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Dear All My Friends I have a decorative light RGB leds it's have an IC SM16726 to Drive i need to control it with pic micro controller .... i face a two problems 1- the datasheet is chines language ... and i can't understand chines 2- the ACROBAT reader can't display the chines language pdf then i can't even see the timing (...)
... I had just read the timing diagram of LATCH cycle and its shows 140ns delay b/w LCD R/W. the timing diagram shows about 450us delay (minimum). Somehow i had used 1ms delay (because MicroC pro hasn't builtin function for nano-seconds delay)
A circuit an timing diagram would be needed to understand your problem. If setup and hold time violation can not be avoided(asychronous incoming signals) a synchronization with two flipflops in series could be used. The second flipflop uses a delayed clock, so that metastable states of the first flipflop a over. Enjoy your (...)
Introducing Waveme A new, free, GUI-based, digital timing diagram drawing software for Windows. Waveme is intended primarily for documentation purposes, where diagrams can be exported (stored) as image files (PNG, BMP and TIFF). Waveme can be used to draw waveforms (signals and buses), gaps, arrows (...)
Google has more answers than you'll get on here:
I have tried lot of debugging in code but still not getting result. The output (product and money change) is not changing from its initial state(zero). Requirements? Input and outputs? timing diagrams? State Transition diagram? Possibly some HDL code? Why do you make the assumption that someone here (...)
Using clock as data and generate clocks as in your example is likely to cause timing problems. It would be helpful if you specify the problem completely, e.g. with a timing diagram.
Hi there! I want to use the KAF1001-CCD for image processing ( ). I have some understanding problems with the clocking/timing of V1 and V2 according to set the integration time. In the datasheet on Page4 it is written: "Referring to the timing diagram, integration of charge is perfo
Hi, I attached the schematic of a gated ring oscillator and its timing and phase diagram. Having had this figure I have two questions. First of all, can anybody describe the phase behavior of the gated ring oscillator? How does the oscillator start oscillating from the initial phase at the rising edge of input data? (...)
Very surely, the problem hasn't to do with Nyquist theorem. But it's not clear what "sampling a low clock freq" exactly means for you. Can you show a timing diagram of the expected behaviour? In the general case, we would assume that both clocks are unrelated and don't necessarily have an exact integer frequency ratio, so the clock edges (...)
can anybody explain me how to calculate setup and holdup time of d flipflop? thank you in advance.. Hi, 116623 Above you can see is the timing diagram d flip-flop. It's relation between your CLK and input D. Normally, the value of tsetup and thold for d flip flop is given in the datas
113957113958 I dont know from where to start so guys help me with that. i am beginner in RTL design please help me with RTL(verilog) design of this block.i have some specification like ? X means a minimum size width for n and p channel transistor width for the transistors inside the invert
On the oscilloscope I can see the MOSI changing values, SCK is present and stable, CS is correct. Does this happen in read mode/write mode? Verify the timing and waveforms you saw in the oscilloscope with the timing diagram on page
He didn't ask a question. He gave you some information. 75 us is 3750 clock periods at 50 MHz (I'm assuming it isn't 50 milliHertz as the diagram indicates). So design a counter in Verilog that counts to 3750. When it gets there, it outputs a pulse, resets to zero and counts again. That will give you your 75us timing marker. r.b.
If you look at the read burst timing diagram then it will give you a clear picture I guess. 108457 Do you want to mean ARADDR, ARVALID, ARREADY, RVALID, RDATA, RREADY and RRESP all needs to be pipelined? Regards
Check this timing will get some idea...106180
The second bit of datain IS one. Hence assigning 0111 to dataout is correct. The timing diagram seems to be correct for the code given. r.b.
Several approaches will improve your understanding of how to implement. 1. State diagram method :-P 2. timing diagram method :?: 3. Reverse Engineer method 8-) e.g. See how a CD4518 dual decade counter is different from a binary counter and consider similar gating structure for 00 to 59 ? (...)
Did you notice the timing diagram in the datasheet? You'll want to control the IL91531N input pins according to this scheme.
and apply it in 2 pin the step and direction to drive the bipolar stepper motor