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Hi, How can I build a 0-15V voltage logger using tlc549 and the serial or parallel port of my PC? Is there any software ready? Can I modify to my language (portuguese)? Regards, Fernando - Call sign PU2PLL
i need a model for tlc549 in proteus !
theenes , why do you open new topic on issue ? Tat is not according to forum rules . Kripton2035 already gave you good suggestion . Why not to make a measure on U7 output by scope to see whether it is what can be expected ? To check whether your adc does work OK , disconnect U7 from tlc549 pin 2 and give a voltage then check how it is displ
Hi, i was wondering if anyone has used those ADC and could help me. I have problem understanding how to use this ADC. I think i did what they said in timing diagrams and operation theory but i dont get a stable reading. For example, if i am measuring 2.5 V i get reading in the 2.0 V to 3.2 V range ? Is this normal in serial ADC ? I donīt thin
Why not use a PIC with built in ADC ? Like 16F876, 16F877 they are cheap and you do not need external ADC's. tlc549 has "only" 8 bits resolution while most PIC's have 10 :-) You can also find many design notes how to use LCD, ADC and many other peripherals with a PIC. Just browse the Microchip website at