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I need to write only numbers (every second) in string on display (memory mapped on 0x8001 adress) which are divding with 2 . I must use counter not delay () for interrupt ... Below is code which i imagine but dont work correctly... #include #include typedef unsigned char byte; byte a= {2,1,8}; b
i wat to use these interrupts at same time 1; timer0. 2; timer1, 3; external interrupt int0, i have just enable two interrupts timer0 AND TIMER1 but malfunctioning. if i enable only one interrupt timer0 or 1 then it works fine. But when i enable both then only timer0 interrupt (...)
We can help you, but not 100% of your homework! C example timer0 mode1
you may use the external INT pin. In pic you cannot stop timer zero. But you may enable or disable the interrupt of timer0
hi, I wrote some code for measuring frequency of a square wave input on two separate channels using timer0 as counter and Timer1 as 16-bit timer. I use combination of two switches with interrupts to select if I would send via rs-232 the period, frequency, and channel number being used. Now I wish to implement it using the RTX-51. I never wor
Hello, I am learning ARM processor using Keil uVision4 and simulating in proteus a LPC2138. I tried to make interrupt with timer0, the only result is the match pin toggling, but never enters inside the ISR. Please, can any body tell me what is wrong or mising? #include //global variables unsigned long cont = 0; v
Serial Interrupt has more priority. When there is serial interrupt and also timer0 interrupt, Serial interrupt is given priority. I see that in Serial isr you are disabling interrupts. If you disable interrupts then timer0 will not work. If you want you can make timer0 interrupt high priority and Serial (...)
hi, i think you can use the portB and timer0 interrupts for this. your external circuit will trigger the port b interrupt and you can activate a software timer when this happens. timer0 can then be used to increment a variable at a constant rate, from which you can calculate the time which has elapsed since the software timer was activated. (...)
Hi, I found some instruction about a paintball chronograph. Pseudo code is: - Power Up - Initialize Ports - Initialize LCD - Initialize PWM - Initialize timer0 but keep it disabled - Initialize Timer1 but keep it disabled - Initialize External INT2 (S2) - Enable interrupts - Loop Forever - Check if its set for "velocity" mode or
Hi! I have been looking around the internet the last few days trying to find a good example on how to use the timer0 interrupt on a PIC18f4620. I am using MPLAB 8.85 and the Hi tech C compiler version 9.80. The problem I'm running into is that the examples online are meant for the older version of the compiler. My compiler doesn't like __CONFIG bu
Hi, void main ( void ) { /* Configure timer0 and INT interrupts. */ OPTION = 0xCF; /* Source = Fosc/4, 256:1 pre-scaler, RB0 rising edge interrupt. */ T0IF = 0; /* Clear any pending timer interrupt. */ T0IE = 1; /* Enable timer 0 interrupts. */ INTF = 0; /* Clear any pending external interrupt. */
still confuse in using two different interrupts in same code with same ISR vactor? I don't think you can do that , you mean having two ADC interrupts or two timer0 overflow interrupts ?
Hi I am trying to modify the following code so that the LED on PORTD is desplayed every 2second. I cant figure it out for the life in me!! I think about looping the timer But as far as I can see the timer is opperatring in the background and so how do I loop it? I have a hit that the LED does not have to flash every time the interrupt occures.
Hi my dear friends. I have 16f877a and it's working with internal interrupts and external interrupts also. But I've confuse with 18f452. i see the data sheet. but still i can't do that. I want to make interrupt every 60 seconds variable cnt could update ones. (ex: cnt++); I'm using mikroc pro. Please any body can help me.
I did not find any tutorial regarding PEIE bit of INTCON register. ... Could you please clarify this thing? Hi; You are right, it is not as easy to find a proper clarifying for the PEIE bit (almost nothing in the datasheet). Look at this site: PIC
Hello everybody.I want to write a program using PIC18F452&XTAL=20MHZ in C or mikroC to do the followings; 1.Simultaneously turn a timer on to count for 1 sec. and also count the number of High state of the input signal. 2.Turn a timer on for 1 sec. and as soon as a input signal injected
Hello, I was trying to create an interrupt using timer0 of my blueboard lpc214x. I want to generate an interrupt from timer0 and to execute an interrupt routine when it occurs. Referring to the thread , i have made slight changes to the code :- #include "LPC214x.h" #define PLOCK
try this ---------- Post added at 22:37 ---------- Previous post was at 22:34 ---------- try this #include "LPC214x.h" #define PLOCK 0x400 void init(void); void IRQ_Routine(void) __attribute__ ((interrupt ("IRQ"))); void FIQ_Routine (void) __attribute__ ((interrupt("FIQ"))); void SWI_Routine (void) __attribute__ ((in
Have you enabled TMRxIE ( timer0 Interrrupt)?
firstly I'm sorry for my terrible english:cry:.I design a circuit for car body control unit(BSI).I will control windsheld wipers(with rain sensor),car ceiling lamp,headlights,central locking etc. automatically with PIC16F877A.But ı have some problems about lightening system.I can use timer0 or timer2.For example,when you open the car'