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I have one doubt about push to on push to off toggle switch program .here below this program was working but if i long press the switch it will on/off blinking how to stop this problem please help me....;-) #include #include #include #define ON GPIO0==1 #define OFF GPIO0==0 #define _XTAL_FREQ 4000000 (...)
Hi, I didnīt go through the circuit in detail.. But i think: * Q1 keeps Q3 turned ON * Q2 generates the "toggle" feature. Klaus
Hello everyone I'm beginner for this and sorry for my english language I need a pic 16f877a program in PIC C Complier one switch control the led On at time one press next press the LED will OFF but my problem is when i press and hold the switch button, it's toggle " how can i fix this code for stop toggle LED (...)
A mechanical 3 pin switch uses center pin (POLE) to switch to Normally Open (NO) or closed (NC) positions. It depends if it is a slide switch, , rotary or toggle switch. For low current, you may need to bypass cap to clean non gold plated contacts from oxide. For better reliability, gold plated (...)
N way toggle (Exclusive OR) requires 3 wires in a loop. 3 way Inclusive OR requires 3 wires in a star configuration between all stations but means any ON switch can defeat the off. What do you need? Inclusive or Exclusive OR? imminent seems useless if the LEDs provide feedback.
I am creating a GSM project with GSM input to RX/TX of the PIC16F877A .Also I am using a PIR sensor which outputs 3 v and is connected to RB0 . INTEDG is set to 1.When an interrupt happens, an LED is made to toggle. I have a few problems here : When the RB0 is connected to 5v using a switch, then only when switch is closed, the (...)
I have a application where I have to talk to an I2C device at the end of a cable AND also toggle a switch. It seems difficult, physically, to get the desired third control wire into the cable. I have SCL, SDA, power and ground. 1) I deal with the switch only at times the I2C is inactive. 2) There is only one slave device. 3) I do (...)
I cant find in my capture toggle switch ( on - off - on) . I searched in folders in orcad Components and i could not find the switch i went. If somebody please help me find or send me a link to it very help me
Hello. I am designing a +-30Vdc adjustable power supply and i would like to have on/off capability's, right next to the output connector of each rail there will(I hope) be a momentary push button that will toggle the relevant rail on and off along with a power out LED. I have never used them before but it sounds like a N-Channel MOSFET arrangem
It's a crude toggle control. Pressing the switch charges up C1, eventually making TR1 conduct. This in turn makes TR3 conduct and supplies voltage to the UM66 which is a 'jingle generator', pre programmed with short tunes. The output of the UM66 changes the current through TR4 and therefore the phone line so it can be heard in the earpeice. When t
always fun to make, and even more fun to display. The simplist version can be made with just a DC motor (preferably a small low rpm geared motor), an SPST switch, and the visible toggle switch which is a DPDT. Oh yeah - and the battery.
Goal: Use 3 position switch to change color of RGB led (4 pins), position 1, color: green, position 2, color blue, position 3, color: red, see diagram, i not tested it yet, only with relay i was able to try make diagram, not know if this will work. If anything is wrong, or would be more simple using another way, please reply with solution. Obs:
Goal: Power on only green led when toggle switch is on and with toggle switch off, power on only red led Problem: When toggle switch is on, both green and red leds power on at same time, this way light is about orange color, when power switch is off, it works perfectly, (...)
hi... i am working on a project called touch switch...i am using QT600-ATTINY88-QT8 evaluation board...i am enabling two keys...and using those keys.... iwant to toggle portd3 and portd4 for GET_SENSOR_STATE(6), AND PORTB6 and PORTB7 for GET_SENSOR_STATUS(7)......can anyone please help me..why it is not is my code...
Not sure about circuit breaker switches. If this were an ordinary snap action light switch, then the spring would sit on the end of the toggle handle, so it can flip the brass contact bar quickly to either side, with no in-between state. I guess you didn't disassemble the toggle however. Often a spring is held in place by (...)
Hello sir I designed a toggle switch based on the diagram shown below 89085 in the switching area it needs a micro switch or some mechanical design , no other electronic arrangment is working there or say not giving desired results i used photodiode etc etc etc but same problem how to sort it out
Hi Friends, I am new to this forum and would be really grateful to you guys if you can advice me regarding my problem. I am looking forward to buy toggle switch safety covers88764 Till now I haven't been able to find one in India, my friend was coming from USA so I ordered set of 4 of these but since my friend left US
1. DO NOT switch ON with the heat sink removed - you get about 10 seconds before the BGA is killed if it has no heat sink attached. 2. Does the computer appear to be functioning apart from the video? Do the keyboard LEDs toggle when the Num Lock and Caps Lock keys are pressed? 3. It is possible the internal video is disabled in the BIOS but obviou
Hello, I tried to use default mikroc library to a toggle my one variable with 1 or 0. Means led = 0 led = 1 means I need to keep 1push button once clicked it will be either 0 or 1. Please provide me simple code how to do it.....
Yes I got it. for my application I need a toggle output when i press a tact switch. Do u have any ideas? Yes, You can use a simple logic circuit composed of for NANDs or for NORs for eliminating the repeatedly