100MHz should be easily within the range of a simple prescaler, then feed to the counter/timer input on your favourite small micro once you have it down to 10MHz or so (Maybe a /16 part would be appropriate), use a crystal for the micros clock source so it is a fairly accurate timebase. IIRC the clock on a PCI card is LVDS? If so t
You mean a countdown timer using 7 Segment displays ? If yes, what is the problem in implementing it ?
Use one of the timer interupts to count down a software variable at a regular rate. When you service the external interrupt, disable it then load the variable with a value suitable to create the delay you want. When the variable reaches zero the delay will be finished and you can re-enable the interupt again. This method is reliable, gives accurat
I am testing a function that is suppose to blink an LED at a certain input frequency. In order to test the function alone I had to define a value for the frequency. I am suding PIC16f17889 I tried to explain each line as much as I could using the following comments. Please advise. #include #include #include
hello everyone...... Shall send me a sample code of watchdog timer for lpc2148 . I ave little bit stuck for my sim900 receive sms for its sdelay problem so plz send me a it... thanks in advance...
"Voltage Controlled Pulse Width Oscillator" Found in this lengthy collection of circuits for the 555 timer IC. (Scroll halfway down.)
Most keyboard processing routines are based on a timer tic, e.g. 15 to 30 Hz. The button state is read once per timer tic to determine (debounced) key state, state change and duration of key press. Any complex reaction, e.g. value up/down with acceleration can be well based on it.
Hello all, there are quite a few topics on timers but I couldn't find the one that fits my project. I hope someone will provide a proper circuit diagram. I have used NE555 before, but I do not know how to design circuits. Anyway, here's what I need: 111702 I hope that explains it well, SW1 and SW2 will never be c
You can make use of comparator IC like LM339 for doing so. You can use 555 timer for 5 mins. If you need more help let us know
According to features described on manufacturer link posted above, it is stated that this controller already performs a short-circuit timer protection.