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Does any one know the port address or how to program the LEDs by "Embedded Target for TI C2000 DSP" block in the tms320lf2407 EVM board? I have a evmlf2407a_techref.pdf file which show the I/O space is 0x000c. Can any one help me. Thanks in advance.
Hi Registe yourself with TI and request the TMS320C2000 Teaching ROM Second Edition now covers TMS320F2812, tms320lf2407 and TMS320F243. Literature #SSQC011 This CD-ROM is designed to support teachers and professors teaching DSP-based control using the TI TMS320C2000 DSP platform. Written and designed by Frank Bormann of University of Ap
HELP!!! I need DUPM U4 (JTAG)
Hello I have downloaded (sprc141) Flash API from TI for flash programming on tms320lf2407. but when i am trying to flash program with the given example in that by keeping all the jumper setting properly, its compiling well but when loading the programm its giving error saying that "Data verification at memory location failed at 0x44 ....verify the
Please recommend RTOS in TI's tms320lf2407 CPU.
I want to start learning DSPLF2407 . I must to build a target board by myself . Any body can help me ? Thank you very much !
Hi The TI tms320lf2407 DSP have Boot Loader available on ROM. You can use the Serial Flash Programming utility made by TI. This programs the Flash Memory on the tms320lf2407A over the Serial (SCI) Interface. See Best Regards Pendragon

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