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Hi I would like to identify those metal sheets that are easy to solder. Those sheets of metal are thin, relatively rigid and easy to solder and sometime they have a shiny finish. I have try to find these steel sheet with a tin coating but they are very hard to find here. They use those metal sheet for making RF Shield for tuners (...)
It depends. As marce pointed out for any fine pitch ENIG is best. But for military applications HASL is still the most requested. There are still some issues with tin whiskers on the lead free process.
Hi, can somebody explain to me the differences between different finishes -- leaded, tin, gold, etc.? Does it make a difference for the performance of the antenna? Thanks and best regards!!!
I have couple question: I am working on a 10GHz RF board. What is the best finish for the PCB, immersion silver, immersion tin, ENIG ...? Also, how would I determine what should be the copper ounces for the stack up? Thanks Silver or gold electrochemical plated (without any nikel between copper and finishing surface