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Hi I am a beginner decided to use tms320c54x series DSPs. I install CCS v3.3 but i can't set a configuration to start CCS. Before installing it say there is no target/device driver and you must install packages manually. I decide to design hardware my self and at first i want to write code in a simulated environment so when my hardware become
hi i am working on dtmf , i want your help for doing this project please give me any data on dtmf and its basic information . And give me any sources to collect dtmf information.
I want V.22 modem code for DSP tms320c54x
Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to order a hard-copy version of the TI User guides (Reference Sets - Vol 1-4). I find it difficult to read so many pages on a PC screen. I request you to kindly provide the necessary link where I can order the user guides. I was unable to find it on the TI website. Also, would like to k
how JTAG Emulator work with 4 example tms320c54x generally? tnx
HI, IŽve a tms320c54x DSK board from TI and an emulator from Spectrum Digital, but I canŽt find some example programs in C or assembler for this processor and using Code Composer Studio. Have someone some information about it. Thanks.
yeah, only through GNU. Some TMS320C4x and tms320c54x are available in GCC. Binutils support is also reasonable for these TI DSPs. Not much else i think... the_penetrator?
Find the application report SPRA071A (Viterbi Decoding Techniques for the tms320c54x DSP Generation) on TI site. This report outlines the theory of convolutional coding and decoding and explains the programming techniques for Viterbi decoding in the Texas Instruments DSP. Hope it helps, George
tms320c54x simulation driver for CCS
Hello All, I'm evaluating this tool. I'd like to get better picture on how we will use this SI Tool in real work. -My PCB has a tms320c54x serie from TI and I can't find the ibis model for it. Can I use other model from the library? Which model I should use instead? Do we need to specify all ibis model for all the pins or only the net we're i
Who has the tms320c54x Chip Support Library(csl)?Or who know where to download it? Thank you?
I want to use a DSP(tms320c54x) to interface with an ethernet controller.Who can tell me which one is appropriate for the DSP? Thank you!
I want to use a DSP(tms320c54x) to control a scanner to scan pics.Who can tell me which IC should I choose?Thanks a lot!!! (The scanner has a EPP port)

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